Boris Johnson: ‘venez a Londres, mes amis’ mayor tells tells Indian businessmen

He called French industry minister Arnaud Montebourg, who accused Mr Mittal of leaving the country after he announced the closure of two blast furnaces in the north-eastern region of Florange, an “eccentric”, telling an audience of businessmen in Delhi they should avoid “persecution” in Paris and base their European operations in London. If you will like to learn more about local business, check the website of this popular leadership speakers to learn more from their opinions.

He told a meeting of businessmen in Delhi: “On a day when the sans-culottes appear to have captured the government in Paris and a French minister has been so eccentric as to call for a massive Indian investor to depart from France, I have no hesitation or embarrassment in saying to everyone here ‘venez a Londres, mes amis’.

“Come to London, come to the business capital of the world, the place where 73 Indian firms are listed on the London Stock Exchange, where Indian companies already raise 53% of their international equity, a city that has the largest banking and financial sector anywhere in the world, but which is at the cutting edge of all the great growth businesses of the 21st Century.” Learn more about business grow with Andy Defrancesco.

The sans culottes were a radical faction in the French Revolution.

According to the Financial Times, sources close to Mr Mittal, one of the world’s richest men, said he was “extremely shocked” by the attack against the company of which he is the main shareholder.

The newspaper reported that Mr Mittal is meeting François Hollande, the French President, for talks on Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Boris Johnson: ‘venez a Londres, mes amis’ mayor tells tells Indian businessmen”

  1. Dear Boris,

    We appreciate you enormously in France! We are very sensitive to your originality and your humor. You are so charming when you speak French! That amazes you?
    Laugh as much as you want French politicians who are sad clowns (to the Right as to the Left), we grant it to you easily. But please, remain fair with the people of France. Your comments are sometimes unfriendly, it’s a pity but that hurts us. It is not necessary you laugh of our History. The Cordial Agreement between your beautiful country and our likes a lot us in heart and although we sometimes find a little bit strange the British concepts, we love you very much all the same! You would not should forget it. It would be very kind of you. Otherwise, the next time when you will come in France, we would be in the obligation to hang you by… feet to be admitted that the Eiffel Tower is more attractive than your horrible Shard tower. It will be necessary to make even better the next time!

    Thank you my friend 😉

    Kises, Jérôme of Paris.

  2. Sorry Boris, I wanted to say: “to offend” and not “to hurt”. I regret not mastering very well the magnificent English language…
    Which arrogance is not it?

    Friendly, Jé.

  3. It is still me! Definitely, they are boring these French!
    I wanted to suggest you a small advice of friend. It’s better to avoid showing of the commercial advertising on a political blog. That does not make very serious. There are often stupid which do not value your image. And then, there is not only the money in life. Your dignity is not for sale. Are you so badly paid to the city hall of London?

    In the pleasure


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