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  1. Congratulations Boris – hope that the next time we get the chance to vote for you as PM… 😉

  2. It’s Ten O’Clock!

    In London! Polls are closed! Iain Murray is live-blogging. So far, Tory gains 44 and LibDems only 2, by exit polls. That’s good. But we all know how good exit polls are. Update: My gawd I think people managed to…

  3. Excellent. Shame about the overall result, even though I thought we had no chance.

    Don’t know why Boris is so “unpopular” in the party – maybe he’s too off message – or won’t win votes in Liverpool, despite the Speccy article being (a) harmless and (b) accurate.

    Boris for PM.

  4. Well done Boris, you must be very pleased.
    I may like to laugh but I’m still interested – can someone please tell me the result in Teignbridge?
    Personally I’m very disapointed with the overall result. Big headlines saying Bliars majority is down is like saying a relationship is on the rocks because she didn’t buy him such a big present this year. She may be a bit miffed but the important thing is they are still together!

  5. Congratulations Boris!. Nice hair during the BBC interview with Jeremy Paxman – looks really cool.

  6. Congratulations, old chap!

    Now it is time for a paradigm shift at Tory HQ & they select you as the next leader of the party. You are far more attuned to people than they seem to wish to acknowledge.

    As an aside, I wonder, did Paxman have more fun debating with either your good self or that charming fellow, Galloway?

    If I could afford to live in your constituency I’d have voted for you! Good luck.



  7. Long-time no see Boris! Congratulations – you deserve the seat.

    Now… off to campaign for Kilroy… 🙂

  8. Congratulations, Boris. Glad you will be there to speak for England. Please try to get your leadership to focus more on freedom. If the Government can be defeated on ID cards, for example, surely even MH can be persuaded to drop his ludicrous affection for those instruments of would-be tyrrany?

    Try not to be photographed shaking hands with George Galloway. And for goodness sake find yourself a decent tailor and hairdresser, so we can see you back in the Shadow Cabinet. You looked a fright on TV last night.

  9. Excellent performance Boris, well done!. Now lets focus on fixing the things that matter to your constituency…Henley needs you! (Our Police service / Hospital / Transport are all at risk – as they appear to be everywhere!)

  10. Well done, properly deserved success. I’m a Labour voter but I voted for you after some very hard thinking. I’m glad I did. Reasons were:
    1. I admire your moral stand, despise Blair’s lack of one.
    2. I admire how you’ve related to Henley and area.
    My personal debate was between whether to put national politics first or local ones. In the end I chose local ones. Also, I think you could influence the Conservatives to be more forward thinking.
    All the very best for the coming years. Lis

  11. Congratulations Boris, I’m delighted you retained your seat with a thumping majority. That speaks volumes for the fact you are an extremely engaging politician. I truly hope the Conservative party will realise it needs to utilise affable characters, like yourself, to connect with the undecided voters. Michael Howard switches a significant number of voters off voting Conservative, as Newsnight demonstrated two nights ago. Indeed, this point is reinforced by a poll the Economist ran recently, in which the public were asked whether they would support a particular policy; they were asked the same question a second time but with the inference it was a Tory policy. Support for the policy dropped over 20% when the policy was aligned to the Tories. There is clearly an image problem with the party ! The nasty party tag is still a problem. With this in mind, I heartily recommend you stand for the leadership, if Michael Howard steps aside. I’m sure Messrs Davis, Ankram and Fox will consider themselves to be the front-runners, if MH passes the baton. If the Conservatives want to regain power, they need policies and personalities that connect with the middle ground and as far as I am concerned, you Boris, are the man to lead that crusade. If not, who knows when the misery, perpetrated by this scurrilous tax and spend government, will end ? BORIS FOR PM !!

  12. I second one and all hearty wishes expressed above … To Boris and his dedicated staff!

    Politics is an imperfect game… And yet it is the best game we have for making the world a better place.

    May you continue to survive against all odds and may you make impossible possible …

    As Arthur C. Clarke said: ‘The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.’

  13. A fantastic result for Boris – and good to see the majority going up! Henley is my parents’ constituency, and I know they were voting for him.

    The last time I was in Henley on election night was 1992 – I went to conga round the town square, but the presence of policemen rather put me off. I drank champagne anyway.

    Great result for Hammersmith and Fulham as well (my constituency). Now let’s see Boris start moving towards the top job!

  14. What a knob Boris looked on the beeb last night.
    What the heck was he trying to say?!
    I loved how Paxman, Williams and co looked at him like he was an idiot…

    …because that’s what Boris is!

