Boris Johnson: we need ‘be honest’ about amnesty for illegal immigrants

Boris Johnson said there should “absolutely” be an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

“Actually, if you look at what we’ve got, we effectively have it. If you’ve been here for more than 10, 12 years I’m afraid the authorities no longer pursue you,” he said.

The Mayor of London was being interviewed on LBC radio’s ‘Ask Boris’ programme by host Nick Ferrari.

Video footage courtesy of LBC 97.3 FM

One thought on “Boris Johnson: we need ‘be honest’ about amnesty for illegal immigrants”

  1. Boris, old chap, But there is neither an id-card or reliable database to determine who should or should not be here or are entitled to which benefits. The House of Commons (home affairs select committee) published my paper on the matter some 7 years ago. The solution is an “Assured NI card” with photo and biometrics essential for the managed and ordered integration of these people, and a way to prevent future illegals, and allow proper Admin of public services

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