US Election and James Bond

I happened to be reading Goldfinger at half-term, and chuckling to myself at all the things that Bond says and does that would be completely unthinkable today.

He smokes 60 a day, he threatens to bend female secretaries over his knee and spank them – not something you could easily get away with in Whitehall these days – and he concludes his amorous escapades by triumphantly seducing the lesbian ice-queen Pussy Galore and winning her back for red-blooded heterosexuality.

It is a performance of ludicrous chauvinism and machismo; and yet the most important point about the climax of the novel is that in spite of all his marksmanship, his driving skill and his general derring-do, James Bond does not quite pull it off on his own.

Oh no. In fact, he spends a long time as the humiliated captive of Oddjob, watching helplessly as the evil golf-cheat Goldfinger prepares to launch an attack on Fort Knox. There is someone else who comes to Bond’s rescue, someone else who represents the cavalry coming tootling over the brow of the hill, and that someone is one of my favourite characters in all literature.

It is the laughing, gun-wielding, straw-haired CIA man, Felix Leiter. He rescues Bond in Goldfinger, and as far as I can remember he helps to rescue him in Thunderball, in Dr No, and he goes on to provide invaluable assistance at critical moments throughout the series, in spite of having his arm eaten by a shark in Live and Let Die.

As a child growing up in the Cold War, it was always obvious to me that Felix Leiter was more than just a prop, a plot device. By the sheer regularity with which he rescues the British agent he is clearly intended to stand for the whole relationship between America and Britain as it has been played out over the last 100 years.

He is a symbol of that great guarantee offered by America – with all her power and her can-do spirit – to the rest of the world. He reminds us of the historic role of the United States: the rich, friendly relative who, having exhausted all the other options, can generally be relied upon to do the right thing.

When Felix Leiter pulls Bond’s chestnuts out of the fire, as he so often does, he stands for the America that came to our aid at last in the First World War, the America that stormed Omaha beach, the America that faced down the Russians in the Cold War and defeated what Ronald Reagan was right to call an Evil Empire.

That’s what Felix Leiter means to me; that’s roughly what I imagine he meant to Ian Fleming; and so it was of course fascinating to see how he has evolved in the latest Bond film, Quantum of Solace. There are two important differences. First, in what can only be seen as a sad comment on the Bush years, the other Americans (apart from Leiter) are no longer good guys. Absolutely not.

Leiter saves Bond’s life, as usual, but the other Americans are up to all sorts of mischief, trying to destabilise Bolivia and even trying to assassinate Bond. And the second notable divergence from the Fleming canon is that Felix Leiter is now a black man, in recognition of the way that America is changing.

Well, folks, I guess you can see by now where this piece is leading. By this time tomorrow, unless the polls are wildly wrong, Barack Obama will incarnate that change, and as I said in this space a couple of weeks ago, there are all sorts of reasons for hoping that he makes it to the White House.

For those who have become disenchanted with America – including many Americans – he offers the hope of re-igniting the love affair. With a combination of the audacity of hope and the urgency of now and the supremacy of together (OK, I made that one up) he is going to mark a break with Bush, and give a new language and a new style to America’s identity as the world’s top nation.

Which will be great, provided he doesn’t forget that he is about to become, symbolically, Felix Leiter: he is still the guy upon whom depends British security and the security of the rest of the world. It is still a fact that we rely 100 per cent on US technology and generosity to operate our so-called independent nuclear deterrent.

The Bush presidency may have produced its share of foreign policy disasters, but that is not an argument for America to become isolationist. John McCain may have been unfortunate in his suggestion that the way to deal with Iran was “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb Iran”. But that is no reason to want any American weakness when it comes to regimes that may be threatening, whether they are in Iran or Korea or Russia.

We need the Obama presidency to continue to take a very keen interest in the Middle East – and we are not alone. It is not only Israel that appears to be reliant on America’s support. It is Israel’s enemies.

What was the most fascinating news story of the last two days? It was the revelation that the American bombing of a Syrian village – which provoked angry public protest from Damascus – was in fact conducted with what appears to have been the connivance of the Syrian military intelligence. The reason? The village near the Iraqi border was the refuge of a notorious al?Qaeda chief.

