The Prime Minister’s Behaviour

With apologies to Tennessee Ernie Ford, let’s have another little song thanks to Dungeekin[youtube][/youtube]

New Labour’s legacy is money and blood,
Under them this country has been dragged through the mud,
The damage began with Grinning Tone,
Now the PM’s weak and it’s all gone wrong,

Now with Gordon Brown, what do you get
Rage and spin and a country in debt
It’s time for an Election and for Gordon to go,
This country just can’t take any more,

Well, we’ve all seen Gordon bluster, bully and whine,
We all have questions ’bout the state of his mind
It is clear his temper’s getting out of control,
He’s a laughing stock for the world as a whole,

Now with Gordon Brown, what do you get
Rage and spin and a country in debt
It’s time for an Election and for Gordon to go,
This country just can’t take any more,

How he’s stayed in office is hard to explain,
He’s not been a PM worthy of the name,
With tantrums and mudslinging and smearing and lyin’,
Thanks to him this country’s in a steep decline,

Now with Gordon Brown, what do you get
Rage and spin and a country in debt
It’s time for an Election and for Gordon to go,
This country just can’t take any more,

If you see him comin’, better step aside,
If you don’t want a Nokia between the eyes,
He’s Whelan in his corner and Balls at his heel,
And both the Right don’t like him,
And the Left less still,

Now with Gordon Brown, what do you get
Rage and spin and a country in debt
It’s time for an Election and for Gordon to go,
This country just can’t take any more,

20 thoughts on “The Prime Minister’s Behaviour”

  1. May I have a go first this time please? if yous don’t mind, as I suffer from incontinent, I’m getting old. Well my political comment is: Gordon Brown has been LONG well-known for his bad moods and anger outbursts towards people around him, also for his petty enemy-blanking.

    This is not new news as as summer it was reported in the papers that Number 10 has had to buy more cell phones and laptops to replace the ones thrown at staff by Gordon Brown. Some people call him Naomi after Naomi Campbell. So at No 10 they have Mandy and Naomi.

    It’s dangerous to have an unstable man in charge of a country, any country.

  2. Hi Edith

    You’re absolutely right – there have been comments on Brown’s self-control and, by association, his fitness for office, for a long time.

    I think what makes it different this time is that the whole of the media has hold of it – and on top of that, the primary allegations (despite the spin attempts) have come this time from a Labour insider.

    Bottom line is, you’re absolutely right. A man with these issues, and with this instability, shouldn’t be in such a position of power.



  3. Please do us a favor,
    thou scapegoat of labour,
    tell us how thee can reign,
    whilst one strains to contain,
    ones own behavior?

    Thou art but a victim of ridicule,
    nout but a mule in the stable,
    you are not capable of ruling
    thou art unwilling, unable,
    A man who doth lunch at the breakfast table,
    you work like a computer,
    without any cables,
    Pray why do you squat within number 10,
    i still cant believe you are really P.M,

    should thou intend to run in the coming elections,
    mental health shall proceed with an order to section,
    What ideas to you have to relieve us of debt,
    I fear you may place the budget…
    on a strike it lucky bet,
    No mr brown for you there is no hope,
    your ideas are strange,
    why would we change,
    the way that we vote,

    shame how you fell from chancellor to this…
    we watch as you fight,
    how sad is the sight
    you will never win a battle of wits,
    try as you might
    by using your fists,
    how can you possibly lead?
    you cant even see through the mist,
    if you were not aware of the rules,
    then why take the risk,

    you are but head fool,
    amongst a party of jokers,
    youve no chance at all,
    of persuading the voters,
    Labour will fall!
    you treacherous troop of useless no hopers,


  4. Excellent work, Janina!

    Allow me to respond with a sonnet to Gordon:

    A Sonnet to Gordon Brown

    (with abject apologies to William Shakespeare)

    “Shall I compare thy deeds with what you say?
    Thou art both ugly and incompetent,
    The polls shape thy pronouncements of the day,
    Thy speech doth spill forth from thy fundament.
    Oft-times the Press do catch your lying lines,
    Yet to the Beeb your lustre’s not yet dimmed;
    And though the polls’ support for you declines,
    Your bumbling, dithering course is still untrimmed.
    But thy eternal bullshit does not fade,
    Nor lose its stench beneath the public nose,
    By true Election will your Fate be made,
    Exposing all the lies for which you pose.
    So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
    They’ll know your deeds that wrecked this fair country.”

  5. Dungeekin – yes, even Radio 3, that used to be so calm and objective in its news bulletins, is now spinning for Labour. The 8 o’clock news for the last three mornings has included a story where Downing Street’s rebuttal goes first and at length, then the underlying story is mentioned briefly and weakly.

    It seems that some Big Beeboid has issued a directive to Radio 3 telling it to fall into line.

