Survey of residents

Admitting that, “these last seven years have been the happiest and most productive of my professional life,” and that he is proud not to have missed “a single constituency engagement” in the last few months,  Boris has sent a survey form to constituency residents asking for feedback on issues of local importance.  Known as he is for listening and for talking with people wherever he goes within the constituency, this form is intended to reach even more people so please do complete and return it.  (And, of course, add your views here!)

2 thoughts on “Survey of residents”

  1. So…are you posting the questionnaire? Sometimes the questions are as revealing as the answers.

    Also: now that he’s going back to that disreputable “journalist” habit, will the columns be posted here?

  2. This might get through to you. I am not a great Internet expert. Boris have you given thought to the victims of vice/crime resident in Westminster? I refer to resident freeholders who live in a Grade 2 central London house (as myself since 1984) and been overtaken by brothels, prostitute activity and pimps operating in the freeholder’s home in a flat in the house whom it is impossible to legally remove (despite the buy to let non res leaseholder paying nothing towards upkeep etc. We actually were visited by the Rumanian Chief of Police in company with our own police meeting in the offending flat. We have had gun shot reports from that flat. That flat was raided by armed officers. As soon as the prostitutes leave, another lot takes their place. They always have a lawyer prowling outside on the pavement who pulls strings to get the brothel operating again. Given the serious security hazard of this going on in a central London house (the freeholder’s home) could there not be a Statute of some kind created to allow the resident freeholder the legal ability to easily moving the brothel/vice activities out. And staying out. Police have been most helpful but pesumably there is no actual viable law to help them close down these brothels/vice activities , once and for all.

    Of course it is dangerous to challenge these kinds of non res buy to let leaseholders in one’s own home. Particularly as the common door to street and common halls and stairs are dangerously shared with the resident freehold owner of the house. One buy to let leaseholder has even been detained by the US with his colleagues for some time.Eventually freed. Now according to Sunday papers these actual men are suing the British Govt for as the paper reports “£millions” in compensation from British Govt. Should a genuine resident owner of a central London house be subjected to these kinds of dangers with no hope of recourse by present law. In one Court Hearing the owner of the Brothel was highly praised by the Judge that he “was a good business man” while the resident freeholder was told that she “had a bee in her bonnet” and in effect to “get stuffed”. Marvellous isn’t it!!! When acting merely as a Witness (reluctantly) to the activities in the flats beneath her own home. I realize votes are vital for Govt but surely this contempt for the dangers to a resident freeholder could be addressed. Of course it is dangerous to even try to rectify the situation and/or enforce Leases. So they carry on making money (untaxed) and no law exists to easily rectify these dangers for law abiding folk.

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