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English Food – enjoy with gusto!

Tom brings us the delights of the best of English food in an entertaining and tempting new book:  Full English: A Journey through the British and their Food by Tom Parker Bowles.  His chapter on London food is fabulous.

A richly enjoyable defence of the world’s most unfairly derided cuisine
– Christopher Hirst, The Independent

Boris admirer and food travel writer Tom Parker Bowles, delighted his audience recently at the Windsor Literary Festival with his lively, down to earth introduction to his new book.  Full English published this year by Ebury Press, is not just a list of recipes;  it is a descriptive tour of England from West Country cider brewers to Yorkshire tripe dressers sampling all the while the very best of real English food  먹튀 :  Bury black pudding, home-cured Wiltshire bacon and the planet’s finest cheddar.  As well as recipes for the traditional Apple and Rhubarb Crumble and Lancashire Hotpot you will find Battered Tripe and Eel Pie.  His chapter on London describes the Capital as a “great ethnic and cultural stew, that has been cosmopolitan ever since the Romans decided to set up shop”.   Tom is pioneering in his quest is to delve beneath the surface to unearth the real story behind our eating habits and what the food of today says about us:  organic heaven or mass-produced hell?  His favourite recipes are listed to follow at The-tea-set:  potted shrimps and devilled kidneys.

I recommend the book to any lover of all things British.  As Tom himself says:  ” Good English food is undoubtedly criminally underrated, not least because so few visitors have actually eaten it.”

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