Welcome back to satire from Dungeekin

Here is a jolly song and they aren’t just snooker loopy.  With apologies to Matchroom Mob and Snooker Loopy.  See the video. 


With thanks to Dungeekin and apologies to Chas and Dave.


Racist loopy nuts are we,
Members of the BNP,
We’ll tell you what we will do,
If we ever get power over you

Gonna send ’em all back!
If they’re yellow or brown or Jews or black,
Racist loopy nuts are we,
Members of the BNP

Now we are all as you all know,
A bunch of right-wing fruits,
Poorly bred and thick in head,
Proud of our ‘English roots’,
But truth be told we’re a bunch of tools,
Evolutionary sub-primal,
And we’re not fit to lick the bowl,
Of the local pub’s urinal.

Our Leader Nick, the years he spent,
Learning Hitler’s loathsome calls,
On Question Time you’ll be bored stiff,
As he spouts his usual balls,
And we’re amazed he ever, ever got,
An MP’s seat in Brussels,
His only talent seems to be,
Fomenting racist troubles.

Racist loopy nuts are we,
Members of the BNP,
We’ll tell you what we will do,
If we ever get power over you,

Gonna send ’em all back!
If they’re yellow or brown or Jews or black,
Racist loopy nuts are we,
Members of the BNP

Now we say we’re not racist goons,
But the public know we’re wrong,
We scream of ‘Reds under every bed’,
When our ad campaigns go wrong,
And if we’re banned from the main debate,
Then it won’t stop us existing,
We’ll carry on espousing hate,
Gagging us would be assisting.

If you want to see all our chances gone,
Show us to the public’s eyes,
Argue fair and square, put us on the air,
And expose all of our lies,
When the light shines down on that Griffin clown,
He’ll say something dumb and crass, it,
Will bring us down and show all around,
We’re a nasty bunch of Fascists!

Racist loopy nuts are we,
Members of the BNP
We’ll tell you what we will do,
If we ever get power over you

Gonna send ’em all back!
If they’re yellow or brown or Jews or black,
Racist loopy nuts are we,
Members of the BNP

10 thoughts on “Welcome back to satire from Dungeekin”

  1. She claimed he [Boris Johnson] also said that he expected, during a mooted visit by Tony Blair to the Congo, that “the tribal warriors will all break out in watermelon smiles to see the big white chief”.

    Probably best if Boris Johnson’s website stays out of this one.

  2. I am totally sick of hearing about the British Nutcase Party! Why can’t you cheer us up with more pics of the beautiful Mellissa? Hot diggety dogg!! – and words to that effect

  3. BNP will never win enough seats to form a government. But Britain is a free country where people have freedom of speech and human rights. Surely, BNP has the right to express their views without being chased or hounded by mobs and HATE PREACHERS.

    The whole country is being swamped by illegal immigrants and fake asylum seekers whom even the French don’t want. It’s very well for people to say ” We don’t mind genuine asylum seekers but we should send back the illegal and fake ones. ”

    Well, how many fake and illegal asylum seekers has this Labour government deported? Everything is fake. Even the government has been giving out fake numbers to calm the public down.

    The BNP will never have a chance to run this country; so you have no worry there. But at least let them speak out what people have really been talking behind closed doors. Let someone do the talking and let them take the blame (!)

    Why is this climate of fear? Where does this scaremongering come from? Who has created it? Why are people now too scared to speak their minds in public?

    Why is it alright for the hate preachers to speak their minds but you can’t do the same?

    Why is it alright to grudgingly please the hate preachers but it is not alright to say anything against them?

    Where is our freedom of speech? WHERE IS IT?

  4. Technically, Bach, we DO have Freedom of Speech. Which includes the freedom to offend, and the freedom to rebut.

    It’s down to all of us to use that Freedom in resistance to those who would take it from us.

    The extremists on ALL sides would like to deny us this freedom, and whatever the colour of our rosette, we should all resist any attempt to deny us that freedom.


  5. Nick Griffin said true things – that immigration is a problem, that mainstream parties offer no real or satisfactory solution, that significant numbers of people object to not being able to put ‘English’ as their nationality on a form, that significant numbers of parents object to sex ed in primary schools and what stood out to me was the reaction when Nick Griffin said there were people who found the sight of two men kissing repulsive. Well here’s a newsflash from the burbs: HE WAS CORRECT!

    There are significant numbers of people who feel disenfrachised from politics with the mainstream parties on offer and they are turning to the BNP.

    With the recent news that a family has had children removed by the SS for being fat (they say it’s not just that but where is the public hearing and evidence to support it? It all goes on in secret ‘family courts’ I think) and a family in Essex had children removed from parents who were happily married, employed and stable but deemed too thick to care properly, even though there was absolutely no evidence of harm or neglect, and children were taken from their grandparents and forcibly given to strangers because at the age of 46 a woman was considered too old to be mum, who will voters turn to to get the increasingly totalitarian state out of family life? The Tories offer no alternative, no mainstream party does.

