Boris is Mayor of London

Boris Johnson is the new Mayor of London. In a contest that has fascinated media all over the world, Boris beat his rival, the eight-year incumbent Mayor Ken Livingstone, by 139,772 votes. The election drew a record turnout by London voters, reflecting the high profile of the two main candidates.

Political commentators describe Boris as the most powerful elected Conservative politician in Britain today. As such, he has promised to work “flat out” to repay the confidence of Londoners and to make Greater London “greater still”.

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  1. Congratualtions to BJ for beating that crony-crazed Livvy in London. I look forward to see how BJ and the London Assembly can tackle the mess left behind by Ken. Especially on ‘social integration’. Most seem to have made up their mind on THAT one.

  2. Brilliant! Just classic. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, ever since I first saw him on “Have I Got News for You”. I’m pretty sure, with enough support, he might even make it to PM.

    Good luck, BJ. The public is with you.

  3. Well done Boris! But, when will we have a bye-election in the Henley constituency? Has the Conservative PPC been chosen? Will you continue to hold your surgeries in South Oxfordshire until we have a new MP?

  4. Congratulations and sorry we did not do well in Brent & Harrow.

  5. Nice one Boris! Great to have you as my mayor. A fresh start and a new opportunity for London. Time to clean up the crony infested establishment that is City Hall.

  6. Horspath [1.15pm]

    Here’s a thought – does it actually say in the rule-book that he HAS to give up his Parliamentary seat in Henley? Gordon Brown runs the UK and continues to be the consituency MP for Kircaldy – in theory, a bigger job that ‘just’ running London and a constituency. Just a thought…

  7. Excellent job Boris!

    I have admired your commentaries for several years. Although you tended to use a humourous tone, it was obvious to the reader that you understood what is really going on in the world. I am sure that London will be a lot better off under you than it was under Ken Livingstone.

    I’ll be praying for you … enjoy the moment and show Labour who one of the world’s great cities should be governed!

  8. Well Done Boris.

    Great news for London – no more corruption and cronyism.

    More importantly A Mayor who doesn’t have a voice like Zippy out of Rainbow and bang on and on about how much he hates the Evening Standard and how much he loves terrorists.

    Sheer Bliss!

  9. My wife had a severe attack of food poisoning and was in bed before & during polling day..but got out of bed, leant on my arm and the both of us staggered to the Munster Road polling station to vote for BJ. It was worth it!
    Derek & Antoinette Seagrim

  10. A hearty congratulations, Boris! I’m an American ex-pat and sadly couldn’t vote for you, but my husband did and we were both ecstatic when you won. You’re just the type of clever and witty man that London needs and the sooner you’re prime minister, the better. Three cheers for Boris!

  11. As a continental citizen of our common Kingdom of Hanover, i appreciate the fact, that ” Jeeves an Wooster” now go into their 5th season, although Mr. Laurie is currently working in the colonies.

  12. Well done Boris!

    At long last sombody who is not Politically-Correct crazy – and with a lot of common sense for the true English (and British) values.

    We wish you well.

    Rebekka, Norwich

  13. Great, congratulations to Mayor Johnson for the sake of anti-corruption and putting an end to waste.

  14. As someone who can trace his family lineage back to 1066 and consequently someone who is proud (in TRUE conservative fashion) of the pluralism, great diversity and opportunity that this country affords to ALL those who live in it, I’m overjoyed to have a mayor whom I know will do his best to represent everybody; even those who have no claim to an exotic background but who instead belong to that membership of common or garden Brit.
    Congratulations Boris!

  15. Fantastic result! This is the beginning of a new era. With a mayor working for the people of London, instead of himself,there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Add to that Labours’ humiliating defeat around the country, and we might start getting this country back on its feet.

  16. Let us hope that Boris falls flat on his face and make a mess and so hand over the next goverment to labour. it is a blessing in Disguise for Labour. Long live Boris and dumb blonde fools and racist like him in conservative party.

  17. Congratulations. Get rid of the horrible bendy-busses and re-instate the routemaster! Now, we can look forward to a London that we can be proud of.

  18. History in the making.

    For heaven’s sake sort the place out would you, coz you da man.