    Boris is the Clown Prince of the Tories.

  15. I hope Boris goes for the leadership.

    I have a feeling David Davis deliberately stepped aside last time for Howard, knowing the Conservatives could not win this election. Is it a done deal I wonder ? A Howard-Davis agreement akin to the Blair-Brown pact ?

    Thing is, it’s sometimes difficult to discern who gets on with who in the Conservative party, so I’m not sure if David Davis has universal backing. For example, I’m sure Liam Fox and Michael Ankram will have ambitions. There still seem to be some divisive factions within the party, albeit this issue has been less evident under Howard’s watch.

    Whoever becomes leader, in the event it’s not Boris, let’s hope they utilise him in a friendlier, more appealing shadow cabinet, to back up the middle ground policies which are relevant to people. I think image lost this election, with the immigration/liar aspects perpetuating the nasty party tag.

  16. Excellent work Boris, now lets see you installed as leader for the last hurrah!

  17. Deserved congratulations Boris!! Just read Howard is stepping down “for someone younger”, there you go, job should be yours! PM in less than 5 years then!

  18. Stunning comments … really remarkable

    Barry … you are a one! wasn’t going to be quite that mad!

    Time to rest awhile before regaining strength ready for next week

  19. I don’t know why you are not appreciated as you should be in the higher echelons of the party Boris, but perhaps now is the time to find out and point out your value to the powers that be. One of the points you could raise is that it is far more important to appeal to us than to them!

    You’d have my vote Boris. It is clear you have broad appeal which is more than the others have!

    Boris for PM!

  20. Pete

    It has come as a surprise that Michael Howard is standing down soon …

  21. Congratulations Mr. Johnson. Although your seat was never really in doubt was it?

    I think you’re an absolutely splendid chap. All you have to do now is defect to the LibDems and take over from Charles Kennedy and I won’t hesitate to vote for you as PM next time round.

  22. Congrats Boris. I’m disappointed that Howard has resigned, because what the Conservative Party needs is stability, but arguably he’s not the right man for the job. We all know a man who is though…
    Boris for Conservative leader! Boris for PM!! Boris for world domination!!! OK, perhaps the last one’s a bit rich, but you never know…

  23. I third that one , Tories need a leader people like and find interesting ….go on Boris no reason why it shouldn’t be you.

  24. Congrats from the Colonies. Given that misunderstanding in 1776, I couldn’t actually vote for you. But I voted in my heart…next to the right aorta.

  25. Throw your hat in the ring for Party Leader
    You’ll destroy Blair at Prime Minister’s Question Time and swell membership of the Tory Party.Check out the BBC website,you are being nominated there.
    Boris this could be your finest hour!

  26. Excellent result Boris, if I lived in the UK I should certainly want you to have one of the top jobs. Keep up the good work.

  27. In a similar vein to Tim’s call for slogans (less tax, more value ???)… is a new name for the party warranted? ‘Tories’ is almost a swear word in some places; it may take some time to eradicate that historical nickname.

    Andrew Lansley called for a change of name a while back – ‘Reform Conservatives’ I think … a little bland perhaps. We need something that encapsulates the notions of freedom, minimal state intervention, reward for hard work and enterprise, respect for others as well as fair play etc. Crikey, where’s the dictionary ?

  28. Boris – now is your chance! Everyone I have spoken to says that you are the best candidate for the job, even those of my friends who (alas) vote Lib Dim. Boris for PM!!!

  29. Tim;

    “Vote Conservative : We’re fluffy now”
    “Vote for the caring, compassionate Conservatives”
    “Vote for us, sorry about Maggie”

    Pah to all this nonsense, you shouldn’t move because it’s popular, you should move because you believe it’s right. I respect the Lib Dem position a damned site more than this continuous drift to the centre shown by both blue and red. (Same reason I respect rebel MPs more than I tend to respect those who vote the party line on everything, even if I disagree with the way they voted)

  30. Barry, some would argue the Tories have drifted significantly AWAY from the centre, towards the right …. maybe their rudder broke ?

  31. Well done Boris,
    Shame the the great unwashed types are still not able to see that Labour are not worth voting for. Our only hope now is that one/some of the troops who were sent to Iraq come home on leave and do the decent thing, Grassy Knoll, library window etc.

  32. Matty I’d disagree Seems like both major parties are playing the politics of appeasement; lets please the voters rather than take a stand.

  33. Well done Boris and best wishes from the MLCCC – remember us. Of course you do as our honoury life president. We were all routing for you.

    We’re off cycling in Pelion next month, so on your bike and perhaps see you there some time?

