Boris, Wayne and Melissa


There have been a few requests for more photos, so here is a very exciting picture of myself, Melissa, and Wayne (who is our Local Constituency Agent for the South Oxfordshire Conservative Association).

I’ll try to post some photos from Israel tomorrow morning if you’re agreeable.

12 thoughts on “Boris, Wayne and Melissa”

  1. It’s all very well travelling around the middle east bringing peace to a troubled region on the one hand, and then posting provocative pictures of Melissa on the other. There is uproar in this part of NE Hants.

  2. Oh, and Boris, I read over the last couple of days that you’re thinking of leaving the Conservative front bench over fears that you’re “spreading yourself too thinly”.

    Any truth in this at all?

  3. Cool. Nice to finally put a face to the person behind this website. Just one thing that needs fixing Melissa: When you enter a comment, and click “preview” then you can see all the previous commentors’ email addresses. Otherwise these are hidden. Would it be possible to not display them (just in case some spammer decides to harvest them from your site)? [Ed: So right Count – hadn’t realised and am asking our tech expert to try and remove this loophole asap – now done I am assured]

  4. Careful, Melissa might just get her own fanclub! [Ed: this mustn’t be allowed to enter my head in any shape or form – watch it Scaryduck! much appreciate the kind thoughts – you bloggers are all my new-found friends and so giggle to myself with some of the comments!]

  5. Maybe now is the moment to kickstart a campaign for greater recognition/higher pay for parliamentary private secretaries – commensurate, of course, with new responsibilities undertaken for communicating with the e-masses.

  6. Melissa – you are beautiful.

    However, it looks like Boris may be trying to take Wayne’s temperature…

    Boris: ” Brace yourself… ”

    Wayne: ” Hrrmmpphh! ”

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