9 thoughts on “Back Boris for Mayor 2012”

  1. I’m backing Boz for Mayor. Okay, so I don’t live in London, but many who work in my town do, so I shall be wearing my Boris sweatshirt.

    Turn again, Boris, once Lord Mayor of London
    Turn again, Boris, twice Lord Mayor of London
    Turn again, Boris, three time Lord Mayor of London!

    Go, Boz!

  2. Many feel that Boris Johnson has been a weather-cock of a mayor, too spineless to be a firm sign-post. He “supports” cycling but does everything he can to appease the motorist.

  3. I’ve heard that in China people pay strangers to come to their house and wail over their dead loved one’s coffin to show their neighbours that their dead loved one was well loved when alive. But for Boris to pay someone to jump up and down and sing like a demented Michael Barrymore on his general election day, well he really takes the biscuit.

  4. Christian Wolmar, rail commentator, says of Johnson:

    I was at the opening of the exhibition at the London Transport Museum of the effects of the Blitz on Dresden, London and Coventry, and suddenly was slapped hard on the back. ‘Long time since I’ve seen you’ said the blond with the more controlled mop.

    You could not say that about his speech, however. His eyes were staring madly as he told how the Blitz had brought people together, created development opportunities and shown the government how important the Tube was to London. He almost made it out to be a cause of celebration, and you could see the German mayor wince, especially as Boris struggled over her title – obermeister – and tried to make a joke of it. ‘I was married to a German woman,’ said the chap next to me, ‘and they hate people making fun out of their language.’ ‘He’s either drunk or making a very good act that he is,’ said my other neighbour. Certainly it was an embarrassing performance and Boris seems increasingly to believe in his own persona. It is difficult to conceive why people in the Tory party talk of him as a serious contender to lead it.

  5. Why does Boris Johnson keep speaking up in favour of bankers’ bonuses? arth 2

    Its the economy, stupid!
    To attract financiers to London and pull the economy out of recession!

  6. The bankers get outrageous bonuses; the taxman claims 50%.
    If the bankers go to Singapore, or Geneva, or NYC, the taxman gets 50% of nothing.

  7. Come on Boris expose Livingstone for what he really is a drunken faded tax dodger whose corrupt practices when in power threatened the future of London. This election is not just for the mayoralty but the very being of London. If Livingstone is elected then London is finished. Seriously we will have no future at all and London from being one of the finest cities in the world will become the most miserable, expensive and crime-ridden presided over by an apology of a man who would put Nero to shame.

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