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Stanley I Presume

stanley-johnson3Boris was present at the book launch to mark the publication of his father’s autobiography (up to 40 years old) at Waterstones in Notting Hill Gate last night.  His glamorous sister, Rachel Johnson, interviewed Stanley and we were regaled with side-splittingly funny stories about the Johnson clan.  You have to read this awesome book to hear details about his population control initiative and ‘Pills Grim Progress’, his poetic prowess, solace he found in pollution control, the briefcase he lost off a landrover in a desert containing family passports and flight tickets, that was later found and handed to him with the words:  “Stanley, I presume?”, and many perfectly true and amazing stories from deep and darkest Devon. For more information about interesting books visit this Book First blog. Mossgreen Childrens Books can guide you to know the process of book launching.

This autobiography goes back to Boris’s grandfather, greatgrandfather and King George II.

Stanley *you rock* and now all we need is to read your sequel for 40 years + …

Available from all good bookshops and ISBN:  987-0-00-729672-9

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  1. Time, I believe, will reveal that Stanley Johnson actually played a far more crucial role in the history of this country than his book reveals. it is possible that as in the case of his son, Boris, his jovial, careless, happy go lucky persona is actually a front. In Stanley’s case, it is a clever ruse to conceal one of the most ruthlessly effective spymasters of all time. His jokes are actually cleverly constructed codes and anagrams, and I believe it is only when many years have passed, that the full truth will be told.

  2. One persistent rumour is that two Labour ministers are in fact Stanley Johnson’s assets. With Machiavellian cunning, he is priming them to ruin the Labour Party by controlling them as their puppet master, egging them on to make ever more stupid remarks.

    Nothing more is known, except that the ministers are female.

  3. I have just bought the book and am looking forward to reading it. Apparently it is selling extremely well.

  4. I can believe Stanley Johnson was a ruthless spymaster, because he is a bit hard on us. I and every woman of my acquaintance wanted more pictures of the Mayor as an adorable little chub to coo over.

  5. I’d just like to say, referring back to a previous post, that when I heard about the Dunfermline Building Society’s difficulties I immediately thought of: “The king sits in Dunfermline town Drinking his blude red wine”…….

  6. It was amazing being at the book launch. Stanley not only looks and sounds like Boris but his handwriting is a cunning mirror image too!

  7. …..And she described the philosophers’ football match which could not begin because they could not decide whether the ball really existed. The three of them [contributors] agreed there were not enough philosophers who also told jokes, although there is Michael Frayn who is a philosopher and wit.

    scene from Melvyn Bragg’s In Our Time, BBC radio

  8. Stanley,
    A Good Read
    Remember me your old Chairman
    Hampshire & Isle of Wight Euro Council
    Ollie Webb

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