Battersea Power Station redevelopment ‘a testimony to London’s attractiveness for investors’

Mayor of London Boris Johnson joined the prime ministers to take in the view at the site, which, within 10 years, is due to boast 3,500 new homes, shops, cafes, restaurants and offices, set in a six acre riverside park.

Mr Johnson said: “Many thought it would never happen but today is a triumphant moment in Battersea Power Station’s rebirth as well as a glowing testimony to London’s attractiveness for global investors.

“Once the generator of megawatts, this iconic building’s revamp is now sparking the wider rejuvenation of a once neglected part of London into a vibrant new quarter. “Thanks to a multibillion pound public and private investment, which will include a brand new extension to the northern line, the transformation of this area is set to support tens of thousands of jobs and homes for the capital.”

Mr Cameron and Mr Johnson engaged in some friendly banter as they discussed the project.

At one point Mr Cameron joked to officials from the firm behind the development: “Are you going to put him on the top of the power station?”

Mr Cameron also appeared slightly put out when it was suggested that the mayor was solely responsible for securing the Northern Line Tube extension to Battersea.

“A bit of a combination on that,” he interjected. “I think we worked together.”

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  1. It might have been a smart move to keep it as a power station? and move Battersea to Heathrow?

    “Who, then, shall power the power stations themselves?” Juvenal

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