It was politically difficult for the Syrians to eliminate this nuisance themselves. So they allowed the Americans to do their dirty work, and the al-Qaeda chief was killed from the air by American might.

It was one of the very greatest American presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, who said the duty of America abroad was to “speak softly but carry a big stick”. George Bush forgot the “speak softly” bit. But Obama needs to remember the vital importance of continuing to carry a big stick. That is because the job of America is still pretty much what it was when Fleming wrote Goldfinger in 1959 – to take on the bad guys in a way that no other country is able or willing to do.

[First published in the Daily Telegraph on 04 November 2008 under the heading: “US election: Like us, James Bond needed America’s help to beat the bad guys.”]

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  1. Mayor Johnson,

    You correctly place importance on America’s responsibility in the Middle East. We know – and that we includes you – that Sen. McCain will “carry a big stick” in the region. You hope that Sen. Obama, if elected, will do the same.

    I’ll tell our Israeli friends that our support is guaranteed. You can tell them that you sure hope they’ll get the help they need [and if I were you, I’d throw in that you have your fingers crossed, too].

    A pint of Boddingtons says I’ll get more Hanukkah cards.

  2. This is such a brilliant article and I laughed like anything. I will be saying much more soon, but I had to make this comment. When you say Leiter pulled Bond’s chesnuts out of the fire, were you referring to James and the Giant Peaches?

  3. Anyone looking for an amusing present for their loved one’s sotcking should buy Boris’s book THE THINKING MAN’S IDIOT, because there are loads of excellent jokes in there by the master. My only complaint is, they missed out Boris’s joke about the Mayor of Amity, which is, in my humble opinion, possibly the best joke of all time for its wit and topicality.

  4. pps. HOW CAN THE BBC PRETEND THAT CRUDE UNFUNNY SMUT IS THE ONLY OPTION FOR HUMOUR ON OUR SCREENS? Wake up BBC, read David Cameron’s excellent article about how overpaid you all are! You could be using that money to bank roll brilliant wits like Boris or to run a comedy competition for the young or something similar, what is wrong with you all for heaven’s sake? What an excellent plan that would be, decrease all your salaries, run the competition and you are contributing something positive to the decrease of knife crime.

  5. Boris quite rightly points out that James Bond does things in the books that would not be acceptable today, but he is forgetting that they would be accepted on the Jonathan Ross show. I was waiting for Ross to come on in a dirty raincoat and flash us all as his next “prank”, but thankfully the Andrew Sachs debacle has spared us that humiliation.

  6. By the sheer regularity with which he rescues the British agent he is clearly intended to stand for the whole relationship between America and Britain as it has been played out over the last 100 years.

    Oh per-lease! Boris you know your history better than that. Do you want a loan from America? I mean… another one?

    Now let’s see, there was the 18th century war of independance and America standing by while WW2 raged in europe and they did not militarily engage for years untill… the japanese attacked Pearl Harbour, for starters. Then of course there’s the loan.

    And the money from America funding the IRA.

    And… are you sure you’re not afer a loan, Boris??

    the job of America is still pretty much what it was when Fleming wrote Goldfinger in 1959 – to take on the bad guys in a way that no other country is able or willing to do.

    You mean like invading Iraq?


  7. “You could be using that money to bank roll brilliant wits like Boris”

    You may have missed Boris’ many appearances on HIGNFY. As for the recent BBC nonsense, Sachs himself has stated his empathy for Brand & Ross. Plenty have come out in support of them, and many complaints were simply the result of mob mentality. I don’t think much of either as comedians, but they’re still people who have families to feed.

    Boris, you’d best be careful when you think about secretaries being spanked – you could get arrested & put away for posessing images of “violent porn” and it’s only a matter of time before they start including images inside your own head.

  8. Hugh – Brand has a family to feed? has he met the children?

    Boris, you’d best be careful when you think about secretaries being spanked – you could get arrested … and it’s only a matter of time before they start including images inside your own head.

    And working out a scale of taxation.

