Boris Johnson gives Sir Mick Jagger satisfaction

When news was leaked to The Sun earlier this year that Sir Mick Jagger was due to meet David Cameron at the World Economic Forum at Davos, the Rolling Stones singer was so angry that he cancelled the rendezvous.

Sir Mick, whose hits include (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, retains his affection for Boris Johnson, though. “I got an email message from Sir Mick Jagger congratulating me on winning the mayoral race,” says Johnson. “It is not impossible that I could pay him back and offer to dance with him on stage.”

Tyrone Wood recently had to take down a photograph of a naked woman and a swan from the wall of his Mayfair art gallery after a police officer complained that it appeared to “condone bestiality”. Now, the son of the guitarist Ronnie Wood is considering emigrating.

“I might move to L A,” he tells Mandrake. “I love it in London, but the art scene in L A is moving forward in a lot of ways and I think I could really help to make a difference to it.”

One thought on “Boris Johnson gives Sir Mick Jagger satisfaction”

  1. yet more evidence that our police have lost the plot. Is bestiality a major issue in London? but I suppose the police horses are quite good looking and need to be protected… and its safer making a nuisance of oneself in a Mayfair art gallery than dealing with crack dealers.

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