Boris Johnson and Will Smith talk Aristotle

Boris Johnson introduced Will Smith and his son Jaden to screams of enthusiasm from those attending the event at City Hall to promote Mr Johnson’s Leadership Clubs.

Audience members asked Mr Smith who had inspired him. The Hollywood actor deftly sidestepped the question by asking who the Mayor’s inspirational figures where.

Boris Johnson cited Aristotle.

“That’s funny, Aristotle is one of mine,” said Will Smith, and went on to say that Aristotle’s Poetics had inspired many filmmakers.

“You see, we got a lot in common,” he said.

One thought on “Boris Johnson and Will Smith talk Aristotle”

  1. That young Harry Stottle grew up to be Sir Michael Caine, not many people know that, they ‘ad a terrible fight wiv that Archie Meades lot in Wapping, now that Ronnie Kray was a leader, proper gentleman…He would have loved to marry that Liberace.

    Perhaps these young chaps might acquire the discipline to be useful hoplites before aspiring to be celebs and invading either Persia or Poland?

    Having sensible objectives is a priori more important imho

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