    P.s. Why is it the likes of Jeremy Paxman & panel could not appreciate the honesty of your comment last night (at about 10.30) predicting that Labour will not have a landslide. A very reasonable prediction and all they could do was take the micky!

    We’ll vote for you should you go for leader.

    4 years to brush up your wider public appeal should be plenty, the best man for the job or at least a lot of common sence and fun.

    Chris & Kathryn Wicks

  34. Well done Boris…sorry about your Pa.The Labour duo should be renamed The Con man and the Pickpocket.

  35. Boris, your appearance on the BBC elcetion coverage last night was a welcome break in the otherwise predictable programme. Well done for your re-election and larger majority, and congratulations to the Tories after a heartening night.
    The Conservative leadership is now up for grabs -wishing you the best of luck!

  36. In all seriousness – yes, please stand for the leadership. Your article yesterday got me off my backside and out to the polling booth to vote Tory. The party needs you!

  37. I’d like to add my ‘hear, hear’ to the calls for Boris to throw his hat in the ring for the Tory party leadership.

    One can only hope. And leave comments on blogs, of course.

  38. Congratulations Boris, I think you are fantastic, I agree with others: BORIS FOR LEADER OF THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY!
    Although I am unable to vote as I live in Spain I find you a “breadth of fresh air” amongst very dull people (MP’s).
    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS on your increased majority.

  39. Congratulations, Boris! The massive increase in your majority is something to be proud of. Damn good show, well done!

    The Conservatives would stand a much better chance in the next election with you as their leader…less pomposity and more liberationism are definite vote winners.

    That being said; you are a fantastic constituency MP, and I, for one, would hate to lose that! I am forever indebted to you for the help you gave me, and it would appear that many others appreciate your dedication to this beautiful area too. I hope we can keep you!

  40. Many congrats Boris! Job well done!
    (and you too Melissa, sorry I flaked at 3:30 as I had to be up early!)

  41. Good to have you back Boris. I voted for Ben Rogers, Tory candidate in Durham (you may remember him from your memorable trip up here in February!), though he only secured 9% of the vote in this constituency where you could stand a banana as Labour candidate and it would win… Here’s hoping we’ll be seeing you back on the First XI sooner rather than later! Hopefully you’ll be joined eventually by Mr Rogers- a sound man whose intelligent world view would make the Commons a much better place.

    Ken Clarke for leader, for what it’s worth…

  42. Congratulations Boris…You simply must thow your hat into the ring in the forthcoming Tory leadership content

  43. Boris

    Congradulations, shame your dad not able to join you, but you did increase your majority

    Also maybe leader of party now

  44. Boris, for the good of the Party and the nation you have to stand in the leadership contest.

  45. The ‘Three-and-Six Government’

    THe BBC is currently attributing 35.2% of the popular vote in the general election to Labour. I believe this is the UK vote, rather than the British, which may be 36 percent. This is the lowest winning popular vote in British history. I have checked ba…


  47. Well done Boris….I’m a lifelong leftie-liberal type but if you lead the Tories I might start to believe there was hope for the country. All the best!

  48. Well done Boris!! Next stop Number 10!!! Go for it matey!!! You are the only person on the planet that could get me to vote conservative!!

  49. I can’t believe it. Another four years. Words cannot describe how depressed I feel! However, I’m glad to see that Boris won. If you read this, Boris, you have my full support should you ever decide to become the party leader! I hate living in a Labour consituency!

  50. Congrats on the win…….. and if you do go for the leadership, how about having a shot at bringing the high street banks back down to earth, since some of their charges these days are just taking the p*** – currently

  51. So, Bozza, another 4 years or so in pointless opposition to a party whose policies are so close to your own that only the most perspicacious of us can tell the difference. And a vastly inflated MPs salary for it as well to boot. Things couldn’t have worked out much better for you, could they?
    What do plan to do with all the spare time?
    If you fancy a bit of jobbing gardening, I have some pruning and weeding you can do, and I will go as high as

  52. this election proves its hard to vote for someone you dont like on a personal level. People like you Boris. Time to step up to the plate.

  53. As a young woman, from Liverpool nonetheless, I have to offer you my congratulations, sir.

    I also must tell you of the pressure group that myself, and my other female friends are on the verge of forming, which aims to install you as the next leader of the Conservative party. It’s the only way forward, sir. The support you have amongst the student voters is phenomenal, sir.

  54. Hey Vicus, I’ll bid for Boris – he’ll do if he can handle a spade! Got no money though Boris, plenty of champagne in the cupboard but no money.

