Photos of Boris Johnson in Israel

As promised, here are some pictures of Boris in Israel.

Boris and George Osborne MP with Israeli soldiers

Boris with Israeli Finance Minister and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Mark Francois MP.

14 thoughts on “Photos of Boris Johnson in Israel”

  1. What exactly is Boris trying to indicate to the photographer? (Answers on the back of a postcard)

  2. Is there any truth in the spurious allegations made by a number of lower-marker newspapers that Mr Johnson is likely to retire from front bench politics? We hope not.

  3. You know with all these photos someone should cerate a montage and place as a thumb nail in the side bar of the blog. Then we can all play Where’s Boris, just like some kids who like playing Where’s Wally

  4. Thanks for posting them, Melissa (by the way, photoshop is well worth getting – it’s great)

    I think Boris quite clearly has the best tie out of the three in the second picture. A very important observation, even if I do say so myself.

  5. Is it just me or is the chap in the middle incredibly small? Either that or our friend Boris is freakishly outsized. Say it isn’t so!

  6. Everyone in Israel does national service regardless of gender.

    This results in a) hoardes of young ladies in army uniform whipped into shape by merciless drill sergeants, and b) plenty of photo ops for visiting British parliamentarians.

  7. Nutty has just reminded me of the episode of Father Ted where he is trying to explain to Dougal the concept of perspective. Not that I’m suggesting for a moment that Nutty isn’t very smart; I’m just happy to think of Father Ted episodes at any available opportunity.

    “No Dougal. This one is small. THAT one is far away. Small. Far away. Small. Far away.”

    I hope I don’t owe Channel 4 any royalties for that =(

    Top photos by the way! And yes, good planning on meeting the lovely ladies in uniform, well done!

  8. Yes, GIMP is definitely worth getting. Photoshop ain’t cheap, and open source software is the future! (Speaking of which… Firefox 1.0 has been released – get the best browser in the world free at

  9. Absolutely, Amy. Over two million downloads already. Get it here:

    Here’s why:

    The Open Source philosophy is good, as you say. But there’s a lot of good software out there, open or closed source, that doesn’t break the bank. I’m running Win XP on this box and using:


    Pegasus Mail:

    AVG 7 Antivirus:

    (Have to configure the mail scanning by hand: )

    And Zonealarm Firewall (4.5.594: the newer versions are a bit flaky.)

    I’m more secure that with IE/OE – and the built-in IC Firewall (which, unlike ZA, has no *outbound* control). And everything runs smoothly – and fast. I must have paid vast sums to Symantec for Norton AV products over the years – they slow the machine to a crawl.

  10. I think it was deeply unfair that you were sacked from the front bench over gossip for your private life.

    But shaking hands with that Arab-killing headbanger Netanyahu chould be made a criminal offence. What on earth possessed you to be associated with a thug like him? Even the most die-hard Zionists hate him!

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