    Mr Griffin mentioned Britain being a Christain country and a Muslim mentioned the book of revelations in return. But Mr Griffin was voicing recieved opinion on Islam and was speaking the truth about the culture and the fate of women. There is scant coverage of Christianity in education and what there is is often a joke – nativity plays acted out to Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’. Would they do that to the birth of Mohammed?

    Why is it that we have become apologists for our own culture? It seems to me the Conservative party offers no real alternative if they won’t push for a referendum as whilst in Europe we have no real control over our borders. Only Boris Johnson spoke out at the conference and was berated for it.

    Boris for PM!

    And in the absence of Boris being PM I think we’ll see a fair few giving the BNP their protest vote.

  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/lawandorder/6418456/Labour-wanted-mass-immigration-to-make-UK-more-multicultural-says-former-adviser.html


    “Social Workers who play an active part in an adoption proceeding are given a cash payment of £2000 and I have also been told by an ex social worker that it looks good on their cv if they have been seen to have played a role in an adoption.”

    “The “SS” take young children and worse still babies at birth for “risk of emotional abuse” as these usually make “good adoption material”;also parents cannot defend themselves against so called “experts” making predictions as the court will always decide that the expert knows the future better than the parents sovictory in the courts is almost always assured!
    Children who have suffered horrific abuse whether physical or sexual are viewed by the “SS” as “damaged goods” as they do not make good “adoption material” so like baby P ,Victoria Climbé,and countless others they are callously left to suffer and in many cases to die !
    So much money made out of adoptions that the merits of these cases gets lost in the rush for greed !”


    But will any mainstream party abolish secret family courts? Adoption targets? No. They cause the problems then blame each other whilst doing nothing to change anything.

  7. Dungeekin, well… yeah, currently we do have freedom of speech but clearly every body can see it going down the loo in front of their eyes. It is fast becoming a one-sided freedom of speech.

    I don’t support any parties. I just vote for the best one. I’m not racist. I’m not white. To make it clear I’m not supporting BNP. Whether people like BNP’s views or not doesn’t matter, BNP is entitled to its freedom of speech as much as those British Muslim hate preachers.

    BNP’s anti-immigration views? Well, most British newspapers hightlight and voice their deep concerns about the same issue daily, don’t they?

    BNP doesn’t like coloured people? What’s wrong with that?
    Who said white people MUST like coloured people? Why? Are they a low or retarded race or something that white people MUST like them and give them sympathy? Have we ever heard any one say coloured people MUST like white people? No. Why is that? Is that because white people are OK already, they don’t need any sympathy from coloured people?

    It’s un-natural to force people to like other people.

    BNP doesn’t like gay people? What’s wrong with that? Some other people don’t like gay people, too. British Muslim hate preachers have called for ‘ all gay people to be hanged ‘. Did we hear any uproar from the public? No. So why the fuss over BNP’s view on homosexuals?

    Labour MPs invited foreign Muslim hate preachers into the House of Commons for lunch and to speak. Yet Labour Home Office brazenly banned a Dutch MP from even entering the UK because of his ‘ anti-Muslim hate preachers ‘ views. Even though he had been invited over by The House of Lordies. Is this what Labour calls their Equalities Law?

    I.R.A MPs from Northern Ireland ( UK ) have the right to enter The Commons to do their jobs like any other elected MPs. Yet the 5 BNP MPs are not allowed to enter The House of Commons without police escort and watching. This was reported in newspapers 2 days ago, saying it’s not because of BNP being chased by the British Muslim hate preachers but it’s because the Parliament has not fully recognised the BNP party (?). Considering the mass of MPs from all other parties going in there to fiddle their expense claims to steal taxpayers’ money.

    Labour Minister Jacqui Smith: £116,000. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown: £12,000. Beside the other thieving MPs in there. On being ordered to pay back, all refuse to do so.

    BNP is legally elected by the British public ( 5 MPs and 2 MEPs ). The British Muslim hate preachers are not. Even law abiding British Muslims folks in this country don’t like these Muslim hate preachers.

    Why try to muzzle BNP and claim it’s so not to offend coloured/foreign people living in this country? Law abiding coloured/foreign people living in this country repect everybody’s freedom of speech.

    Supermarkets and bookshops in this country stock copies of British Communist Party’s daily newspapers. No body buys them. So who really funds its costly publication? It’s the Russian communists in order to keep its propaganda in the UK alive at all costs. So why try to muzzle BNP?

