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  1. I’ll definately be watching because there are some Campaign for an English Parliament members in the audience. Let’s hope they manage to get a question in so we can watch certain politicians squirm in embarrassment at the mention of the word ‘England’.

  2. Thanks Melissa, I’ll set the vid. Sadly I missed HIGNFY with Boz Cat – anyone got a copy?

  3. What a funny book you sent us Jaq – you’re great!

    On the video you asked for – will see

  4. Boris gets first question, and immediately wows the audience! Boris for world leader!

  5. Watching this, and especially the audience’s reactions to Boris, it only compounds my faith that he – and only he – can lead the party into Government at the next general election.
    Boris for party leader, asap!

  6. Boris for PM, we want NL out in 2009/10!!!

    Why the hell did Howard sack Boris, never worked that one out.

    If Boris had been leader, would we have been stuck with another 4/5 years of the Tony party ?

  7. No, we certainly wouldn’t! I think this current whole line of questioning supports the view of myself and many others – BORIS FOR PM!

  8. Boris irrepressibly boisterous, on the ball, amusing (as ever), interesting points on English constituencies, lovely watching Horrorette Hardphlegm squirm! Watching Boris roll his eyes as the Horror tried to justify banning “hoodies” was a delight.

    I haven’t enjoyed QT so much in ages! And the audience response to “Should Boris be party leader”? Applause and cheers across the board! Get him to put his, er, toe rag(?) in, Melissa!

  9. Looking at his body language i think its a definite possibility and he didnt quite give a definite answer did he ?

  10. As long as he stays as our MP here in Henley…no pushing off to some other seat!


  11. I thought it particularly appalling that when Dimbleby asked the opinion of the representative from the “party of individual liberty”, he actually meant the Lib Dems. Boris, please become leader and restore the classical liberal core inherent to true conservatism.

  12. Zain:
    I think that even the Dimbleby Dynasty has a sense of irony , or even the ridiculous. There seemed to be a distict tongue in cheek when he asked the question. It was noticeable, I thought, that whenever a ticklish question was asked, Boris was saved until last

  13. Letter to Harriot Harman

    Last night, Harriet Harman appeared on Question Time, where electoral reform got a good airing. Boris was on top form, though his idea of ‘electoral reform’ amounted to pushing the boundaries around a bit, thereby completely missing one of the…

  14. Fun show

    I thought the young crowd asked some good, articulate questions.

    That orange tie … distracted any attention away from celebrated mop ~ but aw ~ no way could that apparel be one of party leader. At least he was the favourite, and favoured, of the night.

  15. I am sorry to disagree with the sentiments generally expressed here but both Mrs Esbonio and I both felt Boris’s performance left a quite abit to be desired. I recognise that Boris’s performances are often amusing but feel they sometimes detract from the substance.

  16. I think he answered the serious questions seriously and injected some humour in as well , it was the chap from ‘the observer’ who was egging on the hilarity. I dont see why politicians are expected to be dour faced all the time.

  17. Watched QT last night and thought that Boris gave Ms Harman a good seeing to – she did not seem to enjoy it.

    The hair was on a good messy form. And I’m sure I saw a few eyes peep out of the classic mop at some point in the proceddings.

    And it would seem that the rest of the panel played follow the Boz Man as they gave labour a good grilling – we should hand them over to some Ozzies – their very good at grilling: don’t you know.

  18. I thought Boris put in a good performance, and showed great self awareness when asked about his intention to stand for leader. It just made me want him to do it more!

    Harriet ‘what anomalies’ Harman looked simply out of her depth. The ‘What Anomalies’ made my jaw hit the floor.

    I disagree with Boris’ fix about ‘English MPs on English Matters’ argument, though this is better than the current position. If this question is to be addressed it should be addressed properly.

    Similarly with electoral reform, the issue is much more fundamental than pushing the boundaries around a bit, that just pushes problems back for a few more years. We need a new voting system, for example, Single Transferable Vote – this maintains constituency links whilst allowing voters to vote their conscience without letting ‘them’ in unintentionally. If one prefers party A or B, but NEVER C, then under the current system one must choose A or B and split the vote. However under STV one could express a preference for A first, B second (then stop) or vice versa.

