Thatcher spotted

I was giving tea to some constituents from Chinnor in the Pugin Room and doing my best to show off about the famous people sitting around in the leather armchairs.

“And there,” I said, “is George Foulkes, the former Labour Minister for Overseas Development!” My friends nodded with due reverence to George.

But as we were wolfing our eclairs I noticed that I seemed to have lost their attention and out of the corner of my eye I saw something in powder blue, and I looked up and there she was again! It was Baroness Thatcher, looking just as transcendentally dynamic as when Melissa and le tout in Portcullis House spotted her last week having coffee.

“Did you organise that especially for us” said my awstruck friends, and I did not deny it.

13 thoughts on “Thatcher spotted”

  1. I still recall being introduced to the leaderene and then prime minister at i think a white ball in the 1980s. what a proud moment it was. boris was probably still studying for his mods at the time. it was a good evening with lots of dancing. i seem to remember cecil in particular on the dance floor. oh what a night, late november back in ’86)(?).

  2. I suppose Boris has got to keep his readers entertained, so at least he’s posting. However, that came across like a camp version of Alan Clarke.

  3. Thank you, Bozza, for these timely updates on the whereabouts of the vile old bat. I live in morbid fear of bumping in to her, and by tuning in to your jolly little log, I can now plan my movements with no fear of an unwelcome meeting.

  4. Perhaps she’s doing the rounds in the hope of attracting attention AWAY from her son?

    But seriously, great to know she’s still out and about! Let’s hope there’s some more sightings of her soon!

  5. On 12 November I was fleeting down the stairs from cross-corridor and nearly crashed into her as she suddenly emerged from the side entrance of the Barry Room.

    I was stunned but she didn’t take any notice!

  6. We American Conservatives love Margaret Thatcher. No lesser verb suffices. So glad she is up and about. She looked a little frail at Reagan’s funeral.

    No one ever looked better poking out of a tank turret. Far more fetching in her white get-up than even Patton or Guderian at their photogenic best.

  7. I live in hope of meeting Baroness Thatcher one day…the last Great Briton (well, except for Boris, maybe).

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