  55. Nice result Boris, shame that Labour didn’t get kicked to kingdom come but still, a small majority is bound to help a bit, your Telegraph artlice did certainly get me out to vote Conservative, it reminded me once more exactly what your great party should, and does for the most part stand for.
    Three cheers for Boris!

  56. That petition won’t get my support until the author re-spells ‘excellant’ [sic]. Anyway, when will Boris answer these baying crowds? Either you’re in or you’re out! Let’s have a statement!

  57. hi boris and fans,
    i still think boris shold be prime minister, best man for the job
    seriously though, imagine england run by boris, it would be awesome, pyramids of piffle everywhere!
    yey, go BORIS!
    we love you!

  58. I DISagree with Captain Bean…the pyramids of piffle that currently overshadow this fine nation would crumble in terror before the mighty Boris when he is on a mission! Besides, I don’t want to lose him as my MP…he’s the first one i’ve come across that actually does things for his constituency and constituents!

    Boris for Galactic President!

  59. Money tends to be more persuasive than sentiment. On one major betting site Boris is over 100 to 1. Enough said.

  60. Boris

    There are forks in the road of history where men such as you stand up to be counted. Now in the face of adversity, rise up and seize the mantle of glory that is your destiny.

    Besides it would be a great change to be able to see a party leader that increased turnout rather than reduced it.

  61. Well done Boris! Bad hair day, but a good result none the less.

    I read in the Sunday Telegraph that if a majority of UKIP votes had gone to the Conservatives they’d have won 36 more seats and obliterated all but 2 of the Lib Dem Gains.

    How frustrating. Those bumbling UKIP arseholes putting their own vanity ahead of the cause they claim to be fighting for. They’ve only just gone and helped a bunch of ultra zealous Europhiles into Parliament!

    The highlight of the night was the defeat of Oona King. Yes Galloway is a tosser, but Oona King was herself a despicable politician who, let us not forget, said of America : “It’s a f***ing f***ed-up power man, it’s a fundamentalist Christian power if we’re not careful. It’s terrifying”

    …and in a Guardian article compared Palestinians in Gaza to Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. This woman was in the Labour party, which is surely even more worrying in some respects than the Galloway phenomenon.

    As for the leadership, it’s got to be Davis. Come on, the guy used to be in the SAS! He’d go down brilliantly with the working class. Unlike some of the posh twats who are currently lining up. Davis has the same kind of aggressive demeanour as Margaret Thatcher.

    Whatever happens they’d better not submit to the liberal media and select a ‘modernizer’, ie a liberal (David Cameron, Ken Clarke

  62. Aaron…NOT president of UK, GALACTIC president! (I checked the Queen’s full title, The Galaxy isn’t included in her domain!). Pay attention, there’s a good man! LOL ;o)

    But seriously, I doubt that the older Conservative supporters would accept Boris – yet…which will be their loss. On the bright side, they are a dying breed – so maybe in another 4 or 5 years we will see Boris as Party Leader and, hopefully, PM.

    Forward into the Future!

  63. Boris has got a big one (Majority that is) as any true blue cheerleader only all to well knows:)

  64. Come on Boris, throw your hat in and do the whole country one enormous favour.
    This grinning imbecile who has mysteriously been elected with a large majority despite fewer English votes going his way than the ours, has to be wheedled out. Granted he’ll be fish & chip wrapping before Christmas next year, but blair must go sooner rather than later, so that the electorate has the maximum time possible to see exactly how much further Prudence Brown wants to get his hands into our already tretched pockets.

    On a lighter note, I’m checking out the formalities of renamimg our two sons, as Boris, and Boris, but without the wife finding out. She’s a bit to the left unfortunately.

  65. You should have a poll.

    “What should Boris do with his hair?”

    I say grow it long.

  66. 1 – Good one Nick!

    2 – the hair – am surprised you give a monkey’s, Monkey –

  67. On the Liar’s re-election

    As the burden of Labour bends mid England’s backs
    In the coming few weeks, there’ll be more crippling tax
    He promised he’d listen: once more he has lied
    But he, like Canute, will not stem the spring tide
    It’s time for B. Liar to leave Number Ten
    Hope we don’t have to hear lies once again
    His grin is as false as his reasons for war
    The Nation deserves what it’s just voted for.

    As for the older generation psimon, let me tell you; they’re as much pro- Boris as any in the country: his appeal is virtually universal.

  68. Now Blunkett’s back in the Labour fold (trans: they have no shame), shouldn’t Boris’s sins of the past be forgotten and the Great Man be promoted to the front bench?

    Or are we keeping our powder dry for a greater challenge?