  9. Hugh, no, you have got it the wrong way round. It is the cruelty of jonathan Ross’s humour that is sparking all the outrage, nobody minds a bit of smut if it is witty. As well if being cruel, Jonathan is also filthy without being witty, so people are just fedup with it.

    Russell Brand is an absolutely brilliant standup and until recently he was never unkind in his routines, on the contrary, he was exceptionally compassionate and mostly made fun of himself. OK his routines were for adults, but never cruel.

    Since he palled up with Ross, he has joined the cruel-just filthy brigade, and he was quite obviously egged on by Jonathan during the fateful phonecall if you read the transcript. Russell studies Buddhism and from an appallingly painful childhood, and 11 years as a heroin addict, he has turned his life around. He is in a totally different bracket to Ross, who is merely an insensitve lout /pervert.

    I wouldn’t worry about Ross feeding his family if I were you.. on a salary of £18M over 3 years, he is hardly on the breadline and need never work again. For another view on jonathan Ross and his theatre of cruelty, please read the link I supply below.

  10. Jaq, strictly speaking, it is OK for Boris to refer to the secretary over James Bond’s knee because he is referring to a work of fiction. He would only be in trouble if he were describing such activity in connection with any of his staff, or another well known personality. (or even an unknown personality).

  11. Boris, if you wish to extend your simile, in LIVE AND LET DIE, Felix Leiter was eaten by a shark. How does that apply to the Anglo/US relationship?

  12. Can everyone imagine the scene if Obama does make it to the White House and in his haste to ignite the special relationship and share the magic, Gordon and his aides lunge for Obama, trampling over the US aides who are crushed in the stampede? A pretty picture, isn’t it, Golly Gee, Yess Surree!

  13. ‘ McCain seems to stand for perpetual sabre-rattling against the terrors abroad. Obama seems to stand for hope, not fear ‘ , said Boris.

    ‘ Seems ‘ ? Even Boris himself is unsure which man stands for what. Boris could not even bring himself to say the word ‘ terrorists ‘ ( in case he might upset the terrorists ? ).

    ‘ John McCain may have been unfortunate in his suggestion that the way to deal with Iran was ‘ bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb Iran ‘ . But that is no reason to want any American weakness when it comes to regimes that may be threatening , whether they are in Iran or Korea or Russia ‘, said Boris.

    ‘ Roosevelt said the duty of America abroad was to ‘ speak softly but carry a big dick, I mean a big stick ( sorry, I don’t know why I think about sex 24/7 even while discussing politics, sorry ). Obama needs to remember the vital importance of continuing to carry a big STICK. That is because the job of America is still pretty much the same – to take on the bad guys in a way that no other country is able or willing to do ‘ , said Boris.

    So, Boris, you think McCain is too strong and this might upset ‘ the torrors abroad ‘ ? And that’s why you are backing Obama because you think he is meek and soft and this might appeal to ‘ the terrors abroad ‘ ? BUT you are also worried that being too meek, too soft Obama might not be able to deal with ‘ the terrors abroad ‘ and no one would be there to protect you ? Make up your mind now, Boris, before the American Election results are announced today or tomorrow !

    I can only say that: Boris is an arm-chair politician who lives in a peaceful, leafy area somewhere in an ever-green, ever-peaceful country called England.

    ( Quite disappointed really. My hero has gone down in my heroes list ).

  14. Angela – I made no complaint for “Boris to refer to the secretary over James Bond’s knee“.

    In fact where Boris and spanking is concerned, we can only dream….

    Actually I know a certain someone who would probably prescribe a jolly good spanking where I’m concerned, with public school precision. Ouch.

    I think Bush kinda summed up the attitude to the UK when he last met Tony. Obama might meet Gordon a) when he has to, or b) when he wants something.


    ***@@BOLLOCKS*** to the meek ‘n soft . Cough, cough, cough ***@@BLKS***

  16. Cough, cough, cough ***@@***

    Ouuuuh, Boris can bend me over his knees and slap me bum aaaaaaany time!

    Ouuuuh, young man! He’s a hunk, our Boris that, ain’t he ?

    Ouuuuh, but he has to wear something thin and soft so I can feel the ‘vibrations’ from his body, if yous know what I mean, eh Angie and Jaqie ?!!!

