Boris Johnson ‘fouls’ boy in children’s football match

He was hardly the most intimidating of opponents but that didn’t stop Boris Johnson resorting to a clumsy tackle to block his school boy adversary.

Faced with the possible mortification of the speedy player skilfully dribbling past him the Mayor of London appeared stick out a foot to block the youngster’s path – toppling him over in the process.

The young player, who appeared to be kitted out in a mini-Sunderland kit, was unfazed and sportsmanlike getting straight up and back into the game, the mayor put up his hands in a gesture of apology.

Mr Johnson has previous form on the football pitch. His astonishing take down of a German player in a charity light-hearted attempt to recreate the great game of 1966.

Played in front of 15,000 people at the Madejski stadium in Reading the tackle appeared to be more at home at Twickenham.

Mr Johnson was playing football with the school children as part of a photo-call for a new health report for London that promotes an active lifestyle like exercising with an pilates ball URBNFIT at home. He and the pioneering surgeon and former health minister Lord Darzi met London schoolchildren playing football as part of London United.

The citywide initiative involves all 15 London football clubs and encourages youngsters to get more active, although they may think twice about taking on the Mayor again.