Roman Quiz Results

Congratulations to the winners!


First Prize: Peter Lythe.

Second Prize: Emma Clarke.

As several entrants all achieved full marks, the winners were chosen according to whoever had submitted the fullest entries.

A special mention to the following for their outstandingly high standard answers:   Glenda Profit and B. Stafford (full marks), Salvador Gossens, Stas Stankovic and Mandy Allen (only one answer not fully correct).





Question 2 was chosen as the tie breaker.


Q1.  What shape is the Colosseum?
A.   Oval, an ellipse, elliptical, are all acceptable answers.


Q3.  How long was the Colosseum in use?

A.   Around 500 years.  The question does not specify whether the answer refers only to the use of the Coliseum as a gladiatorial arena, so some leeway was allowed. 


Q4.  Which insane Roman emperor married his sister and made his horse his consul?   

A.   Caligula.  A fuller answer is Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, known to history as Caligula.


Q5.  When Boris Johnson won the battle to become Mayor of London, he said he would reign like which Roman Emperor?

 A.   Like Emperor Augustus “in a simple room”.


Q6.  Which unusual animal did Hannibal use in his wars against the Romans?

 A.   The elephant.


Q7.  Which famous t.v. series was based on the life of a Roman emperor and starred Derek Jacobi?

A.   “I Claudius”.


Q8.  Which tragedy by William Shakespeare is based on  the life of a famous Roman soldier, who turned his back on Rome?

A. Coriolanus. It is not correct to answer either Julius Caesar or Mark Antony.  Julius Caesar did  not turn his back on Rome.  Although the play is named after him, he is not the main protagonist in the play, appearing in only three scenes.


The tragedy Antony and Cleopatra is about two people, the lovers,  Antony and Cleopatra and their famed passion for each other.  It is not solely about Mark Antony.   He dithered between Rome and Cleopatra, eventually choosing the Queen.


Coriolanus totally rejected Rome to fight with Rome’s enemies and made the famous speech “You common cry of curs,  whose breath I hate” before he turned his back on Rome.


Q9.  What is the title of the book on Ancient Rome  written by Boris Johnson?

 A.  The Dream of Rome.

Q10.  When 5,000 Roman soldiers formed a fighting unit,   what was this unit called?

 A.    A legion.


Q11.  Which Roman emperor “fiddled while Rome burned”?

A.   Emperor Nero:  a really good answer would give his   full name, Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, as well.


Q12.  Who is the Roman God of War?

A.    Mars.  A good answer would be “Mars was the most   prominent of the Roman warrior gods” showing    knowledge that they had several warrior gods.


Q13.  Translate “Amor omnia vincit.”

A.    Love conquers all.


Q14.  Translate “Pax vobiscum”.

A.    Both “Peace be with you” or “Peace be unto you” are correct answers.


Q15.  Translate “Carpe Diem”.

A.    Seize the day.


Q16.  In JULIUS CAESAR, which Roman character makes the speech “Friends, Romans and countrymen, lend me your ears!”

A.    Mark Antony.


Q17.  Which beautiful Queen of Egypt won Mark Antony’s love?

A.    Cleopatra.




Q2.  How big was the Colosseum?

A. Seating 50,000, the walls were 48 m. high, comprising 4 tiers and the façade followed the design of the Theatre of Marcellus: each arched tier housing columns of a different order.


The structure is 189 m. long, 156 m. wide and a base area of 6 acres.  The outer wall is 48 m. in height.  The central arena is oval and 87 m. long and 54.8 m. wide surrounded by a 4.5 m. high wall above which there is seating.  The outer wall was made of 100,000 cubic m. of travertine which were set without mortar and were held together with 300 tons of iron clamps on the exterior and of tufa and brick in the interior.


The fullest answer won the tie breaker.

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  1. Well there’s nothing to shake away the Monday morning blues like finding out you’ve won something! I’m over the moon! I’ll resist the temptation to make a Winslet-esque acceptance speech but I’d like to say thank you to Melissa and the other quiz masters at, you’ve made my day.
    [Ed: a well-deserved win in a strong field. Glad we cheered up Monday! Well done.]

  2. Ooooh! I want a Winslettesque acceptance speech, that would be so funny! Don’t forget to be dragged up the stairs by two bouncers….

    ps. Kate sorry to keep teasing you about this, it was pricelessly funny, but you were so sweet and sincere, unlike the usual fake speeches at the Oscars.

  3. Does anyone have any feedback on the questions in the Quiz? Did you find them too hard, too easy, just right? It would be good to know.

  4. I think the correct answer to “How big was the Colosseum?” is “Colossal”.

  5. Tiresias, what did you think of the questions in the quiz, it would be good to have your feedback?

  6. I think the quiz was pitched about right, a good mix of single answer questions and ones with a bit more room for expansion. The game is really good by the way, put a couple of hours in on it last night!

    [Ed: delighted you are enjoying the game. Thanks for the feedback.]

  7. A group of us were discussing a variety of things and then the question of how tall Boris is came up. I was wondering if you could tell me how tall he is?

  8. Having attended several of the Mayor’s speeches, I should estimate he is about 5 ft. 10 ins. in height.

  9. Hi Boris, I’ Mckenzie and I’m 13 years of age, I have studied the Romans since I was 8. I was shocked to discover you had a passion for Rome but I should have expected it seeing your a political leader. Well done to all participants.

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