Boris tells opponent to ‘get stuffed’

The Mayor made the comment whilst being questioned by Labour Assembly leader Andrew Dismore over planned reductions to fire fighting services.

“How can cutting fire stations, cutting fire engines and cutting firefighters post not be a reduction in fire cover?” Mr Dismore asked.

“You’ve lied to the people of London,” he added.

To which Mayor Boris Johnson replied: “get stuffed.”

The Mayor was asked to withdraw the remark and apologised saying “it just popped out”.

2 thoughts on “Boris tells opponent to ‘get stuffed’”

  1. Why are you insistent on making many hundreds of families lives a misery in not listening to the people of this country when they are saying no to the firefighter cuts?

    You have disappointed so many people who relied on you to make things better and you are just making things worse in the long run, everybody can see it apart from you.

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