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  1. Mel, I absolutely roared at this song! I know the gentleman in question, because I have joked with him on twitter. He is a satirical writer and one day we were thinking of funny titles for blue movies. (nothing disgusting). I was saying things like “Star Whores” and then he came up with this gem…. “Draper Does Dallas!”

    Prescient as things turned out. He is obviously very talented and I hope he will come on here with some more jokes and songs!

  2. xsdogskin

    What a crooner and a swooner Dean Martin is – they don’t come like that any more! and the content of his song is pure magic addressing our times – what a legend

    Perhaps Dungeekin could adapt something for us later on this theme

  3. Some suggestions for Jacqui Smith movies. “A Bore is Starred”. and “Saving Ryan’s Privates”.

  4. “Tory transport spokesman Theresa Villiers said: ‘It’s alarming that Labour’s reliance on speed cameras to police all forms of road safety has led to the number of camera sites trebling since 2001.”

    The Conservative party: still the party of “my right to speed as long as I think it’s safe to do so”. Always has been, always will be.

  5. THE Mayor’s decision to shelve anti- pollution measures and curb the congestion charge could leave Britain facing a £300million EU fine, ministers fear.

    The Evening Standard has learned that Environment Secretary Hilary Benn is concerned the UK could be hit hard, after Boris Johnson said he would delay the latest phase of the low emission zone.

    The zone, introduced last year by Ken Livingstone, aims to cut potentially life-threatening pollution by charging motorists who drive the dirtiest vehicles in London, encouraging them to switch to new, greener models.

  6. Angela, you meant “Shaving Ryan’s private” , that Hollywood porn film ? And you told me to look at the stars, my arse !

    Someone has fixed an English Heritage styled plaque to the house of Smith’s London home which Smith claims as her main home.

    Now she is going, may be they should put another plaque up that says: “She was sacked for her over the top expenses claims, her incompetence and illegal and wrongful arrest of an English politician. R.I.P, Jacqui Smith. Summer 2009 “.

  7. …Someone fixed a plaque to the house of Smith’s YOUNGER SISTER Sara, a BBC reporter, in London, which Smith claims as her main home, but Sara’s neighbours told the press they had rarely seen Smith in there…

    mistake, sorry.

  8. Hilde, I haven’t seen the movie you mention, but I’m gonna! (That was a joke). Did I tell you to look at the stars, what was I thinking?

    Dungeekin and I were thinking of naughty movie titles, just an hour’s innocent fun……

  9. Another English Heritage styled plaque for Jacqui Smith’s “main home” in London: ” Here lived Jacqui Smith, ex-Labour Home Secretary: poor in judgment BUT loaded with expenses allowances. R.I.P “.
    Talking about Jacqui and her Anti-Terrorism law and Labour Government’s obsession with their Political Correctness law , Health & Safety law and how the Labour Government has slowly and successfully brain-washed and turned nearly most of the nation’s population into laws-zombies who obey and rigidly follow the laws by the letters. These laws are agreeable but sadly have been being mis-used by laws zombies who are the authorities and even ordinary citizens without common sense. Take:

    Jacqui Smith mis-used her own anti-terrorism law by ordering Scotland Yard police to arrest D. Green. Scotland Yard followed Labour’s anti-terrorism without common sense. Smith and Scotland Yard are laws-zombies.

    Shopping centers and supermarkets who stop and demand shoppers to remove their helmets, hats, caps and hoods for security reasons but dare not challenge burka-wearing shoppers are another group of laws-zombies.

    The police officers in Enfield, London who arrested Malcolm Sleath as a terrorist suspect for taking a photo of a police car being driven eratically across a public car park in an area where no cars are allowed to drive in, telling him he had breached Section 44 of the Terrorism Act are another sad case of laws-zombies.

    The police who ordered home-owners to remove ceramic pig figurines from their windows because some Muslim neighbours had complained are laws-zombies.