  6. Yes the Beeboids, they earn so much money, even more than a MP, and therefore if MP’s can’t be wrong (unless you’re a tory), it goes without saying that they can’t be wrong, and like socialists everywhere they know how we should live and think. It isn’t anything like they live and think but they are socialists and therefore they will be more equal than the rest of us, and like the party they admire so much it’s all paid for by those dreadful simpletons who only have to vote the right way for them.

  7. Country song least likely to be sung by the admirable Dungeekin? Why, “Stand by Your Man”, of course. By the way, does Downing Street get a bulk buying discount from their local mobile phone shop?

  8. I agree with Edith that it is dangerous for an unstable man to be in control of a nuclear power, but so many are! Some even think God tells them to invade other countries don’t they? Scary. In the UK I think the bullying described recently in MSM can be dealt with legally can’t it? Surely action against bullying can be enforced, if it can be proved (and there’s the rub). The erosion of professionalism in an organisation is always a bad thing. And I find this situation ironic given the constraints on behaviour NuLab has forced on us.

    Off topic: In the Tory Totty stakes I have to propose Tim Loughton as a hot contender. He came over very well on Tower Block of Commons. When he rapped he was impressive but when he boogied on down he was nothing less than shaggable. Shake your booty minister! *cough*

  9. I can see what has been bugging Gordon but I need to be fast and subtle otherwise some politically correct brained-washed maniacs jump down my throat and deny me my freedom of speech.

    It’s an open-secret in the political circle that Gordon is not a married type. Put it that way. Married life makes him feel suffocated like a caged animal. Hence it gives him stress and black moods.

    He was advised to get married because he wanted to be a Prime Minister like Tony Blair. If he stayed single and lived the way he really wanted, he would still be a very cheerful and likeable man. He could even bob along to Gloria Gaynor’s ” I WILL SURVIVE ” with Mandelson and Duncan. I’m not joking.

  10. not my usual style so please forgive me if its rubbish, I’m no match for Dungeekin in the song writing department, but humor me please, shall we start on a high c….

    as we try to fight a battle,
    against this red recession,
    to the slaughter sent, as cattle,
    when labour gave us the impression,
    they would run our country right,
    now were white from the depression,

    oh where oh where is the pm?
    there was no answer at no.10,
    he didnt come to questions,
    i think he sent a friend?

    we all sit awaiting,
    but we all wait in vain,
    for a soloution to the matter,
    we all know whos to blame,
    our country left in tatters,
    while the bankers spend our pay!

    oh where oh where is the pm?
    there was no answer at no.10,
    he didnt come at questions,
    he sent another friend,

    he cut the price of vat,
    but that did not last long,
    now 17.5 percent,
    is back and going strong,
    we look to these red mps’s,
    to correct all the wrongs,
    but just like the pm,
    theres no sight of them they’ve gone,

    oh where oh where is the pm?
    there was no answer at no.10,
    he wasnt there at questions,
    and hes run out of friends to send,

    i do hope that he intends,
    to make amends for all he’s done?
    the Torys went to number ten,
    D.C came back with news that he had gone,
    they all turned up at downing street,
    to find him on the run,
    they were greeted by removal men,
    trying to lift the web of lies that brown had spun!

    (well at least i can say i tried 🙂 )

  11. ok i must say,
    after watching an interview on this morning,
    some credit to Gordon brown for his apology re the child migrant program. You could see in his eyes he really was sorry.
    Doesn’t make up for what the poor kids went through but he wasn’t in power then and at least he tried.

  12. Alistair Darling sensationally revealed last night how Gordon Brown unleashed the “forces of hell” in a bid to bully him.

    Also Labour Immigration Minister Phil Woolas ripped into National Bullying Helpline chief Christine Pratt, calling her a prat !!!

    Woolas told a radio show: “I think this attack by this prat of a woman down in- where’s she from? Swindon? – I think that’s backfiring on her! ” Oh dear, what sort of language is this coming from a minister?

    A TV news channel in Taiwan ( !!! ) produced video game-style footage of Gordon Brown attacks on staff, showing the PM ranting, pushing a secretary off her chair and punching a car seat in a rage. Watch the cartoon at

  13. Christine Pratt, the boss of Anti Bullying Helpline IS BEING BULLIED AND HARASSED AND HOUNDED by Labour ministers and Labour supporting newspapers right now !!!

    If this is happening to the boss of national Anti Bullying Helpline, what can she do to help other bullied victims around the country?

  14. Comment by janina davison-forder on February 26, 2010 @ 8:12 am

    @Dungeekin: hi, thanks for the positive comment. Really love your work … would you mind me using this song on my groups website to give some inspiration to my writers please?

    Janina, you’re very welcome to do so.

    Please get in touch if I can help.


  15. Spot on Boris, what a lovely ditty. My concern is that the serious issue has been neatly pushed under the carpet. It is sufficiently worrying to merit another question or two. We are not looking so much at “bullying”, or the Alan Sugar toughness (or the football manager analogy either), or even depression as such – but at whether there is mental instability. We can’t run a country on that. Electorate needs to give this real thought and we need to know. We have a right to know.

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