    Cough, cough, cough ***@@*** I only hope this cold won’t affect his ‘vibrations’ ! ( My Cyril’s now looks like a bird’s eye chilli in this cold weather. Bless him ! )

    Cough, cough, cough ***@@BOLLOCKS*** to Ross and Russell – 2 dirty-talking, self-important, self-appointed beef-burgers.

    ” They are still people who have families to feed “, worries our Hugh un-necessarily . Does that dirty-talking Ross’s family spend £16,000/ day on foods, Hugh ? They all must be looking like Oprah by now.

    Cough, cough, cough ***@@BB***

  17. Whaaaaaaaat ??? OH MY GOD!!!! Boris is looking for someone to bend over his knees and give a good slapping/ seeing to ???!!! ME, ME, ME first – that meeting with money-pot Paprika can wait !!!

  18. Certain people are lowering the tone of this place. They have no shame.

    ( Pssst… Boris, me first please. thanks )

  19. If Obama makes it to the White House, there will probably be, as Boris implies, many bad men eager to test him out and see if they can take advantage of this new situation.

    If he’s tough enough to make it all the way to the White House, he is hopefully tough enough to take them on. It is a leap into the unknown, a leap of faith, like MAN ON WIRE.

    But it wasn’t working the way we were going on, and seems like the US are opting for change. We can hope.

  20. When Boris mentioned Leiter and the crocodile, I thought he must have been nibbled by the croc. as well as fed to the shark, but apparently Leiter was only fed to the shark.

  21. The only time I did laugh at Jonathan Ross was when he had Supernanny on the show and asked her what she thought of spanking.

    Supernanny is very against spanking for children, because she believes that you should be able to control children by withdrawing privileges and using the naughty step, and if you smack, it means you cannot control your kids without force.

    Supernanny carefully explained this to Jonathan at length and then he said, “No, I meant for me!”

  22. If you watched last night’s episode of SPOOKS, a series that is enjoyed by some people on this website, you may have noticed that Harry Pearce, fictional head of MI5 said they knew they would never win the war on terror just by force and refusing to talk to terrorists. Even Harry is now prepared to negotiate with “bad men” in a desperate throw of the dice to try something different and break the impasse.

    Everyone who watches the series knows how regularly the spooks give their lives for their country and one of the most poignant examples was the character of Zaf, a Muslim who joined MI5 and ending by sacrificing himself because he believed it was right. (These are the people for whom the present government won’t even guarantee safe haven for them or their families, by the way.)

  23. Catherine – Supernanny is also FOR locking the errant child in a room, like I was when I was young. I’ve been claustrophobic ever since yet was never emotionally or physically harmed from a smack!

    Apparently (according to a participant I have no trouble believing) a lot of the prog is staged.

    Didn’t Boris have a nanny? I wonder if he was for or against spanking 🙂

  24. Jaq if you read Andrew Gimson’s biography about Boris, it was the custom to beat the pupils when Boris was at Ashdown school. Boris describes how awful it was to hear the younger boys crying when they had been beaten and it was something that dreadfully upset him, and that he totally believed was wrong.

    At Ashdown, Rachel Johnson was one of the first female pupils and when she got into trouble, she was given the option of losing two half terms or being beaten. She gutsily opted for the caning, which they didn’t think she would, and they didn’t believe they should beat a girl so the practice of caning was dropped for good because of Boris’s sister. So I very much doubt whether Boris favours corporal punishment now.

  25. ps. I don’t think Boris did have a nanny, because his parents separated when he was quite young. At that time he and his mother and sisters were hard up, because I read in the Sunday Times that Rachel Johnson said at one time all there was to eat in the fridge was lime pickle! They had hard times, and that is why when people say Boris has never suffered, it is just rubbish.

  26. You were locked in a room Jaq? That’s not very nice. I was naughty, and I had an imaginary playmate, whom my family preferred to me.

  27. It is not a bit convincing in GOLDFINGER how Pussy Galore falls for James Bond in about 10 minutes, when all he has done is smirk, make innuendoes about her name and pull a few judo throws. She can’t have been properly lesbionic.

