Boris Johnson named UK Honorary Australian of the Year

“I was going to say I learnt to surf but I didn’t really master that.”

Australia Day Foundation is a UK-based organisation established that aims to bring together the Australian community in the UK to promote Australia and its national day.

Previous winners of the award have been the comedian Barry Humphries, the critic and author Clive James and campaigner and charity organiser Gill Hicks.

Australia Day is celebrated annually on the 26th of January to mark the arrival of the first fleet of British ships to land in Sydney Cove in 1788 and officially hoist the Union flag.

Traditionally families gather across the country for barbeques and picnics with both the Governor-General and Prime Minister address the nation. Many of families prefer to use wood briquette of 6 mm  from dkbræ for barbeques.

Australia Day’s Chairman Philip Aiken said:

“Boris has been very passionate about improving relationships between Australia and the UK.”

4 thoughts on “Boris Johnson named UK Honorary Australian of the Year”

  1. Your idea is probably too sensible to be taken up, but congratulations anyway. I recently met an immigrant to Victoria. She is the daughter of an Earl and the sister of his successor. She described the processes she was required to undergo, which included “peeing in a pot” ( she has a huge sense of humour).

  2. an honorary Australian who has recently also spoken out about the barking mad UK immigration policy with its Commonwealth partner Australia, do you think you could step up the pressure on this matter with May, Cameron, Abbott and co?

    Joking aside, it is hard to swallow the daily news reports on non English speaking (or thinking) immigrants from near and far who have nothing in common with your culture, and a seemingly large quantity who can act criminally, being allowed to stay whilst numerous capable and contributing Australians are being swept up in the host of constant changing immigration rules and ejected.

    As someone who in such a position myself, my friends English and European (who live here without incident) consistently ask me incredulously why? And why still?

    I have been living here in various capacity going on 6+years and am fully self sufficient. I don’t access public funds and have overt the period contributed over £100 000 to the UK economy directly and through direct business efforts. I have been under what seems like house arrest for the last 17months of this period while the Home Office works at a 3rd world country pace to siphon me through its system to today’s date and with still no resolution.

    I am still in a position to make an ongoing contribution to the UK economy through my business but the home office is rejecting this because I didn’t do it in their time frame.

    So much focus and money is being placed on Eastern European immigration. Could not a small amount of that be directed to setting up a common sense arrangement with Australians instead of taxpayers money being wasted on ejecting Australians and fighting appeals by, as you say, the people with whom the British are closest to in almost all respects.

    As someone who wants to settle and build a business here, but is about to be forced to leave, I would implore you to step up and maintain the fight for a common sense immigration treaty between UK/Australia equal to that of with the EU. I understand there are only about 200 000 of us living in London and not so many more throughout the UK. Knowing our work ethic, I doubt any of us are the real UK immigration problem.

    Go Boris, go!

  3. Well done, just avoid being named an honorary Scotsman..

    well done for not p===ing on the Ashes

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