Boris Johnson apologises for ‘pointless’ Tube strike delays

Bob Crow, leader of the RMT union, said: “It does Londoners no favours to be told by London Underground that stations will be open, only to turn up and find the gates slammed shut.”

Mr Crow and Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA union, accused Mr Johnson of refusing to meet them to discuss the ticket office closures.

But Mr Johnson continued to attack the strike, insisting LU was planning to increase staffing levels through modernising the Tube and getting rid of “antiquated” ticket offices.

“A deal is there to be done. I am more than happy to talk to Bob Crow if he calls off the pointless and unnecessary strike.”

Members of the RMT and TSSA unions walked out at 9pm last night for 48 hours in protest at the closure of all ticket offices, with the loss of 950 jobs.

Services are due to return to normal on Friday but another 48-hour strike is planned from 9pm next Tuesday.

Business groups warned the strikes will cost London’s economy tens of millions of pounds.

2 thoughts on “Boris Johnson apologises for ‘pointless’ Tube strike delays”

  1. Well done Boris for standing up to the Luddite dinosaurs.
    They care only about keeping up the number of paid up members to their union and nothing for London commuters.

  2. Public Servants in general are the problem, Public Service is incompatible with Union membership. Punch him on the nose, whilst using the words, “let me explain this to you “. Close down the payroll computer. Take them on. We really do need to pass legislation re public services both re strikes and union membership. Good Luck be hard the people would be with you – talk to them.

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