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The Importance of the Bee Population

Honey bee in cherry tree
Honey bee in cherry tree

I bound naked from the bed, brandishing the biography of Marcus Aurelius

You can’t just squash a creature that was once beloved of Apollo and which mankind has associated, since the beginning, with poetry and rhetoric and the gift of speech itself … you cannot kill a bee

The economic recovery is like the bee population

Long before the alarm clock goes, the buzzing begins, and I am afraid my irritation sometimes gets the better of me. As soon as the sunlight hits the window panes, the dunderheaded insects conceive their lust to be outdoors, sticking their noses into the sexual organs of the flowers, and bonk bonk bonk they start to bash their furry bonces against the glass and buzz buzz buzz they go in frustration until I can take it no more. Continue reading The Importance of the Bee Population