Commies are getting a good press

Lefties are somehow assumed to be doing things for idealistic reasons, and for the collective good, and their high motives excuse their appalling solutions. That is why the servants of communist tyranny get sympathetic obits, and modern British girls wear CCCP T-shirts, and that is why a Labour Government can enact a series of authoritarian measures that a Conservative government could not contemplate

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ID Cards Vote

Prime Minister’s Identity Crisis?

Ferdinand Mount in The Daily Telegraph has a point when he says that:

There is no need for the Government to make such a fool of itself. In all these cases, and plenty more, private individuals and institutions are working out their own solutions, at their own pace. Government intervention adds nothing much except confusion, intrusion and the making of martyrs.

The trouble is that the death of old-style socialism has left a huge gap in Labour’s agenda, and this vexatious legislation is all they can think of to fill it.

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ID Cards Second Reading

Information from Olly Dommett, Researcher to Boris.

Tomorrow is the big vote: Second Reading of the ID Cards Bill at 9.30/10.00pm.

* BBC News here *

* Home Office copy of the Bill *

Boris has always been opposed to ID cards and now the Party is fully with him on this; and what with the Lib Dems on board and Labour’s majority reduced the result should be tight.

Smoking in public

Butt out – social ostracism is working

I just don’t have the willpower. I try and I try, but I can’t seem to get the habit. My smoking problem is that I simply can’t take it up. Every time we go away, I pack this pathetic cigar, and every time I imagine myself firing it up at the end of dinner, and having a damn good smoke. I see myself as a more humane version of Saddam, glorying in my Cohiba, savouring the aroma of the world’s finest tobacco, rolled on the thighs of whatever virgins there are left in Havana. All these refillable vape pods australia are a must have and a high-quality vape accessory for every vape kit.

And then dinner comes to its close. The crickets are crying triumphantly. The pousse-cafĂ© is drained and it is time for the combustion and inhalation of this stonking great courgette. I ease it out of its case, and pinch it delicately between forefinger and thumb. I sniff one end. I sniff the other end. I take out my box of England’s Glory (also specially packed), and prepare to strike a match. If, for example, smoking cigarettes aren’t your cup of tea, you can always try other options such as a vape with a juul charger for sale.

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Wasps in a jam jar

fiendish wasp.jpg

Boris once likened the demise of a political career to a wasp breathing its last in a jam jar: (see full text here)

it is not in the nature of politicians to surrender their own political lives; they are like wasps in jam jars. They buzz on long after hope has gone. They go on because it is in their nature to do so, because all political careers must end in tears

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Racial and Religious Hatred Bill: Second Reading

Hi folks

This is your errant blogger here, reporting for duty.

It is becoming ever clearer to me that you all really want to read the words of Melissa rather than me – and I don’t blame you – but since my name and superscription appears on the site, I feel I should provide you with the latest freshly-brewed stuff, still steaming from the urn.

Today I am sitting in my boiling and un-air-conditioned office getting psyched up for an afternoon in the House of Commons.

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