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17 thoughts on “Buy Boris”

    1. Yes Boris, you are a great Inspiration, how not to do it.

      Every day I look to Great Britain I am happy to be German.
      The oldest and most honourable Democracy in the world is now a Soap opera. I never would have adressed Ms. Thatcher or Mr. Churchill with their first names, because the deserved the title “Primeminister” You do not deserve this title. Do something good for you, GB and Europe. Resign!!

  1. Dear Boris,

    I write to fully concur with your view that any radicalisation of muslim children should be stamped out by intervention from the UK government. You could go one better and boot out any muslims found to be engaged in any potential terrorist activity within the UK meaning laws will need to be put in place to allow the process to be expedient… unlike the debacle of the degenerate Abu Hamza, et al!

  2. Happy birthday Boris!
    I would like to suggest that you persue with some vigour a leadership contest to oust David Cameron.
    As a party member I have met DC on a number of occaisions but fail to be impressed by any sense of aura or charisma. We need a new leader, someone who can challenge Farage, Milliband and whatshisname from the LibDems. We need an electable personality, you have that persona, aura and charisma to lead this country from 2015. You are assured of my support. Steve E

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  4. Your Honor, Mayor Johnson. I notice you were born in New York. Thus you are eligible to be elected president of the United States. Considering what we have now, your candidacy would be a fantastic improvement. A grand idea, not? Rev. Bell

  5. Boris,

    An idea to end child benefits painlessly would be to stop future payments for anyone born after the passage of a law ending child benefits, but allow those already receiving benefits to keep on receiving them. It would force women, especially single women, to think twice, or more than twice, before indulging in unprotected sex. The number of “unwanted” pregnancies would plummet.

  6. BORIS ~ please browse the Montague Keen Foundation website immediately, ~

    There is the Message to all of us from Monty Keen (he was a house of commons reporter before he passed away) last sunday, in full support of your campaign?

    Whilst alive, he was a professional psychic investigator, and was appointed the chairman of The Scole Report where double blind experiments were conducted into the paranormal.

    Sunday 21 February 2016


    you are definitely on the right track! PW

  7. Great speech, measured and delivered with accuracy and candor. Glad you had Brexiteers around you, John Redwood has his own seat he takes.

    So much more honesty and vision than the sad PM.

    It would have been early 1980s that I passed you and David Cameron on the way down from the church at the top of Harrow on the Hill. As I walked down then in my leather jacket towards a group of well dressed students you were engaged in debate with David and others. He said not again, don’t listen to him! Him was you, I could tell your fervent energy must often have stolen the debate!

    As I passed I thought they will be running this country one day.

    That day came to pass.

    You did us proud, not your responsibility that T May is crap and dishonest. So did David C, he was honest too like you.


  8. Boris is by far the most Dynamic politican in the EU
    I Highly recommend not to find a compromise with the EU
    Merkel or von der Leyen , have no Profile !

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