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  1. Hold your horses Boris. First ensure that you have all the necessary support to get through the selection hurdles. Second get your political ducks in a row as in, find your real political friends who will welcome you back and start building a team based in parliament. Third find some decent experienced hands on whom you can rely to deliver honestly, honourably and efficiently. Then you are away!

  2. If Boris is elected again as Mayor, I worry that he may become Mayor forever. This would be pleasant enough, I guess, but surely a waste of his potential. Keep moving onward and up!

  3. “Parliament” could mean the House of Commons … or the House of Lords. Now there’s a Tory-ish government in No. 10, do you think there’s a chance of a Life Peerage for Boris?

  4. Oh come on….
    No doubt about it!

    Boris needs to return to parliament and take charge!
    I along with a fair few others would love to see Boris as the new Tory party leader.

    I admit , as of late i have lost faith in the party after a few goings on. If Boris were to step up and take charge i would be back behind them 100%!

    I am a Tory, Boris is truly a Tory but i feel (as much as i like Dave) that he is showing signs of socialism (forgive me Dave fans).

    We need Boris to step up and take charge, to bring his knowledge and charisma into parliament.
    Take us out of recession that despite claims is over …
    Is not!
    Then to deliver us back into a self governing state and out of THE E.U!!!!

    Please Boris
    Please for Britons across the country help us and stand again as a member of parliament!

    May the force be with you!!!!

  5. I don’t think he would get a lot of support from the party as he would be too much of a threat for David Cameron.
    For all his buffoonery Boris is clever and well educated and has a way of getting folks on side and quelling objections.
    He has had a good spell as Mayor of London and i believe he should see the Olympic out and hen consider if he want to fight the next election in 2015.

  6. No. Boris can achieve something as Mayor of London. In Parliament, he could achieve much less and would always be vulnerable if he said ‘potaito’ when the Coalition said ‘potahto’.

  7. If you can manage to improve the environment by banning the blow leaf machines that we have to suffer from in Camden – and all the other anti-environmental policies we have to suffer in Camden, then I will vote for you.

  8. Can you imagine Boris managing to stay “on message”? What Parliament seems to demand now are smooth political clones. I don’t think any of that is in Boris’ D.N.A. He probably is doing more good outside than in!

  9. As a lifelong Conservative and as the current lot are Non Gradus Anus Rodentum your supporters need you!! Get back to the house and make this country great again!

  10. Yes but not yet. Another term of mayor first. He’s getting too much done for London at a really testing time to be allowed to go just yet. Come 2015, when the recession has passed and he’s seen the city through to the other side – then he can go back to parliament riding high.

  11. While the potential power lies in a return to parliament, London (esp up to triumphant Olympics) provides Boris with a natural platform – one that would not necesserily be equalled by either being a back-bencher or a non-cabinet minister. Ministerial jobs are anyway in short supply given coalition politics and those that there are will hardly be a bed of roses given the spending cuts to come – not much popularity to be gained there. Bottom line – better to stay in London demonstrating administrative efficiency (and electability) until the nasty part is over, returning to the front line at the next election.

  12. Back to the house Boris.
    Thanks for giving us London back; your mission in that respect has been accomplished. It would be two fingers to Ken too, giving up voluntarily that which he ever lusts after.

  13. But… I can’t see further than that… not that he can’t be more than that… but that I need to get a HD crystal ball to see further than that…

  14. I was worried that Boz was giving up a nice little earner even though he was a good MP. His enthusiasm and commitment to his new task impressed so many and his tenure in office as Mayor has been a success. I would like to see him stay as Mayor until the Conservative party falls on its face, as it may well do after these dreadful cuts, then assume the leadership.

    Going back into politics now might be better timing, I don’t know. All I know is that Boris should be leader of the Tory party. When he is he should be very careful of who he invites to serve with him.

  15. Of course, Mr Johnson can do a Prime Minister job as he has been doing his London Mayor job very well – full of practical ideas and enthusiasm.

    Because of his kind nature, he will need to choose his staff carefully. And because of his calamity nature, he will need to take 2 steps back before he makes another step forward. All constructive remarks, of course.

  16. When he was at the Telegraph and at the Spectator, Boris Johnson was probably the most cogent and realistic of Tory eurosceptics. It has bothered me for some time that whilst the majority of Tory voters are firmly eurosceptic, the cabinet have a lukewarm but nonetheless acquiescent relationship with the EU. A position along the lines of, ‘of course we need to be in the trading community, so just accept that we’ve got to have the loss of sovereignty as well.’
    Why is this?
    And could Boris be the first serious Tory figure since Margaret Thatcher to square up to the bosses of Brussels?
    I think Minister for the EU would be a splendid role!
    Davieboy said, ‘Thanks for giving us London back.’
    Maybe we could get Britain back, too?

  17. There is only one thing that die hard Boris fans want and that is Boris as our Prime Minister. Whatever route is the best way to achieve that objective is the road that Boris should take.

    It is abhorrent to see Nick Clegg, as Deputy Prime Minister and our present Prime Minister will, I hope, reflect, that you are judged by the company you keep. Cleggy hardly got any votes, a freak of fate catapulted him into the job, not the will of the people. I read in the Times that his dearest wish would be to become Foreign Secretary. If that were ever given to him, it would be a dark day for this country. Mr. Hague, please don’t quit, the consequences would be unbearable.

  18. If the London 2012 Olympics go well and Mr Johnson is riding high in the polls, then he should return to parliament in a by-election perhaps in a London seat. A return to parliament must be dependent on Mr Johnsons standing in the polls and perception by the public. If he simply returns as a popularist comedy figure for the ‘Mock the Week’ and ‘Have I Got News For You’ satirists then a return to parliament would be a failure in terms of his career as he would simply be a figure of ridicule. However, if Mr Johnson returns as a parliamentarian seasoned with experience as Mayor then a return would be the start of a journey to the upper echelons of power.

  19. I think Boris should not leave this stronghold. He is so talented to create opportunities for London to be used as a business hub and to develop special relationships between east and west!!

  20. Boris should surely move north of the river to have any influence? he could also move downstream to the junction with the River Lea. Then he would have confluence as well. and could take a suitably Olympian view

    Lies cannot skulk and hide in humour

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  22. …. How long do you think we have to turn around the public spending crisis, its a crisis because we and America make our national wages from servicing other peoples money, fight now we and America have nothing to service except ourselves and all that is doing is paying peter from pauls wages. At if nothing else Boris actually understands the job he has to do and we do not have a lot of time left to do it in. Once the CPI hits 4% or higher then watch China close the economic door on us and the others who need them to buy their goods.
    We have to turn it around and quick, if you can find somewhere warm and cheap to hunker down for a couple of years then do so but to let KL back in again you can turn those 2 years into a decade or longer, they (the other trading nations) are not taking prisoners or passengers with them this is a fight for survival. The figues in the right hand column of this link are correct, you do not need to understand the entire implications to know if we are not smart within the coming years then we lose some of our independence so hard fought for.This is not a partisan view just simple common sense, Boris can and will help bring us back from the dead, financially that is.




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