    Go Boris go!

  19. He used his charisma and flair to win the people over and now he will use his high intelligence to carry out his policies. I hope we see him running for Prime minister in the not so distant future! Forget Cameron, Boris is certainly what the new face of the Conservative party should look like.

  20. Well done Boris! Watch out for the liberal left media who will undoubtedly be gunning for you now.

  21. Brilliant result!

    A great platform to cement and extend the Conservative revival.

  22. well done boris nice to see a real party in charge now go for it
    tom sullivan
    licenced cab driver

  23. Well done, Boris. Remember the education brief: high quality, lifelong. You have a chance to shape more than just London – be true to yourself and go for it.

  24. “it is a blessing in Disguise for Labour. Long live Boris and dumb blonde fools and racist like him in conservative party.” (Naran).

    Here speaks the voice of the new, tolerant, listening and learning Labour Party. Nice one, Naran.


  26. As one of those whose pencil hovered for a few seconds over your name before giving you the first preference, I find myself more delighted by your victory than I expected. Congratulations ! But one thing: I hope there’s no substance in the rumours that you’ll be offering Ken Livingstone a job. Many of us voted for you as the sure way to eject Livingstone, his cronyism, spendthrift ways and poisonous ideology of community divisiveness; we don’t want him returning through the back door !

  27. I am so looking forward to Boris being mayor of London. We are counting on you Boris and I am sure you will be good for London. Good riddance to Ken, the proposed £25 charge would have crippled small businesses. I am so glad we now have a breath of fresh air! I love the new mayors sense of humour and hope he puts and end to the political correctness that has gone totally mad!
    Good luck and well done!

  28. This is no surprise to me. I have long been an avid supporter of Boris. No mucking about, he says how it is. It is fantastic news for London and Britain. We are saved from Labour.

  29. OMG Why Would Anyone Vote For You!
    Your Policies are pathetic and your speeches are a load of bulls**t. Please resign. God Save London. You Only Won because people didnt want Ken again. So they were foolish enough to vote for a fool. Aarrgghh. I am 14 and if i can see you shouldnt have won i dont see how the public saw any reason to do so. If the voting age was 16+ you definately wouldnt have won. Thats for sure!

  30. Congratulations to Boris – shame though that shut down with never a word…I hope it’s recognised that at least a proportion of the votes cast were founded on a belief in the man himself – not merely discontent with Mr Livingstone or even a new-found admiration for Mr Cameron’s policies! If Boris ever needs recourse to a focus group, he should look no further than to the folk who attended his launch,unbidden by campaign managers,sua sponte and in blind faith. Please live up to your promise Mr Mayor!

  31. Congratulations Boris. This has got to be the Greatest news for Londoners in years. Well Done.

  32. (Aakash) “I am 14 and if i can see you shouldnt have won i dont see how the public saw any reason to do so.”

    Quick! Ask a teenager while he still knows everything.

  33. I did not vote for your Boris, but now we Londoners have to give you the benefit of the doubt. If you are true to your words and London becomes an even greater place, and you carry on with some of the great work of Ken, then you will get my vote next time. Good luck.

  34. I wouldn’t cosy up too much to Bloomberg – he’s the man who put smoking bans on the map! ( you mentioned something positive with reference to smoking bans and undoing them…). Bloomberg also tried to instigate a congestion charge in Manhattan – he was turned down!! What are your plans for a more flexible congestion charge?

  35. Boris,

    Well-Done I knew you would do it.

    I am interested in helping with issues related to ethnic minority. Please let me know if any opportunities arise.


  36. Well done, very pleased that you won. Please take on the gun and knife crimes head on as you promise. Bless

  37. Well Done Boris!

    Perhaps now you can put right some of the slanderous remarks people have made about you, these pre-judging fools have made up their minds about you before they have looked at the evindence or have given you a chance!

    I can not see how they have accused you of being rascist and homophobic, what with your family background and your attendance at Eton! Many of these people voted for Ken Livingstone, a man who made offensive remarks to a Jewish reporter!

