Blog is the top word looked up in US dictionary

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The term “blog” has been chosen as the top word of 2004 by a US dictionary publisher.

Merriam-Webster said “blog” was the word that people have asked to be defined or explained most often over the last 12 months.

A spokesman for the Oxford University Press said that the word was now being put into other dictionaries for children and learners, reflecting its mainstream use.

“I think it was the word of last year rather than this year,” he said.

“Now we’re getting words that derive from it such as ‘blogosphere’ and so on,” he said.

“But,” he added, “it’s a pretty recent thing and in the way that this happens these days it’s got established very quickly.”

Read the full piece on BBC News.

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  1. Lets hope the British blogsphere can produce a moment in 2005 to rival the Dan Rather affair in the USA. I’m up for it, are you?

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