  28. Angela – I was trying to be humerous but I think Boz did at one time have a nanny, I may be wrong but I think he mentioned it on a prog, and I think the Johnson’s idea of hard-up and other peoples may be somewhat different. But I haven’t read Andrew Gimson, such stuff doesn’t really interest me.

    Catherine – crikey that was a bit hard! Poor you. Well I prefer you as clearly your imaginary playmate can’t type – always been a lightweight that one.

    And yeah you’re right about Pussy Galore. Especially as I’ve never been able to understand how men cope with those tiny mobile phones, with the little buttons. It’s a wonder they can find the phone let alone the button to turn it on..

  29. Prescott got away with far more than ‘putting a secretary over his knee and spanking her’ didn’t he ? !!!

  30. Down this rotten winding road of economy, I keep my finger cross wishing everything won’t get any worse and worst. After all these huge messes Bush administration leaving are yet to show the worst yet. Obama then will be blamed for everything getting worse but not any better like no one else had been by the extreme Republicans and many of those who have supported him will turn around quickly.

    it would help had some of the or even one of the James Bond is a black guy so when things getting worst, Obama won’t be as big a sacrificial lamb on the block. Or else, Obama need to soften his voice a lot more and carry a much bigger stick.

    One big problem with many of the Americans is that they believe now problems are solved because they elected Obama the answer to their troubles. Obama’s style is also a bit clerical which may hinder the risk of turning some people into cult. The key issue is the trendy culture teach people expect more and more demand more and more while doing less and less work. Or simply not doing the real work but gambling with the money however little they have.

    Obama need to soften his voice a lot more and carry a much bigger stick.

  31. Oh God, I thought they really did lock you up! Well just having lime pickle to eat sounds a bit dire, but it’s more the emotional side I was thinking of when detailing the Johnson suffering.

    The most unconvincing thing in a James Bond film ever is how one girl goes to bed with Daniel Craig and he doesn’t even know her name. Do you think he looks like the sort of guy who could inspire that? He’s got a nose like a builder’s elbow.

  32. Rice cake, I do think that Americans realise the seriousness of the problems facing Obama and they are not so unfair as to expect instant solutions. They know it will take a long time.

    It just seems to be a huge vote for a change from how things were handled before. Nobody is suggesting tolerance for people symbolised by the Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT. Purely destructive people who “just want to watch the world burn”. But if a country is invaded and occupied, they are not terrorists for objecting to that, and surely the vast numbers of kids and civilians killed by American bombs are going to have a huge knock on effect.

    People want negotiation wherever possible, not hard liners with bellicose attitudes. The US must be thinking, if the US hadn’t embarked on the last war, would they be so strapped for cash now?

  33. No they really did lock me up. And there’s nothing wrong with a nose like a builder’s elbow. Hopefully.

    It appears my comments are banned from Hitchensblog, Mel. You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh. With your permission I’ll post it here on the grounds that I’d like to illustrate how truly awful I am. Clearly I should be locked up again:

    It’s a landslide!

    And yes I backed the winner – Christopher Hitchens was correct when he said it was basically a choice between Obama and Palin (the nut-job) so no choice at all really. I’m guessing little bro supported Palin. The hype seems to celebrate the end of racial prejudice and in his speech Obama mentioned the Founding Fathers. No-one mentions native Americans.

    Incidentally, Peter Hitchens has been on HIGNFY. You can view the episode on Youtube. It’s very funny and Peter is really very good, handling the fruits of such comedy with ease. Clarissa Dickson Wright is equally good – I recommend it.

    I have to agree with Janet Davis @3:19am: “Our comedians are far too repressed by political correctness to mock today’s orthodoxy and absurdities.” so neither funny nor cutting edge but merely conformist. And appearing with annoying regularity on every panel game, OK, but why on current affairs items giving their opinion? Does anyone actually care what Sue Perkins thinks about politics or literature?

    As this is 5th November (remember, remember) I wonder how many children know, or more specifically have been taught, what ‘bonfire night’ actually means? What are we celebrating? Do you know? I can only guess whose head PH might like to see on a spike. If you don’t understand and live in Lewes then shame on you! But have a great evening.

