5 thoughts on “Visible policing and security”

  1. You can’t blame Boris for firing back (the Commons was a lot more heated than the transcript implies). I was watching the debate at the time and thought Brown was chancing it when he claimed Boris wants to make cuts in the police, particularly as he has been pretty clear about his intentions.

    Apparently it stems from a passing remark a while back, where he said economies could be made in the police and other services. No doubt he meant efficiencies – quite a different matter.

    The other thing I noticed about that same Prime Minister’s Question Time was how G. Brown’s answer to almost every problem is to brag about how much more money he is throwing at it.

    Next he’ll be telling us drug addiction can be cured by increasing the dose.

  2. My father tells me they’ve got much the same number of police as they did in the 60’s, only then they were on the beat not chatting in cars or filling in mountains of paperwork and ignoring particular crimes due to central government targets.


    Here’s a target – there’s a crime, you’re the police, try and respond to it more constructively than just giving it a number.

  3. An attacker advances against you, Nineveh
    Guard the fortress,
    Watch the road,
    Brace yourselves,
    Marshall all your strength!

    ….with waters around her?
    The river was her defence
    The waters her wall

    Nahum 3:13

  4. I will complain to Boris directly to his parliament email, if you keep delay sending me a password to enter the FORUM – today not next year. I think you are discriminating against white working class. I have important and provoking things to say to Tayles regarding this issue:

    “In most areas covered by the survey the white working classes are more pessimistic about the future and more negative about the last decade in Britain than white middle class people. “BBC
    An unemployed member of the white working class

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