Boris Johnson: Abu Qatada surveillance requires 60 police officers a day

The extremist preacher was freed from Long Lartin top security jail on Monday evening but will be banned from holding lengthy conversations with anyone beyond his family and will not be allowed to leave his home for 22 hours a day — including going into his garden. He is prohibited from using a mobile phone, computer or the internet.

The European Court of Human Rights blocked Britain from deporting the 51-year-old Islamist cleric to Jordan after ruling that he might not receive a fair trial.

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, highlighted the strain on police resources as a result of the release of Abu Qatada.

“It’s frustrating to see 60 officers a day being dedicated to round the clock surveillance of Abu Qatada when we all want them out on the streets,” Mr Johnson said.

“The sooner we get Abu Qatada to Jordan where he is due for trial, the better,” he added.