Video farewell

Jacqueline Alexander shot and edited this video of Boris responding to some noisy wellwishers after his resignation: Farewell Henley The appearance was also a chance for Boris to ‘introduce’ John Howell as the chosen Conservative candidate for the by-election to be held on 26 June.

The video is also available on the Henley Standard website.

Thanks, Jacqueline!

6 thoughts on “Video farewell”

  1. John Howell looks like another warm, friendly guy who is hard working, responsible and unassuming and as David Cameron, our new Mayor and the Conservative Party are all on a roll, I bet he wins by a landslide.

    Saw part of the programme on Mrs. Thatcher on Sunday night and the bit that really resonated was when she said she couldn’t bear to see Britain down and not doing the best the country could. That is how I and millions of people in this country feel about the past ten years under this present government. To be perfectly frank, it makes me FEEL SICK to think of how we are represented abroad and what other countries must think of our Foreign Secretary, the Prime Minister and other ministers and the unseemly wrangling. backstabbing and incompetence that goes on. I feel sorry for Gordon Brown, I truly do, and I felt sorry for John Prescott, but the people I feel most sorry for are the British people. Dreadful damage has been done to the reputation of Britain abroad. Not only that, Awful incompetence and negativisim is daily paraded before the eyes of the country.

    Half of the government look like they are on the verge of collapse. The other half are sitting back, not helping, looking like they are enjoying the spectacle and calculating how to take advantage.

    I long for the day and pray from the depths of my soul for when we have a change of government and people with some inspiration, enthusiasm, love for this country and its history and genuine brains take over. The video of Boris Johnson is a lovely video, people do love him, and respond to him emotionally and David Cameron is also striking huge chords. How much longer do we have to wait, oh God, HOW MUCH LONGER!!!

  2. I took a black cab yesterday and the car driver was telling me how Mayor Johnson has already arranged for the number of Inspectors who keep up the standards for black cabs to be increased from 8 under Livingstone, to 20 Inspectors. He was also very pleased that certain useless traffic lights are being shut down and there were other measures he was pleased about. Glad the new administration is on the case, traffic wise!

  3. To view video on the Henley Standard web site, you will need to download one of the following:
    Windows Media Player

    Well, I have one of those but apparently my version isn’t new enough. I’ll wait till someone posts it to YouTube (which, of course, they should have done in the first place).

  4. Re. my earlier post about black cabs, I read in the Standard that our new Mayor wants to increase the number of Inspectors of black cabs from 30 to 60! Obviously the figures I got were wrong, but the change is really welcomed by all drivers.

  5. Boris will be missed in Henley and I think he will miss Henley too. But it seems that already Boris is tackling his new challenge with typical vigour and good sense. Lucky London.

  6. ..gosh when I first speed-read those first few words, I thought it read Someone had shot our Boris?…why can’t we have him up here in Bromsgrove, he could join our bunch of jokers as well?

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