Good-natured parting

Boris was in typical form as he used his “last few seconds” in the House to  highlight some achievements.  Breaking with House etiquette, the Speaker cheerfully reminded “the Mayor” that he was only allowed one supplementary question, not three, and the Prime Minister added that he was sure, “The whole House is going to miss the contributions of the hon. Gentleman, not only in speech, but in writing.”  See more

7 thoughts on “Good-natured parting”

  1. Strange. From that link I can see only one question – and that was interrupted. Where are the other two?

    Also I read this morning that the Speaker wrongly referred to Boris as the Lord Mayor, which appears to have been “corrected” in Hansard. Is Hansard a true record or not?

  2. The Speaker came over as very rude, but who cares? All the Labour Party are just desperately jealous, because Boris Johnson has so much going for him. He is hugely intelligent and cultured in a non-intimidating way, he is witty, presentable and worst of all, from the Labour point of view, he is massively appealing to voters, who regard him with affection as their own national treasure.

    I am fighting my pity for Gordon Brown, because he should be able to take the flak, but it is just so tragic to see him suffering, lines of pain etched on his face, and his nails bitten down to the quick with stress. Little pipsqueak David Milliband is snapping at his heels, and in Question Time last night, the look on Milliband’s face when he was asked if he was the man to rescue the Labour Party, can hardly have reassured his leader. He is not the man to protect us if there was a war on – when David Attenborough read out a quote from him saying he wished Tony Blair would come back, Miliband cravenly blamed his brother! Another hero (not!) Ed Miliband, who wears the perpetually startled expression of someone wearing a too tight thong.

    The Labour Party would absolutely give their souls for someone with the mass appeal of Boris Johnson, but until they have the guts to face facts and throw in the towel, we will all be forced to suffer at the tragic spectacle of Gordon Brown, burning on the pyre of the Labour Party.

  3. Gosh, I watch PMQ’s as often as possible and just become more and more perplexed at the lies, lies and more lies that this government, a term I use lightly,use to cover up their complete incompetance. How refreshing it is to listen to Boris and how delightful his open approach and wonderfully entertaining manner whilst delivering some incredibly common sense solutions. Amazing, my hero please keep on doing what you are doing, the whole country will wake up!!!
    Kindest regards Merilyn Bonifacio

  4. PaulD, I did put a link to Guido Fawkes’ site, but the comment monster ate it. He has liveblogging chat on the PMQs which you might find entertaining and informative.

  5. In the interest of balance and fair play, shall I write something nice about Gordon Brown, who has been having really awful press lately?

    “Dark eyes wide with anguish as he silently bore the sneering jibes of the bouncy young Leader of the Opposition, Gordon Brown’s broad shoulders were bowed under the strain of bearing the problems of his adopted nation. His own front Bench were giggling like a row of chipmunks.

    Only he understood the dire problems left by the mottled tear drenched dandy whom he had been forced to replace. He had not selfishly sought office, but his deeply engrained sense of duty had forced him to claim it. because he knew that only he had the right answers.Only he had the substance to truly undertand. In the House, they were all shallow, trivial posers, whose thoughts never strayed beyond their next hair appointments. Still…. he had two more years. He stood straight as a cypress tree, and his courage flooded back. His day would come!”

    Is this convincing? Any takers anyone? OK, he is doing a terrible job, but I feel really sorry for him now and I could give him nicer advice than Piers Morgan and Naomi Campbell. He should ditch those two for a start!

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