    I was impressed with your debating skills during the run up to the election and believe that you were the only choice that was willing to listen to the people of London and face head on the issues that were being raised, I also beleive that you will make for a more efficient Mayor, and use the massive budget at your desposal in a far better way instead of wasting millions on PR and fruitless policies.

    Your the man Boris!
    Goodluck, I know you will do a great job!

  38. Congratulations, Boris. This is potentially very good news for London. Please, please don’t let us down. Livingstone promised great things and screwed us over. Please do it differently.

  39. Congratulations to Boris.

    Now can we please have our Zone 1 Annual Oyster Card back.

    I think I speak for thousands of Zone 1ers who feel that we were subjected to a stealth tax (by you know who) a few years ago when the Zone One Card was suddenly dropped and we were forced to buy a Zones 1-2 card. Our annual increase (which did not show up in the statistics, of course) was over 20%!

    We are all being forced to pay extra for a card we do not want and do not need.

    Boris – reverse this devious scam.

  40. Boris, well done!

    If you ever get to Athens look me up and I’ll buy you a drink or two!

    All best wishes


    Ps. We need someone like you running Athens!

  41. Boris…. Well done sir. I am a converted labour supporter and just basking in the breeze of nice fresh conservativism. Just keep us away from Dhimmitude and ill be happy.
    Watch your back, already there are sections of the community who are writing on the web and trying to discredit you.

    Heres to a Tory government soon.


  43. Way to go BJ! Congratulations, & well done, in winning the London Mayoral Election! Your the best!

  44. Finally the folks in London have seen sense.

    Good Luck Boris.

    GT. Lancs.

  45. Well done Boris. Although I’m not from London but have had a keen interest in your campaign. I always felt you would win. Now you need to give Londoners back the London they want.

  46. Boris

    Congratulations on winning the election. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when Red Ken got back home.

    I am sure you are aware of this, but the Congestion Charge is crippling small start up businesses and customers are staying away from congestion charging zones like North Kensington. This is a fact. I know because I am a small start up business in North Kensington! Want to see my balance sheet?

    Shops have been standing empty for months now on Golborne Road and Portobello Market is not as busy as it used to be since the charge came in.

    PLEASE, SCRAP THE CONGESTION CHARGE! £5 out of the £8 charge is used just to run the scheme leaving £3 to be invested into transport. Total craziness… please come up with something better than this mad cap and expensive scheme!

  47. You say that ” “I firmly believe that if we drive out so-called minor crime then we will be able to get a firm grip on more serious crime.” Do you really think that the thousands of inebriated citizens staggering around the tube and streets of London are the one’s perpetrating murder, rape, theft and gun/knife crime across the city? If so, what proof do you have to show that there is such a link? Where are your statistics to justify such a draconian measure? Moreover, if your reason for banning alcohol on the tubes is that it the drunken louts make our tube rides unpleasant, then why don’t you ban talking? Having to listen to most people’s inane conversations makes my trip – and I would wager you, everyone else’s – on the tube much more unpleasant than a few drunken people. You need to get a grip on reality Boris, I fear for London I really do.

  48. Great to be among friends congratulating Boris: and he’s brought sunshine to the capital in more ways than one!

  49. Hi Boris,
    Congratulations on winning, but I’m really disappointed that you chose banning booze on the tube one of the 1st things you do.
    It’s a policy so typical of the old regieme.
    Being autoritarian and restricting the masses for the problems caused by the few.
    Drinking isn’t a problem on the tube – Drunks are. But I challenge anyone to drink on the tube and be drunk before they get off.
    Plus… as it looks like there’s a huge advertising budget to tell people what they can’t do – which isn’t going to stop a drunk punching someone because they’re bored becuase they can’t drink.
    I strongly supported your campaign but hoped this policy would be dropped when you realised it was stupid – it’s ken all over again…. I’m dissapointed 🙁

  50. Melissa, great and mighty although the new emperor is, he is not responsible for the weather.
    Don’t let all of this go to your head, dear friend.
    You’ll be saying next that he stands a chance of cutting crime and improving transport.

  51. banning alcohol on public transport: a good headline for the papers, but a poorly thought out bit of policy: who is supposed to eject the angry drunks from buses or trains. Is Johnson going to take a turn?

