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  1. Anybody got some context? Is he saying that great teeming masses of uniformed police are squatting in lavish subsidized housing while the sons and daughters of MPs are thrust out into the street with not so much as a consulting salary to keep them warm? Or is he asking why four out of five bobbies live under a bridge and burn Amnesty International reports to keep from freezing to death?

  2. Yes, I’m with raincoaster. Just because they all know where you live, Bozza, there is no need to reciprocate.
    At least no-one has had the poor taste to mention Letsby Avenue.

  3. I hate the term “Key worker” it suggests my contribution is less than adequate. Key worker is a labour term used to disguise a policy of social exclusion, an unnecessary evil they created whilst Mr Brown sat back and presided over 350% house price inflation. Lancashire County Council has been using taxpayers’ money to hand out gifts of £28,000 for “key workers” to buy housing. Their definition of key worker is “Public Sector Employee” and this was a … wait for it “A Demonstration Project” it was an exercise in looking after ones one Labour!

  4. i am long term sick and disabled i am 24 next week and have been housed by ealing council in a house with 13 steps to the front door as a wheelchair user this is near impossible and i have been imprssioned here for 10 months now and someone i know got 28 days for stealing a car. my crime is being disabled and being in pain all my life how can this happen in this day and age in a world renound city like london sorry for any spelling mistkes but was kicked out of high school for haveing an operation

    [Ed: Glad you trust this site to make your point without translation. Keep writing!]

  5. Key worker scheme is being abused by a lot of so called key workers it needs reinging in the local authorities I know of one police officer stating the key worker status then moved his girlfriend and grown up child in soon as he could to live in a one bedroom flat
    Although he stated he was single he then contributed to overcrowding on the cheap

  6. I carry out vital and emergency work on medical equipment daily 24 hr call out the work I do has a reflection on the public. Now I think me and my collegues are Key Workers we carry out emergency work as well for the NHS

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