  19. I love Boris but it has got out of hand now as last nights Boris Johnson show proved.
    It only needed the smallest suggestion of Boris’s existence for the audience to break into howls and fits of laughter, poor Boris barely got a word inbetween the audience joviality and the eager face of the “should Boris be the next leader” question certainly would have scared the crap out of me if I were Boz.
    Scary, scary stuff.

  20. I feel we need a true leader, and Boris is the only man who can provide this.

    I also feel hes the only one whith the guts to change the sorry state of our country.

  21. At the risk of becoming even more unpopular than I already am in certain quarters, may I say that the difference between Boris’s oratorial abilities and his literary skills is , certainly on last night’s performance , vast. He is without doubt a man of substance , but I fear that sometimes , in his eagerness to get a point across, his thought processes outstrip the speed of his ability to articulate his, no doubt very valid, thoughts.

  22. Murk is right, Boris was a huge disappointment on the English Question. English votes on English laws indeed!

    Given that depressing scenario England would still be run by a Labour executive that won a UK majority even if the Tories won England on seats and votes.

    Why should England do without its own government?

  23. I’m not so much for an English Parliament, personally. I favour the reversal of devolution, and relaunching a great Imperialist agenda once more. 😉

  24. Boris, I was in the audience on QT last week. I can tell you quite categorically that the people I spoke to, both before and after, were delighted that you were on the panel. Comments included, “He’s one of the best panelists, because he always listens to the questions and doesn’t skirt round the issues, whether you agree with him or not.”
    There was a Labour “plant” in audience, who was pushing herself forward, even before filming began. The “lady in red” was a Yes campaigner for the NE Regional Assemblies, an opera singer, who was passed over for a seat at Bishop Aukland.
    Pity the panel are so afraid to say the words, “English Parliament.”
    And Harriet “What anomolies?” Harman showed us just why the Scottish PM chose her for that job.
    At one time, an English traitor would be executed. New Labour promotes them.
    England has been reduced to “Cash Cow” for the Scottish Raj to service their feifdoms.
    Stick up for England, Boris. You’re halfway there.

  25. Time has come for Tories to make England their electoral issue. I belive there is a golden mine for them. They’re ALREADY having the majority of votes in England. Come on Boris! Say ‘English Parliament” loud and your voice will be heard! We all suport you!

  26. Boris Johnson: eager beaver; couldn’t wait to have his say.
    Haystack hair and orange tie: why does he always dress this way?
    Prissy Harman: Blairite minion; cannot see the wood for trees.
    Boris seething; vivid pictures; memories are made of these.
    Came at last, that fateful question: would he stand for leader now?
    Boris blustered; babbled; bumbled: his words lost in the audience row

    If he stands, (as stand he must), and by chance should win the poll
    And should he then take up the challenge; Saville Row must be his goal.
    Trouble is, should all this happen; he would lose that certain charm
    For nubile maids and blue rinse matrons, his attraction he would harm.
    Neither Telegraph; nor Spectator; no more amusing paragraphs:
    He should think both hard and long, before depriving us of laughs.

  27. We want to see you as tory leader, your conservatives last hope for a better Britain. It’s your classic Super Hero – Super Villian story, Tony Blair being the scheming, lieing, red lightsaber wielding bad guy and boris the unknown hero who can save Britain from the clutches of the darkside. Boris get your blue lightsaber, take your vitamens and purge the evil from this country.

    Nick M

  28. The audience on QT were correct about England needing its own Parliament, but top marks to Boris for at least addressing the issue. The only one on the panel who understood the situation.
    Oh dear, is the catch phrase, “Crisis, what crisis?” now replaced with the splendid “What anomolies?”
    Tell about dumb. I howled with laughter and shouted at the screen with anger all that same time.
    What an asset for the Scottish Prime Minister. A co-operative English minister, happy to sell her country down the river to advance her political career.

  29. What a truly excellent site! ive been a true fan of Boris for many years but never thought to look for a website about him! smashing performance on QT and im certanly in favour of him becoming the next leader, Go on Mr Johnson make us Proud!

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