  69. Boris for Leader, never mind the Front Bench.

    People *like* him. Despite the “bumbling oaf” persona (how much of this is quite deliberate I wonder ?) he’s obviously highly intelligent.

    Unlike Bliar, he doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not (hey I’m a man of the people – hahahaha) and he says and does what he thinks is right.

    Is there no place in modern politics for such a man ?

    I think the Tories are mental to have got rid of Boris in the first place.

    Let’s face it, the scouser chavs aren’t going to vote Tory unless you stick a gun under their nose (what a tempting idea !). And he was *RIGHT* about it.

    Liverpool’s cretinous emotional response to the doubtless unpleasant death of someone who once lived there was laughable.

  70. A quick hello from Libdemisan (aka The West Country.)Always good to see a swollen mandate. Congrats Boris, you must be doing something right. As we decamp for another four years in the wilderness (in our case the rather agreeable wilderness of the Lot Valley)Conservatives everywhere should reflect on the following.
    Economic meltdown is on the horizon. Tone will hand over in good time to let Gordon be obliterated by this inevitable oncoming train. A Tory landslide in 2009 is equally ineviable UNLESS THEY SCREW IT UP!. Boris, thankfully you have too much sense to want to become our leader. But please do your utmost to ensure the right person gets the job!! Melissa – we’re counting on you to daily remind our hero of this important task.

  71. Apologies that should have read Libdemistahn. (Those west of Exeter are hoping to be totally ignored by Westminter and consequently revert to a quieter, more simple life.) I have instructed them to carefully conceal their WMDs.

  72. Homer

    thanx for your strength of opinions!

    Hope we’ll be hearing from you when you decamp to your remote Lot Valley bolt hole

  73. No worries. Will keep you posted. Having taken on supplies of Baked Beans and Marmite our convoy is about to embark at Plymouth.

  74. Please, please, please, Boris for Tory leader! You’re the only person in the Tory party with universal appeal, everyone regards you with affection. Imagine the upsurge of Tory voters among the you with you at the helm! Come on Boris, I can think of nobody better to counter the sinister consipiracy of Nu-Labour.

  75. Kinnock: Mandelson and company
    All received rewards for being duff.
    Failures in the Government arena
    Not one was worth a single pinch of snuff.
    Now another one who failed has joined the circus:
    Another error: David Blunkett is his name.
    The Labour Party’s just like snakes and ladders
    You cock up ; you get rewarded ; just the same.

  76. Interesting game isn’t it Macarnie. Let’s hope this is their end game. We should be on for winning next time: there is only so much baloney the public can take.

  77. whilst we should declare our opinions given this fantastic opportunity to do so, and I’m sure Boris appreciates our support – who wouldn’t, I think one of us should ask him what he wants. He may not want to be leader and all that goes with it.

    What do YOU want Boris?

  78. wooooooooooooooooo
    go Boris we love you and i would like to back up Tom Fitz Hugh’s call for you to become leader you know that you want. please Boris run you would easily win and then you could bring back a conservative government!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Boris Johnson increases majority

    I was really pleased to see that Boris Johnson increased his parliamentary majority in last week’s General Election. It indicates that after his time away from the limelight Boris has been given a mandate to continue representing Henley and the Conserv…

  80. Well done Boris. You know, you’re probably the only conservative MP I like. You should definitly run for leader of your party.

  81. Mellissa & Monkey – I’ve been thinking about Boris’s top knot and what to do with it. I thought how about a cut along the lines of the lead singer from a Flock Of Seagulls!! I think it may well suit him.

  82. Strangely similar to Boris aren’t they? Perhaps Stanley is more of a stud than he first appears.
    But Boris deffo needs to get his hedge sorted out. Nobody will take him seriously looking like some stoner student whose just got out of bed.

  83. ‘like some stoner student whose just got out of bed.’

    But Monkey it worked for Sean Penn in Fast Times At Ridgemont High – why should it not work for the Boz Man. Surfs up….

  84. exactly – It obviously works for Flock of Seagull

    Each one to his own style – some sleeker than others

    so there Monkey! bet you’ll be scrutinising the Question Time programme with interest

  85. Boris could introduce to the house a neat hair bill. The bill would be cut and dried at the revison stage, and set when the house splits to vote on the subject.

  86. Nick; I like the way you styled the subject matter: I thought you had almost blown it at the parting , but your expert dressing saved the day.

  87. Dear Boris, your election predictions were so accurate you should perhaps include a horridscope on this site. Tony Blair for example is Taurus the bull.

    ‘nough said!

    love and kisses,

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