    Jacqui Smith banned the Dutch MP from entering the UK for her so-cvalled “hate preaching” reasons while dares not kick out those Islamic hate preachers whom she even pays long-term social benefits funded by the hard working British taxpayers is a her own laws’s laws-zombie.

    The police force, who forbid their police officers to use a 6’high folding-ladder at the station unless they have been trained to use it, is another sad case of laws-zombies.

    Why calling for McBride be arrested under Terrorism Acts for hate breaching? Isn’t that a mis-use of the law? We are not laws-zombies, are we? Clearly, people can see that McBride and his bosses should be arrested for false accusations. And that should be the charge.

  10. The Tories have written to Cabinet Secretary Sir gus O’Donnel demanding answers to 8 questions.

    1. Who was party to email exchanges suggesting smear stories against Tory MPs?

    2.Who was aware of the proposal to set up the REDREG website? Specially, was the Prime Minister aware of the proposed website or the concept behind it?

    3.Were any members of the media copied into email exchanges using the Government email system, proposing the setting up of the REDRAG ebsite, or suggesting smears of the Conservative Party?

    4.Was the use of the Government email system for exchanges about the REDRAG website or smear stories against the Conservatie Party in breach of the Ministerial Code, the Code of Conduct for Special Advisers or any other relevant guidelines?

    5.In the case of Mr McBride, can you confirm that his actions were in breach of the Code of Conduct for Special Advisers?

    6.Can you confirm that Mr McBride is no longer paid by the taxpayers, and that he will not receive any severance pay? (!!!)

    7.In the case of Mr Tom Watson, who is both Minister for the Civil Service and Minister for Digital Engagement (!!!), did he have any knowledge of or involvement in the REDRAG website?

    Are you satified that he has complied fully with the Ministerial Code, given that he was referred to in one of the emails published? What action have you taken to assure yourself that this is the case?

    8.What action are you taking to find out if the emails sent by Damian McBride are part of a broader pattern of activity by other Special Advisers, and if there are similar initiatives involving either officials in Downing Street or Ministers or Special Advisers elsewhere in the Government?

    But now, Cabinet Secretary “Sir” Gus (!!!) O’Donnell just simply told the press that he had Tom Watson id he had any involvement in this seargate and Watson said no, and that he was quite happy to accept Watson’s answer, and that he decided not to investigate this matter anymore!

    So, will the Conservative Party just have to grin and bare it gracefully as “we don’t want to be in the gutter like them”? I hope not! This is politics. The Tories must press on with their demand for full investigation.

  11. So Jacqui Smith knew nothing of the police arrest of Damin Green until the last minute, but told the public it was a matter of national security. Great song Dungeekin, Gordon Brown is praying you don’t start singing about him……

  12. Melissa is a nice girl. I bet the naughtiest thing she has ever done is hitch her gymslip six inches about her knees and write “Miss Prendergast is a big cheese” on the blackboard.

  13. Catherine

    He is a true blazing star … just wait for more of his star-spangled efforts to blast this site. The song kept echoing in my mind through the weekend…

  14. Gymslip hoiked up showing suspenders, hair falling over one eye…. the phrase is jail bait.

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_bCGj5avLE

    ODE TO ALASTAIR CAMPBELL. (ok dungeekin, listen to this!)

    Your cruel device
    Your blood like ice
    One look could kill
    Their pain, your thrill,
    They want to trust you but they better not trust (don’t trust!)
    They want to flee you but the PM tells them they’re bust,,
    Don’t want to hurt you but you really do suck,
    Big sissy bully, your lips are venomous poison,
    You’re poison running through their veins,
    They can never break your chains….
    Your mouth so hot, Sexy you’re not,
    Your look, so wet,
    Big girl, I bet!
    They hear you calling and it’s needles and pins (and pins)
    They want to hurt you just to hear you scream Gordon’s name,
    Can’t stand to touch you, so they’re gargling with gin,
    Longing to slap you but your lips are venomous poison…

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