Boris still here!

Despite his massive London commitments, Boris is still (somehow) fitting in his constituency work.  See this week’s Henley Standard where he is reported at two quite different Watlington events: one reopening the Watlington Memorial Club and the other welcoming the new M40 Watlington-London bus route that should ease the daily commute for many.

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  1. Excitement: Vicusscurra? Get your point but that’s the local MP’s lot. Ability to handle ordinary life clearly demonstrated – and there’s lots of that in London, I hear.

  2. Boris is the most unintelligent person I’ve ever heard in a debate. Just shows that even a private education can’t buy brains!

    Ha ha!

    Eat the conservatives! – no actually recycle them and use them as skeletons in comprehensive schools.

  3. There is MUCH more to a Mayor from MP, than simple MP for Henley – for the people of Henley.

    Can you measure the magnitude of difference ? What else would people from Henley (including the whole Oxfordshire County) wish for to attract support from corridors of ALLOCATIONS ?

  4. Spending on tertiary institutions increased, at 22%, less than half as fast as the OECD average increase (55%).

    Source: OECD (2007) Education at a glance

  5. UK’s Spending on tertiary institutions increased, at 22%, less than half as fast as the OECD average increase (55%).
    OECD, Education at a glance, 2007

  6. Clare, if Boris is the most unintelligent person you have ever heard – a man who won a top scholarhip to one of the world’s leading academic institutions, who has written several popular books, edited a cutting-edge political magazine, and who was snapped up as a columnist in the country’s biggest selling broadsheet – I would dearly love to meet a few of your friends.

  7. Irrational decision makers – Ironically, those who preach all their life for anti-conservative policies, do not have the ‘vision’ to vote for an innovative character to make the changes they long for.

  8. Let’s hope Boris’s brand of intelligent Conservative innovation carries on May 1st – much as we will miss him as a highly effective MP and an excellent HE champion if/when he should move on.

  9. Good Morning,

    I am making it clear on this site that my vote is a “protest vote” against Ken and not neccessarily a full confidence vote on Boris. However, I will be very keen on observing Boris in power if he succeeds and will expect much from him.

    Boris, this is a chance to shine!! Make sure u give a good account.

    Tayo Olatunji

    [Thanks for your support, Tayo. The benefit of the doubt is much appreciated. Keep writing. Useful feedback helps everyone. Ed.]

  10. Good afternoon
    As a welsh girl living in South Wales, I have to applaud you on Boris. As far as I am concerned, most MP’s are as useless and as batty as the next so why not have one with such a good taste in clothes, hair styles and words? I love Boris and do think he should be the next Prime Minister. if nothing else, we would all have a bl88dy good time – he can’t do much worse and make life harder than the current lot!!
    Go Boris, I will be crossing everything for you.
    PS – why don’t you come to Wales more often and cheer our miserable WAG up?

  11. Oh gosh, Vicus, he got that many from me alone. This “votes for Colonials” initiative from the London Embassy is awesome! And such a deal: five for a dollar.

  12. Clare had a point, if an off-target one, when she said Boris sounded unintelligent in the public debate she witnessed. I would put it differently however. He was lamentably prepared (or unprepared) to answer questions for which he should have had diginified answers. In the bear pit presided over by Andrew Neil on TV he fared badly over the question of costing out replacements of the ‘Bendies’ and also looked peevish when pressed about the ‘team of experts’ to be called in when he gets the keys to ‘Ciddy Haul’. You will have to change all that Boris. And should you be elected today, you will have to recognise that the ancient but great Alexander’s gimlet eye for detail (his rapport with people you seem to have already)will have to be added to those fine Periclean characteristics you espouse already.

    Incidentally, putting aside the Olympic sized Poison Chalice which has been prepared with such care for his successor by Mr Livingstone, if you screw up this oportunity Boris, you will have to answer to ME, oh and all the other voters who might be tempted to give the Tories a fresh look. So get your ducks and experts in a neat row, and deliver!

  13. Cripes Boris – looks like you’ve pulled it off.
    You’re in trouble now.
    Good luck!

  14. Dear Boris,

    Good luck. I hope that the office of Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Three Hundreds of Chiltern or Steward and Deputy Steward of the Manor of Northstead will be yours shortly.
    You are replacing a popular mayor, regardless of his newt-fancying. I wish you stoicism and fortitude for the task in hand.

    Kind regards and best wishes,

    Tony Cross

  15. Hi boris ,
    just wanted to congratulate you on becoming the mayor of london .

    well done


  16. Bugger me, Boris, it wasn’t a joke after all! That’ll show the Americans eh? They’re not the only ones able to voter bunglers into high office. As a regular reader do I get a free tube pass or will the handouts only be for the rich, corrupt and Tory voters?

  17. I heard a cheeky little rumour you’ve managaed to wangle yourself the job as London’s mayor. Look at you!

    Well done & good luck. I hope moving Ken’s voodoo dolls out the office won’t be too unpleasant an experience….

  18. will the handouts only be for the rich..?

