20 thoughts on “Jackie Smith to step down as Home Secretary”

  1. Dungeekin’s best satirical poem yet. I’ m still reeling from his comment about the band of young dancers, Diversity and his fears if they dance with Michael Jackson on his tour. Oh no………..

  2. And now Hazel Blears has jumped before she was pushed.

    As Gordon metaphorically locks the door of his bunker, it isn’t so much what might get stolen as how many others might try to escape.

  3. Hazel Blears leaving adds a whole new dimension to things, doesn’t it?

    4 Ministers in two days. That’s a lot to lose, and with the Chancellor and Foreign Secretary indicating they won’t budge, whither Gordon’s Reshuffle now?

  4. Steve, that link is so popular, it keeps crashing! It is absolutely hilarious, particularly Boris’s bashful look afterwards. It is so funny, I’d think he had done it on purpose, but you can see that his foot goes down a pothole.

    Double that man’s expenses!

  5. http://twurl.nl/e1a2jz

    In one of the Hannibal Lector books, (Red Dragon)there is a serial killer called Avid Fan, who compulsively stalks the doings of Hannibal Lector.

    Did you know that our Mayor had his very own Avid Fans, who follow his every move, taking copious notes, so that they can compare them , yes, avidly! It’s kooky, it’s creepy, it makes me go all weepy, get a life you crazies!!!

  6. Wow, James Purnell has resigned and the Spectator thinks that David Miliband will be next.

    If he plays his cards right, there might be a job for David Van Day of Dollar.

  7. Events are moving so swiftly, I rush down to the newsagents for an armful of papers, to find they are all out of date and have been superseded by events. SKY NEWS. Alastair Darling is to stay as Chancellor, one in the gut for Ed Balls! Alan Johnson to be Home Secretary, the smoothie. Prescott is snarling at Harriet Harman, his teeth firmly embedded in one of her calves, and David Miliband is dithering, saying Purnell is one of his best friends, but he is staying at Foreign Secretary. Should he stay or should he go! To be or not to be… That IS the question!

    David Cameron, ineffably smooth and well tailored, still ruthlessly and quite rightly pushing for an election, the stunning Samantha at his side. Boris didn’t drown. All this is sooo much better than “In The Loop”.

  8. BREAKING NEWS SKY. John Hutton has refused the post offered to him and said he will be standing down at the next election. Another one bites the dust.

  9. How is this a reshuffle, when all he is doing is filling the jobs of the people who leapt for the exit?

  10. Another posse of MPs out – Tony McNulty, Geoff Hoon (good, his expenses were too much) Margaret Beckett, Ian Gibson, precipitating a bye election and now Caroline Flint!

    Blasts from the past have been dragged into the limelight… Glenys Kinnock (met her once and she was so sweet), Peter Hain goodness!

    Mel, once again, the clip of Boris was shown on BBC1 tonight, on HIGNFY – this is a comedy classic on a par with the rugby tackle on the football field.

  11. Did see watch the press conference on TV last night, folks? One journalist demanded to know why Gay Gordon has not sacked Darling in his reshuffle because of his expense cheating like his aides had been telling the press. Brown could only mumbled weakly: ‘ No, no…’. The journalist kept saying: ‘But I know and everybody in this room know that your aides had been telling everybody that Darling was finished and would be sacked in your reshuffle? You dare not sack him’. Poor Gay and Weak Gordon again could only mumbled: ‘No… no…’ And the TV camera started to zoom in his hands placed beside the desk he was standing behind, showing his ugly and unruly chewed finger nails! Can’t his wife tell him not to stop that bad habit?

    Even the Queen is braver than that. And she is a woman.

    A weak and vengeful man is running Great Britain. Shame.

    A weak

    1. Oh Noiseuer, how many people do you wish to offend:
      “Even the Queen is braver than that. And she is a woman”?
      You may wish to clarify?

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