  34. Congratulations to the new American President.

    Unfortunately, we’re afraid there is going to be loads of unpleasant skeletons coming out of Obama’s closet very soon. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid…

    First, there will be more sparks flying / more tensions between Obama’s wife and Queen Oprah who has bankrolled most of Obama’s presidential campaign and whose lust for him is publicly known.

    NOW: Obama’s close mentor Frank Marshall Davis is a COMMUNIST! How ghastly ! And today, The Enquirer magazine ( Nov. 10, 2008 issue , on sale right now ) says: ‘ For seven years, Obama had a very close and intimate ‘ father-son’ relationship with Frank Marshall Davis who has confessed to having sex with children, sadomasochism, bondage and a wide array of twisted sexual practices. ‘

    What else? The Enquirer magazine also shows a photo of the front cover of the book ‘ Sex Rebel: Black ‘ a hard-core pornographic autobiography, published in 1968, supposedly written by a Bob Greene, but now F.M.Davis has admitted that he was the book’s real author! The book has an introduction by a Dale Gordon and it’s cover has an artistically pleasant water color painting of a young, muscular, naked-to-the-knees, Obama-like, black man standing with his back to you. How beautiful and frightfully homo-erotic really …

    Google and read all about it ! :




    And, that’s not all, folks ! Perhaps, Boris might want to google this:


    It’s all about the other dark, sneaky sides of Obama – not many people know that !

    ( If you want the latest said copy ( Nov 10 2008 issue ) of The Enquirer ( with THAT photo of the book’s front cover’s water color painting, get one NOW from Tesco, Sainsbury or any respected supermarkets before they run out, only £1 per copy , but it might be a collector’s item soon ! )

  35. I don’t know who Christopher Hichens is, but Peter Hichens is so argumentative and harsh. He doesn’t like ANY politician at all and rips them all to shreds, if he thinks he knows it all and can do better, let him stand as an MP.

  36. Oh, now I understand that the mysterious ” Frank ” in Obama’s 1995 book DREAMS FROM MY FATHER is in fact the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) member Frank Marshall Davis.

    What juicy info.


    As discussed in the above link, Hazel Blears thinks that cynical bloggers are to blame for the public disillusionment with politics. Over the past ten years, this has got very bad.

    It must be galling for Labour that the public no longer believes what the government tells them. Ten years of spin from Alastair Campbell, Peter Mandelson, Gordon Brown et al saw to that.

  38. Angela – Christopher Hitchens is Peter’s big brother. He lives in Washington (see him here: ) He’s smoother than Peter but in debate is more serious and in my experience harsher with his opponents. Peter can get very worked up but Christopher takes no prisoners. He’s slightly shorter than Peter. He has a certain something and lots of it. He’s a contributing editor for Vanity Fair and writes for Slate amongst others. He’s happy to write about serious politics, religion, torture and more frivolous topics such as fellatio and submit to an extensive photographed makeover and be waterboarded on video. He’s a prolific author and one of my favourite writers. His book topped the bestseller list for most of last year I think.

    Peter Hitchens vied for the seat of Kensington and Chelsea against Portillo at Boris’s suggestion I think. Portillo was chosen.

  39. Sorry Angela,

    I was following the article’s lead joking about the idea of a dark world president speaking softly with a big stick. Wonder anyone will take him seriously…

    I’m all pro Obama’s approach – talking diplomacy with tacks instead of bomb bomb bomb.

    However I do agree with many others who find Obama a bit of empty talking suite and his speech style though inspiring also is clerical and may risk of creating cult of followers, especially in the young people.

    We shall see what happen from now on. Time will tell.

  40. Jaq, funnily enough Christopher Hichens was on with Paxo last night. VERY MISERABLE AND CYNICAL. Can you imagine their family gatherings?

    The Enquirer makes loads of stuff up. Who cares if Obama had a gay phse, I certainly don’t. He lacked a father figure, maybe that would account for it. Tolerance, charity and compassion, I say.

    Geez, Obama and Oprah! Oprah and Obama! What a mismatched combination! Maybe she just has an pure, idealistic love for him, untainted by sexual feelings. It is possible to love someone like that, you know! Michelle Obama is a strong, intelligent woman and wouldn’t let Oprah wreck her marriage anyway.

