Stanley Johnson Quiz

Stanley is addressing the Windsor Festival on Friday 2nd October and to celebrate this occasion we are giving away a signed copy of his latest autobiographical book.  Just complete the quiz below!

 stanley-johnson3  QUIZ ON THE JOHNSON FAMILY 
“Meet the Johnsons”
1) What is Stanley Johnson’s greatest political achievement?
2) What was the name, nationality and occupation of Stanley’s grandfather?
3) When asked what was the source of the Johnson family’s sense of humour, what did Stanley reply?
a)  They all eat raw fish for breakfast.
b)  Their blond hair.
c)  Stanley was visited by aliens when he was a toddler, became a super hero and passed his gifts on to his children.
4) What long established tradition was Rachel Johnson responsible for abolishing when she was at Ashdown School?
5)  From this list of famous people: Winston Churchill, Jean Cocteau, Margaret Thatcher, Benjamin Disraeli, William Wilberforce and Pericles, select the hero of a) Stanley and b) Boris.
6) What sport have Stanley and Boris played together?
7) What famous literary award was won recently by Rachel Johnson?
8)  From this list of famous films, select the favourite of (a) Stanley and (b) Boris. 
Where Eagles Dare.  Born Yesterday.  Trop Belle Pour Toi.  Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  Jaws.  The Bridges of Madison County.  Dirty Harry.  Chariots of Fire.
9)  Stanley Johnson has always firmly believed in the value of a classical education.  Could you therefore give an example of praeteritio, using Boris Johnson’s speeches on the website as evidence.
Extra points will be awarded for a clear definition of the subject, with the most apt examples.
10)  How did Stanley choose the name for his first born son, Boris?
Have a guess and look forward to hearing from you!
Answers by 30th August 2009 please to:

4 thoughts on “Stanley Johnson Quiz”

  1. Well first we had the screamingly funny film “Meet the Fockers” starring Ben Stiller and Robert de Niro. Nervous potential son in law Ben Stiller is desperately keen to impress uptight, jealous, paranoid Robert de Niro, who used to work for the CIA and still has lie detector equipment in his spare room.

    Now we meet an even funnier, more eccentric family in the quiz “Meet the Johnsons!”

    If only they would make the movie! It could be pitched as follows:

    Devilishly dashing academic Stanley Johnson, whose world wide travels caused him to be the role model for Indiana Jones, turned down the part in the movie, which was snapped up by Harrison Ford.

    His eldest son, the erudite and genial Boris Johnson, is Mayor of London, but this is only his first step on the way to world domination. He is kept in line by his sister, feisty Rachel Johnson, who has no hesitation in boxing the ears of the custard haired genius should the occasion arise.

    Stanley has two more sons, Leo and Jo. These two seem to have avoided the family eccentricity and lead lives of apparent blameless bourgeois respectability, out of the public eye. Only Boris and Rachel know that Leo and Jo are high ranking members of the cult Illuminati and they have plans to destroy the government………

  2. Well he’ll Know the answer to no. 9 and so will Stanley, that’s for sure! Probably does know them all, wouldn’t you think?


    Today’s Mail on Sunday announces that Rachel Johnson is to take over the editorship of The Lady magazine.

    One look at Rachel and you get the impression that butter wouldn’t melt. However, closer examination reveals a racy sense of humour and if anyone can get a rise out of The Lady’s prissy circulation, she can.

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