  52. Keith Norman, the general secretary of Aslef, the train drivers’ union, said: “This augers rather badly for changes in tube laws if the mayor pulls policy announcements out of the hat without any consultation with the people he expects to enforce them.

    •If you wait to prove that what you’re going to do will work and is the best possible use of resources, you’ll never do anything
    •In this sense, taking no risks is the biggest risk of all
    •The keys are therefore:
    –Gather what evidence you can in the time available, do the analysis that you can and make sure you’ve involved everyone who can contribute
    –Give yourself space to scale up or down if possible
    –Continue to listen and develop good monitoring and feedback loops
    –Prepare to learn as you go –and to make changes and refinements in the light of experience


  54. OK, let’s take stock. Three days into the job and he’s

    – Got to work on the deadweights in City Hall
    – Appointed a (black) Deputy Mayor for Children
    – Bagged New York’s crimebuster mayor as an advisor
    – Prepared for 400 community police to tackle anti-social crime
    – Commissioned detection equipment to deter knife crime
    – Setting up tough weekend camps for yobs
    – Banned booze on the Tube
    – Built bridges with the Met Police chief
    – Won over thousands of doubters
    … and stuffed all those who foolishly and maliciously tarred him as a “bumbling racist toff”.

    Keep it up, Boris! The sun came out as soon as you were elected – and it’s getting warmer each day.

  55. PaulD left off one other Boris achievement, perhaps the most important of all. London now feels there is hope.

  56. Boris,

    How are you going to police your latest policy on ‘no alcohol’ on public transport? Does this extend to the tens of thousands of commuters, carrying home their bottle of wine home they have bought from Marks & Spencers, to be enjoyed after a hard day’s graft in the office? Will it allow the individual to carry home their bottle of sherry on a London Bus? Tell me, surely your policy should be not to allow ‘drunks’ on public transport! Surely drunks are the biggest problem!

    Please clarify this stupidity.

  57. Glad to see that Boris is indeed dealing with the most pressing issues first.

    I have witnessed those revellers getting a four pack of Special Brew and going for a cruise on the 53 bus route rather than taking the scooters or Fiat Punto out for a spin.

    Any chance you could install deodorant dispensers on the Waterloo-City Line as well? Some of these pleb traders do whiff a bit.

    As ever Boris… the when the proverbial hits the air movement devices and you have my unflappable support.

    Old Whiffy.

  58. keith Norman, the general secretary of Aslef, the train drivers’ union, said: “This augers rather badly for changes in tube laws if the mayor pulls policy announcements out of the hat without any consultation with the people he expects to enforce them.

    It does, indeed, as Katy Bennett says, sound like ill-thought out stupidity.

  59. The first step to tackling crime is a real welcome one. My only wish was you could extend the drinking rule in tubes, busses etc to all forms of drinking in public places. Often it is very difficult to explain to my daughter as to what are a bunch of people doing with cans and bottles in the corners. It is not only irksome but intimidating. I hope that fear of walking the streets is some day eradicated to a large extent.

    Am so far happy i voted for you and hope the feeling lasts.

  60. The objections by Aslef and Bob Crow say more about Aslef and Bob Crow than they do about this excellent scheme. “Consultation” is all very well, but haven’t we consulted ourselves to a standstill under this government, who end up ignoring what people want anyway?

    What’s needed is action and the vast majority of Londoners will welcome it. I cannot see the fun-loving Boris introducing any ban unless it was for sound reasons and didn’t have any serious knock-on effects.

    To Katy, you might read up on the proposal before sounding off. From what I’ve seen you would be perfectly at liberty to carry drink in your shopping. It’s louts swilling booze they’re after.

    And isn’t Boris planning to put hundreds more security police on the underground? It will be them in the front line, not Bob Crow or Keith Norman.

  61. Boris, I see in the Torygraph that you are consulting with the Los Angeles police commissioner to seek his views on street crime. If you can manage to get London street crime to the Los Angeles level we will all be very impressed.

  62. Boris congratulations.

    On the 1st of June with the ban of alcohol consumption on TfL, Tube, bus and DLR. Will the technology supplied by Integrated Security Solutions Ltd (ISS), be the ideal solution in combating the infingement on the alcohol ban forthwith.