    But I do feel sympathy for Oprah, because after such a painful childhood and making such a huge success of her career, she is still at heart just a lost little girl, looking for love. I HOPE SHE FINDS SOMEONE NICE.

  41. Hazel Blears, not all bloggers are cynical you know. Still maybe she meant Iain Dale, poor baby, bloggers with their own sites. But Iain isn’t cynical either!

  42. Jaq, you are so right, Sarah Palin IS excruciating! Amazing though she looked after the makeover, FABULOUS, every time she opened her mouth, I just died at the horrible things that came out. And I bet it is true that she is incredibly ruthless, but still it should be huge fun to watch Hillary eat her for breakfast, if she ever gets the chance. Intellectually, Palin is out to lunch.

    Whenever the camera showed Hillary and Bill, they were posing as though they were wearing crowns, GEEZ I bet losing hurt. The thing I am most excited about is how Obama has ignited interest in politics in America, and particularly among the young. IT IS SO EXCITING AND HOPEFUL FOR THE FUTURE. We must pray that that will happen here. We do have inspirational speakers here. BORIS OBVIOUSLY. He can ignite the political debate. DC is very good, but he still needs to totally find himself. He is still too worried about the way certain things appear. He should let that go, be himself and just tell the truth, like Boris does.

    Why should they apologise for having had fabulous educations and being luckier than some people in their childhoods? THEY WANT TO HELP OTHERS, that is what counts.

    DC should just say, I know I have been lucky and that was beyond my control. It has lit a burning desire in me to make sure other people get more chances in life and that is something I do have control over. THAT IS THE TRUTH, DC, JUST SAY THAT.

  43. Oddschecker still has the SNP ahead in the betting for the Glenrothes by-election. They are voting right now. SO EXCITING.

    David Cameron was so funny when he said in the House yesterday, “I understand the Prime minister has sent his congratulations to Barack Obama – did the message say “This is no time for a novice?”

    It there is one thing everybody knows about Barack, it is that he epitomises change. But Gordon STILL DENIES THIS and swears he is like Obama because they are both serious! Why does anybody bother to talk to him, because he just makes up statistics and facts to suit himself? THE SIMILARITIES BETWEEN OBAMA AND GORDON ARE NIL. They are chalk and cheese. And Gordon, depressive is not the same as serious.

  44. Angela – if Christopher Hitchens looked miserable it is probably due to the poor man having very little sleep! Bless, he seems to have worked his socks off over the last 48 hours and I’m sure he would have it no other way.

    I’m absolutely certain that the lack of a father figure doesn’t induce a gay phase.

    Oprah has been in a long-term relationship for many many years. I’m not current as to whether that’s still going but if it wasn’t I’m sure it would have hit the headlines

    As for Blears I think it’s clear the establishment have their guns out for bloggers. They absolutely don’t like the lack of control.

    Power to the people!

    I backed Obama (as the obvious choice) but I agree with EK that whenever I look at Obama I think of Blair.

  45. PS: it’s rich for Hazel Blears to complain that blogging harms democacy – blogging *IS* democracy. Stupid woman. It is where the people have their say, have their voices heard, in public. IT IS DEMOCRACY!

    Let us all be thankful for Bojo’s blog.

  46. Ms Blears is not even being original. I’ve just been searching for the link of about a year ago when some (male) Labour MP said blogs were undemocratic and can’t find it but I know I commented at the time that the gentleman was misguided. Actually, I think I phrased it rather more strongly without going quite as far as saying ‘idiot’. Also, there was a recent (September) EU discussion on blogs. (See Bruno Waterfield in the Telegraph on 22 September 2008). Chris Heaton Harris (Conservative MEP) commented on those who wished to curb blogging as misunderstanding ‘the lifeblood of a vibrant democracy’.

  47. Gill, the thing is, whereas previously it was easy for Labour to gull the public, and falsify facts, now, with the internet, it is much much harder. People are exchanging information, giving links to important newspaper articles they have read, speaking up if they feel they are being misled, etc, etc. If a blogger feels passionately about a certain issue, that person can communicate their passion to the general public, and as Jaq says, start a democratic debate.

