12 thoughts on “Gordon’s Reshuffle Song”

  1. I see in the expenses row that Boris Johnson made a claim for a Remembrance Sunday wreath in 2006 when he was MP for Henley.

    1. Fleegea: You might also have seen Boris’s rapid response to the expense claim. Stop stirring.

    1. Catherine: neat!

      Was, however impressed with the way he did his speech at Arromanches and (with no real alternative given the direction of the event’s director) just got into the crowd of Veterans and joined in with real hugs among the duty handshakes.

  2. I’ve seen lots of rapid responses to the expenses claims. Boris’s is no better than anyone else’s. A wreath is a particularly despicable thing to claim for.

  3. Freegea, that had to be a mistake. The Mayor did not claim for any individual items, what is he going to do with an extra £16.50? High ranking public servants have their expenses claims filled in by aides.

    I also believe the Telegraph are unfair in the way they are dissecting Gordon Brown’s expenses. The PM has repaid some small amounts, but it is entirely possible these amounts were claimed in error.

    Mistakes can happen.

  4. Agree with Gill and Catherine. Mistakes do happen and if they are small, it is petty to make an issue of them. The Telegraph has performed a public service in bringing the issue of MPs’ expenses to light.

    However, it would hae been more responsible to discriminate more clearly between what was fraudulent and what was not. Listing items in an accusing manner is not good enough, nor is making an issue of items claimed for but not allowed. Many people now believe that items claimed for that were inappropriate were allowed, for example the Duck house or whatever it was.

  5. Shall I tell you what I would have done Jill? I would have gone to a cashpoint, taken out 30 quid, bought the wreath using the cash, and thrown away the receipt so there was no danger of me claiming for it.

    Maybe the claim was a mistake. Definitely the claim shows a callous lumping in of a Remembrance Day wreath with lots of other rubbish he claimed for.

    It’s a despicable thing.

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