  63. what are you going to do about rough sleepers like me abandoned and ignored for too long by westminster city council?? your police to harrass us even more i suppose?

    i have been on the streets of london without real help since 2005

  64. Well done Boris. When you gave up your weekly column in the Expat Telegraph I was despondent but hopeful that you would be successful and herald the beginning of the end of the symptoms (causes) that persuaded me into exile many years ago. I have every faith and hope that you will live up to your promises and reclaim London (my birthplace) for Londoners of all persuasions. Good Luck

  65. Well done Boris!!!

    I vowed if you won the race for mayor that I would call my first son Boris in your honour 🙂 I guess I’ll have to keep that promise now.

    Bring fun and pride to the people of London.
    Good luck!!

  66. well boris congratulations boris you and your team will do a very good job in london.boris you are the the top man for that job may i say how lucky to have such a mayor and you and your team will do a better job then ken,i would like to wish you and your team at city hall all the very best of luck.good luck from michael cullen from putney london.

  67. Well done, and good luck. I have watched and listened closely for the past few months and I am convinced you are up to the job, alot of Londoners have also thought the same. Don’t let us down for believing you should be in the driving seat, its a big job, a big budget and alot of people to keep happy, I say again, the very best of luck.


  69. The Standard reports: “Transport for London chiefs have told the new Mayor that his less confrontational approach is already paying dividends with train firms and will as a result rapidly speed up the spread of the [Oyster Card] system.”

    Any sign yet of humble pie eating by Ken’s supporters?

  70. Many congrats Boris from someone in Scotland! Keep taking the mic out of those loony lefties and all that political correctness! Even though most of us this side of the border are not Conservatives we love your style and your honesty and of course your sense of fun! Bring it on

  71. Although I don’t have a Tory bone in my body, and consider most of them as utter fools, I am so incredibly happy that you beat that offensive, nasty little man in the London mayoralty race. It is such a breath of fresh air to have you as the Mayor. I wish you all the best, and hope I don’t have to regret my words!

  72. Boris Johnson’s nanny state.

    So Johnson has banned alcohol on the tube.

    I resent very much that after a week at work I can’t wander onto the tube and drink a tinny while minding my own business. Go and have a look at the tube system’s in Munich or Oslo. Everybody’s drinking beer on a Friday evening.

    The problem is drunks, not drink.

    Boris Johnson’s solution is very tory-boy nanny-state.

  73. Wilson, might I suggest you move to Munich or Oslo where they appear not to have booze-guzzling oiks frightening the life out of women on late-night trains? It’s these people the new law is aimed at, not those minding their own business.

    Unlike Labour’s “nanny state” bans and restrictions which have brought the pub trade to its knees, this one has no negative consequences worth speaking of.

    For every Munich and Oslo you will find a dozen cities where drinking on urban transport is not allowed and no-one has a problem with it.

    Beside which, my mother said drinking and eating in public is plain bad manners.

  74. Thank God you won, Boris. But please don’t let us down. I applaud the fact that you paid tribute to Ken for the good he has done. That is much more magnanimous than the usual critical remarks and puts you in a very good light as a fair person – well done!

  75. pauld: “It’s these people the new law is aimed at, not those minding their own business.”

    Yes, but this nanny-state legislation will be used by officious officals to stop me having a quiet can of 3 percent lager after work on a Friday. It’s pure nanny-state stuff, limiting worthwhile freedoms that used to show what a tolerant place Britain was. It’s nanny-state.

  76. I agree with the comments above. The public transport alcohol ban is ill thought-out nanny-stateism.

  77. Yes, Wilson, I agree that Britain used to be a tolerant place until New Labour set neighbour against neighbour by forcing upon us its uncompromising views on equality, multiculturalism and human rights – not to mention the total ban on smoking in pubs, which has not only brought the trade to its knees but antagonised a quarter of the population.

    Your 15 minutes of lager, or lack thereof, is nothing in comparison.