    Immigration issues: Labour is not stupid or naive enough not to know the negative effects of mass influx immigrants and mass bogus asylum seekers on this country.

    Labour knew very well that one day they would finally give this country to Brussels; if they were still be in power. If not, they would do anything while in power to please Brussels in order to secure a top job with Brussels so they would still be able to dictate this country the way Labour and Brussels want. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/views/136081/Brussels-is-plotting-a-spy-state- Just look at Tony Blair’s and Peter Mandelson’s future jobs.

    That’s why for the past 17 years Labour has created all sorts of calculated, cunning new laws: political correctness, Equalities & Harmony, new Human Rights… all of which are so ambiguous and one-sided that you just can not say anything or do anything without being labeled a racist or breeching someone’s human rights.

    This leaves Labour in peace to carry out and finish their dirty deed: knowingly flooding this country with easy mass influs of immigrants and bogus asylum seekers. To the point when British people feel drowned, lose their sense of nationalism and have to give up, thinking: ‘ What’s the point? They are everywhere. Might just as well give up! ‘

    Why is BNP on the rise when its main agenda is anti-mass immigrants and bogus asylum seekers, plus bogus asylum seekers-cum-terrorists who take the places of and give genuine asylum seekers a bad name? http://www.express.co.uk/posts/views/136083/-The-BBC-saved-us-a-fortune-in-adverts-

    It’s because the other opposition parties haven’t done enough or are brave enough to intervene for fear of being labeled a racist party and lose votes.

    Clearly we can see Labour has sucessfully brainwashed everybody in this country.

    Why are people so concerned about BNP’s views? They should be greatly concerned about their freedom of speech disappearing gradually in front of their eyes.

    Things only get improved by freedom of speech. Without it, things will onlyn get worse, not better. Look at those dictatorship countries and learn.

    We came to this country for freedom. Freedom of speech. And basic human rights. Not Labour’s ambiguous human rights which are open to abuse. We didn’t come to this country for food. Fight for your freedom of speech. Once it’s taken from you, it will never be returned to you. Use it to speak your mind and not to please anybody.

  8. 1- Why is it if some white folks don’t like some coloured people, it’s a crime?

    2- Why is it if some coloured people don’t like some white folks, it’s not a crime?

    3- Why is it if folks of the same colour don’t like each others, it’s not a crime?

    4- Why is it if some French folks don’t like some English folks, it’s not a crime?

    5- Why is it if some straight folks don’t like gay folks, it’s a crime?

    6- why is it if some gay folks don’t like some straight folks, it’s not a crime?

    7- Why is it if UK newspapers write anti-mass immigrant reports, it’s not a crime? http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2694024/BRITAINS-population-is-set-to-rise-by-425000-every-year-until-2033.html

    8- Why is it that BNP’s anti-mass immigrant view is a crime?

    9- Why is it freedom seeking asylum seekers don’t want to live in France a free country?

    10- Why is it commedians and The Sun newspaper are allowed to make anti-gay comments but BNP isn’t?

    11- Why is it Labour Baroness Patel stealing £180,000 of taxpayers’ money doesn’t have to pay back?

    12- Why should our freedom of speech be taken away because of BNP and the Muslim hate preachers?

    13- Why is it Peter Mandelson is allowed to openly hang out with Putin-backed-Russian billionaire mafias but BNP isn’t allowed to even talk of Hitler?

    14- Why is it Edward Royal was allowed to literally swan around with the Nazis in Paris during WW2 but BNP isn’t allowed to do the same now?

    15- Why is it UK is called a free country where you can’t even speak your mind without being labeled a racist?
    The Sun 24.10.2009: ‘SCAM’ PEERS CLEAR

    Peers accused of expenses fiddles will escape punishment because of a loophole in the rules, it emerged last night.

    As many as 20 are being probed for claiming their ‘main home’ is outside London, even though they live in the capitol.

    This lets them claim thousands of pounds in allowances for overnight stay in London.

    They include Labour’s Baroness Uddin, who claimed £180,000 by saying her ‘main home’ was an empty flat in Maidstone, Kent, even though she and her family had always lived in London.

    But The House of Lords has admitted it can’t act because there is no definition of what a ‘main home’ is in the rules. ( hahahaha!!!!)

    Clerk of the Parliaments Michael Pownall revealed the loophole as he cleared Lib dem peer Lord Rennard of fiddling his exes. He claimed £41,00 in overnight allowances despite owing and living in a house just two miles from Wesminster. He said a flat in Sussex was his main home.

    Matthew Elliot, of the Tax-Payers’ Alliance, attacked ‘a rediculous failure to enforce the spirit of the rules.’

    So much for Labour government telling the public to report any benefit cheats they know. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Diol1/DoItOnline/DG_4017574

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