London 2012 Olympics: ‘We’ve got better restaurants than Paris and less rain than Rome’, says Boris Johnson

The Mayor of London described London’s triumphs and advantages in a speech outlining further details of the Olympic torch relay in London, which comes to the capital on July 20.

“I do hope that you will fan out around London and you will discover a city that has twice as many bookshops as New York, more Michelin starred restaurants than Paris and it rains more in Rome.

“I hope you will see what our great city has to offer,” Mr Johnson said.

It was revealed that the torch will abseil down the Tower of London and that the mother of Stephen Lawrence, Doreen, and Olympian Daley Thompson will be torchbearers during its tour of London.

6 thoughts on “London 2012 Olympics: ‘We’ve got better restaurants than Paris and less rain than Rome’, says Boris Johnson”

  1. Is there no Garfunkel’s in Paris?

    I hope the uk does well in the “throwing the overbearing Olympic nomenclatura in the duckpond” event .

  2. The supply of London to the Olympic sponsors, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and the others is but a warm-up! Coming next; complete and final submission to the EU.

    (And I thought it was the UK…)

  3. Went to London in 2006. At that time the restaurants in London already better than many in Paris. For example, the Chinese, the Persian, and the Indian, and the Greek Restaurants in London were much better than those similar in Paris. Keep up the great taste, London.

  4. Ed,

    Submission to the EU? Isn’t as if the EU has any effect on life in England now is it (cough cough can u smell the sarcasm in the room?)

    I think i heard a little birdie say that Cameron is thinking about giving us a referendum ….. is satan skating to work already? 🙂

  5. The Olympic torch heralds the start of merciless Olympic torture. Sir Bradley Wiggins should retire now, to avoid being run over in an Olympic self-important- twerp’s traffic lane.

  6. in a private communication Zeus tells me this so-called “London Olympic Committee” are just a bunch of washed up greedy wannabe Titans and fourth-rate retired Centaurs operating without permission from the real Olympians. Unless they start treating the people of Albion with respect I shall be forced to invoke a large boil on young Sebastian’s bottom that will be my “trade mark”

    nigel pp Zeus

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