National Health Service…


There’s no more NHS. There’s an EHS and an SHS


There’s nothing national about the National Health Service

As anyone will know who has witnessed the death of a relative from multiple myeloma, it can be a grim way to go. Your very marrow is in revolt, as the cancer takes over the blood-making processes.

Since it could happen to any of us, I hope you will concentrate for a second on the case of a constituent of mine, a distinguished and charming author. When I last met him, he was running the second-hand book stall at the fête, and seemed very cheerful. I did not know it, but he was already well down the track that begins with radiography and then goes on to chemotherapy and stem-cell transplants. You can hop over to these guys to learn more about stem cell therapy. When we talk about kratom, there is no doubt that there are different variants and strains available. We have green kratom, red kratom, yellow kratom, and white kratom. However, in this article, we will be spending some time getting to know more about Red Horn kratom. Strongest purple strains is considered to be one of the most popular, potent and effective strains  that is available in the market today. There are many reasons as to why there is such a big demand and positive feedback about this strain. It also is referred to as an unpredictable strain by a few because it is known to work differently for different persons. However, there is no denying the fact that the effects can be quite strong when compared to other variants of kratom that is available in the market today. It would, therefore, be interesting to have a closer look at the same so that readers and end-users are able to have a better understanding of the same.  why not check here for Red Horn kratom.  Kratom is a Southeast Asian-grown herb that is increasing in popularity for what are the claims that it offers pain-relieving properties, mood enhancement, assists in opiate withdrawal, with other positive benefits being gradually recognized such as the idea that the plant has the potential to promote good sleep. Noon proposition having  insomnia better than many medications on the market and, as it is all-natural, it is a preferred alternative. Those who suffer from insomnia know too well the effects that the condition has on their day-to-day lives including drops in energy levels, increased mood swings, and lack of productivity. The manufacturers of Kratom insist that this will no longer be an issue with the ideal dose of this compound for each individual specific for their needs. It is claimed that it will not only alleviate the lack of sleep but assist with pain, uplift bad moods, and reduce anxiety. This strain might not be the right variety for a sensitive user as it offers the best kratom for sleep which induces a sedative effect along with a white vein Kratom that provides energy boosts. This is something more experienced users would benefit from. The Ultra has a high alkaloid content. This product could be a blend of two different strains, two of the same strain, or there could be red and white Kratom. Other Ultra has the possibility of blending two types of red veins. It could result in two effects that are incompatible as we mentioned which is why it would not be suitable for the sensitive. 

Now he has come to the last drug in humanity’s current pharmacopoeia. It is called Velcade, and it is a good drug, fully licensed in this country. His doctors have told him that it would improve the quality of his life, and perhaps prolong it by two to five years. The red thai kratom will prove very useful to all the people who have a tough time getting quality sleep. This strain can easily replace prescription drugs as it will induce high-quality sleep needless to say that you will also reap various other benefits from it. The ability of Red Thai Kratom to aid in sleeping comes from its relaxation properties. It helps to clear your brain and neural pathways, bringing you into a restful state that will give you high-quality sleep for a decent duration. With quality sleep comes improved productivity and a healthier life. Kratom is relatively new in the Western world, which means a lot regarding the herb is still unknown. In as much as this is a bad thing as it limits our knowledge on its long term effects, it does work in favor of some people in various ways. One of such is that not a lot of workspaces are interested in testing for Kratom since they don’t even know what it is and its effects.  You should have a peek here for the best kratom drug test reviews. A majority of the standard drug tests that are done on employees and by law enforcement are not engineered to detect the presence of Kratom. Actually, Kratom will only show up in a drug test that is specially developed for just that purpose.

It is available free in the healthcare systems of virtually every other European country; and yet he cannot get it in Oxfordshire. It is not available to him, or anyone else, on the Oxfordshire NHS.

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American Passport

That’s It Uncle Sam

Right. That’s it. Entre nous c’est terminé. After 42 happy years I am getting a divorce from America. From the very emerging of my childhood consciousness I have been aware that in the eyes of billions of people around the world I have won first prize in the lottery of life. I possess it, the thing competed for by everyone from Rupert Murdoch to the most desperate Mexican wetback, and I have it by simple dint of my nativity, on the Puerto Rican Health Scheme, in New York General Hospital, NY, NY.
I am entitled to an American passport. I must confess that this knowledge used vaguely to tinge my sense of identity. My brothers and sisters are British, and so are my parents, and I would like you to know that I am a loyal subject of Her Majesty, speak in an English accent, and for years I have travelled exclusively on a British passport. But my first passport was green, and when we landed at Dover or Heathrow I felt secretly cool to be the one to present his document to be stamped.

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Physics at A Level

Civilisation is built on Physics (alas), not on Business Studies

You remember being at school, and looking at the timetable with a lurching horror. You’ve just been doing something cushy, like playing football or snoozing through a movie about global warming in Double Geography. Or perhaps, if you have been really cunning with your options, you have been making biscuits with lovely Mrs Sindall in Double Cookery.

And then you look at your schedule to see how your teachers propose to divert you for the last two periods of the day; and a shadow passes before your face and your hair stands on end, as though you had been plugged into a van der Graaf generator.

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Middle East Crisis

Unlike Hizbollah, Mel, Israel is not trying to kill civilians

Apart from a pint of tequila, I don’t know what got into Mel Gibson when he decided to favour the Los Angeles police with an anti-Semitic rant.

I don’t know what whacko religious convictions inspire the Aussie heart-throb, or whether he genuinely believes that the “f—— Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world”.

But whatever Mel was having the other night was powerful stuff; and, you know what, my impression is that a lot of folks across Britain are secretly having a snifter of the same. Across the country there are sober people who would never dream of calling an LA police officer “sugar tits”, or swinging like an ape from the bars of their cell. Yet these people seem to share the essentials of Mel’s analysis of the Middle East.

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