  78. Great news your in Boris, but please stop rapists being let out and tagged…!!!

  79. Mr Johnston, Firstly , congratulations on becoming the Mayor of London and hope that now that you have this position you will not be supporting the Mega Mosque in London as Red Ken did.The people of the UK have had enough of Islam and its teachings and it is time that the people were told the truth of what is going on inside the Mosques and Muslim ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and we dont want to go through what the countries in the Middle East have had to under Islamic rule.

  80. Sat Sri Akal Mr Johnson and congratulations.

    I really do hope and believe that you will live by your convictions and endeavour to shape London as a truly diverse and accepting community.

    London’s uniqueness is second to none and sadly too many Londoners are feeling abandoned by senseless political opinions and policies.

    Please use common sense and hear the voice of the public.



  81. mmmmm lager, I think I’ll get up and go to the pub watch the test match over a few cold lagers.

  82. The Boris era is here at last a man with a sense of humor this will be the best thing that has as happened to london for many years, Boris was worth voting for, the best man won and may he be there for as long as time last…..Red Ken no more Ha..Ha…Boris is here to stay….well done Boris you are the MAN….to change this London town…..

  83. The election was hugely exciting, and prompted far more people to vote than before, and everything I have read in the newspapers about the new Mayor’s aims and ambitions is also hugely exciting.

    For a start our new Mayor seems genuinely positive and enthusiastic, itself a first for ages in British politics, after the miserable faces and cowed body language of the present government, and secondly we have a Mayor who is intelligent enough to address the root of the problems facing Londoners and even the Guardian newspaper has been honest enough to admit this.

    Even Gordon Brown is getting behind Boris on the knife crime issue, and better late than never. If he has to get all his ideas from the Mayor’s initiatives, so what, this issue is so serious it transcends politics and the important thing is, the problem is being addressed and we should give both of them 100% suport.

  84. “For years I have struggled to get on the Coucil Housing list. The first time I registered I was asked several questions such as, are homeless? are pregnant? have got children? are you taking drug? have you been to prison? have got an illness? are you HIV positve.
    To all of those questions I replied no, to be told therefore I do not qualify for Council Housing and will not be a priority.

    That was 15 years, today I am still not a priority because I still don’t fill the criteria and earn and income which apparently is above average.

    I have worked all my life never been on the dole and yet because I choose to work I do not qualify for council Housing despite contributing to sustain those people who are not contributing to this society. No wonder why people don’t want to get off the doll,the doors are open to them on a lot of things. I was thinking of changing my mind on that and at the next opportunity be on the dole and be a state statistic!!!! I might jump few places on the council waiting list????

    Isn’t it time now to change this old fashion approach to housing ( point system)and give a chance to young working people on low income to be equal on the Council Housing market. I believe that working , healthy people are being overlook just for earning an income and being healthy.

    So Mr Johnson as the new elected Mayor of London I am hoping that this issue will be looked into seriously and changes are going to be made for working contribuying people in this society. “

  85. Congratulations Boris and well done for sticking to your own values regarding the Blair issue.
    We need more straight talking and forthright polititions that are prepaired to make some important decisions, even if they might be unpopular amongst a small number of the old school.
    I hope the rest of the future government take your lead and run the country in a way that helps the hard working masses and not use them as an ever increasing form of income to support the none contributors of this country.
    Keep up the good work.


  86. What a pity this web site is not showing the May 3rd telegraph picture of Boris Coracling on the Thames.The only London mayor ever to get in a coracle.If he is brave enough to get in a coracle (and few Britons are) then he will be brave enough to tackle all the issues his new post demands.You can find out about the high adrenaline sport of
    Coracling on the coracle society my space.
    Recently we tried to get an e petition going promoting Coracling as an Olympic sport competed in at the 2012 Olympics.This failed so we wrote to Sir Steve Redgrave on his web site & this too failed.Now we are writing here on Boris Johnson`s web site to see if any reader here can put in a good word.

  87. Hello Chris. My understanding is that people are now bidding for the 2016 Olympics as 2012 is officially long since done and dusted for ‘official sport’ categorisation. Why not raise the profile of coracle-ing by offering to stage a race in the cultural events surrounding 2012? Alert some media people and put on a truly Olympic/athletic event to boost your case and also showcase this part of Western Europe.

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