    Vicus, I think you’re mistaking Boris for G. Brown 🙂

    Well done, Bozza old boy. You’ll do great, but please let the hair grow a bit. Who cut it – the council?

  19. You will bring power back to Great Britain – Too much to your strenght of character, putting up with all nonsense talks, only to be able to do good for your country. You are too clever for a worldly job – be supportive of David Cameron to the final victory.

  20. Dear Mr. Johnson,

    Congratulation for your Mayor of London from Austria!



  21. I did vote for you Boris, unanimously, unreservedly, guilelessly, candidly, despite your comments of us backers supposedly hovering our pens between one box and the other!

    I did not however find your staff at HQ very helpful when I arrived for your canvassing campaign and found them to be tenuous to say the least.

    If all you stand for and have supported and claim to justify for us londoners is true, then your four years as Mayor is going to be the toughest time of your political career yet.
    Just remember to abolish the Bendy Bus but do not bring back the route master, unless a revised version can be put on the drawing board.

  22. Well Done Mayor Boris Johnson – don’t rush anything – take your thyme – especially tick 4 & 6:
    “Protect our green, open spaces and Bring Fresh thinking”
    We are here if you need us
    Kind Regards
    Richard Cooper for Riverside Concern Redbridge and Blake Hall Road Wildflower Meadow (Wanstead) Conservator.

  23. believe that a quick appreciation of Boris’ effectiveness would be to
    reverse the action of ‘the wierd one’ and put the traffic lights back to
    thier original timings. This would immediately cut unnecessary Carbon
    emmisions and get traffic moving quicker.The ‘wierd one’never was able to
    pass his driving test and hates motor cars as a result. Come on Mr Mayor,

  24. As I was delivering Boris leaflets in West Drayton and Uxbridge over the past few weeks I found that when I met people on their doorsteps and handed the leaflet to them they said “What’s this – Ah Boris” with a little smile, so even if they don’t vote (and some probably don’t) they like Boris. That is why he won. People don’t like Ken any more.
    Sylvia Lidgate

  25. Boris Johnson FTW!!!! Congratulations on the victory!

    In this bleak age of political dissillusionment, you are a foppish, bumbling beacon of hope.

    All the best and good luck!

  26. in response to some of the comments saying ‘boris is an idiot’ etc, i will say this:

    ‘It is better to be the clever man acting the fool, than the fool acting the clever man’ Winston Churchill

    remember that phrase, and think about it
    for most men who act cleverly, really have no brains whatsoever.

    also i am very happy on Boris’ victory and look forward to the future of London

    many thanks

  27. My wife, glenda, and my daughter niamh and I would like to congratulate you on your great achievement, and we wish you every succes in your new position.


    mike and family.

  28. Well done Boris. At last a bit of life in British politics. I no longer have a vote, now living in Normandy, but have been watching with interest and willing you on. Great news for London!

  29. How refreshing for a top politician …..honest, guileless, humorous – and humble in victory. Lucky London, you made the right choice, and well done Boris.

  30. I hope we find out on the news. We’re gaffe-deprived. With Boris and Ken in the race, I feel quite cheated.

    What do we want?


    When do we want them?


  31. Vicus, are you the clever man acting the fool, or the fool acting the clever man? I think we should be told.

  32. Hey… it’s true… I voted Conservative and my wife’s breasts DID get much bigger! Looking forward to the BMW M3…

    P.S. New baby says “hi!”

  33. Vicus Scurra, I do believe you should eat your words. As for Boris, at last we have a decent man with good values instead of some prat who strongly resembles Zippy as Mayor of London!!

  34. Boris and Obama finally politicians that aren’t sold out to special interests. The less political experience for them the better for us.

  35. Marj, ducky, please don’t pick on me – I was merely trying to fathom the implication of an earlier poster’s bizarre comment. Far be it from me to suggest that a product of Eton could be either stupid or act foolishly.

  36. Hey Marj, just you leave Zippy alone. He was the best member of the Rainbow team. Fancy likening him to the thankfully now ex-mayor of London.

  37. I want to know whether, between being MP for Henley and Mayor of London, Boris will have time to spend two rather large salaries!

  38. Congratulatuons on being elected i contact to urge you not to reverse the policy of former msyor ken livingstone re payment to drive into central london thid policy will sweep through the world eventually and will do its bit to reduce fuel ( OIL AND GROWN) its important
    regards neville

  39. Although I hate it, we should keep the congestion charge for people just driving to and from work. Commercial vehicles should be exempt. Yes, I do have commercial vehicles! Oh, and sorry to those who just drive in to work to avoid being crushed and steamed on the overcrowded tube!

  40. Re. the comment by Gavin Jackson, Boris is actually taking a salary cut. His earnings from his articles, books, t.v. appearances and position as MP for Henley exceeded what he will be earning as London Mayor and the fee from his Telegraph column. We all know that Boris is a multi tasker, (like all Geminis he hates being bored and can happily execute several jobs at the same time) also he has his four gorgeous kids to support, so he is taking a salary cut to do the job. We are fortunate to have such an arudite, liberal, humane figure as the new Mayor.

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