    If Gordon Brown is accused of saying something in the House by David Cameron, for example like he said no more boom and bust, Gordon automatically tries to lie his way out of it. Now we can check on the internet, he can be revealed as untruthful. He is a massive fibber and I have found that out for sure since I started blogging seriously. This must be a big problem for the Labour party and for someone who dissembles as much as Gordon.

    Blogging is altering the political scene, and the main thing Hazel Blears doesn’t like is fewer and fewer people are falling for Gordon’s rap.

  48. Just to make another point regarding Obama and Gordon, Obama has declared he will listen to the Republicans and accept their help in times of trouble. Are you going to follow suit Gordon? In times of trouble recently, David Cameron’s proffered helping hand was practically bitten off at the wrist before the door was slammed in his face.

  49. Instead of saying bloggers are cynical, what Hazel really means is they aren’t gullible anymore.

  50. Speaking purely academically, it is good to note from the many ladies offering their services on this thread that Boris Johnson does not be need to consult a PR agency to find out how to appeal to women, as certain MPs are reportedly doing. What with Boris being so busy as London Mayor and everything.

  51. Angela – I don’t think Boris has ever had a problem appealing to women 😉 What’s good is that he appeals to men too, for all the right reasons. Whatever he’s got he’s got shedloads of the stuff. And it can’t be bought or learned. Pure Boris.

    But on the subject of having a certain something about you, describing Christopher Hitchens always puts in mind of this:
    ‘man it’s a hot one, like 7 inches from the midday sun’ Obviously a conservative estimate but I still think of it for some strange reason.

  52. Hey Gill, thanks for your reply and thanks for the info; good stuff. I particularly liked: “Chris Heaton Harris (Conservative MEP) commented on those who wished to curb blogging as misunderstanding ‘the lifeblood of a vibrant democracy’

  53. “… in what can only be seen as a sad comment on the Bush years … the other Americans are up to all sorts of mischief, trying to destabilise Bolivia and even trying to assassinate Bond.” (Boris)

    I’ve just been to see it, perhaps it’s more down to the British film industry becoming more like it’s US counterpart.

    Hollywood has always been a left wing institution, the CIA and other parts of the establishment are often the bad guys in American shoot-em-up thillers. The the Felix Leiter character type hero, fighting against the rot from inside is nothing new in cinema.

    In classic Bond movies, the American agents were always behind the curve. Leiter pitched in here and there, but it was Bond that single-handedly foiled the villans latest attempt at world domination. In the cinematic ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ arch baddy Blofeld manufactured and operated his weapon of mass destruction behind the front of a US corporation right under the noses of the CIA.

    If anything, we’ve gone from portraying the US establishment as comical dumbasses to cynical manipulators, pulling the strings for the bad-guys. However, I’m not sure how long this will last in terms of Bond.

    It’s Bond that seems to be uncovering the mystery of the ‘Quantum’ crime organisation, which in turn seems to be a kind of ‘Spectre’ for the 21st Century. I expect this theme to continue and for not just Leiter, but the rest of the US spooks, to be clueless to what is really happening on their watch.

    M, her American opposite number and the hapless Home Secretary will continue to criticise our hero questioning his wisdom and his methods. Yet sooner or later, a movie or two down the line, the new ‘Number One’ will reveal himself to Bond fans worldwide and Britains favourite action hero will save the world from impending doom just like in the good old days of Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

  54. Far from snapping the bra straps of a bevy of Bond lovelies, and smacking them on the behind as he murmurs patronisingly “Off you go darling! Man talk” (As in DIAMONDS ARE FOR EVER – they should have decked him), James Bond will probably be fashionably bi-sexual by then.

  55. “he threatens to bend female secretaries over his knee and spank them – not something you could easily get away with in Whitehall these days”

    Not quite what Ive heard …

  56. Vladimir Putin could return to the Kremlin as early as next year, according to speculation in Moscow last night.

    The ruthless communist dictator is forecast to grab back the presidency with the aim of serving 2 consecutive six-year terms, meaning he would be in power from 2009 until 2021, when he would be aged 69.

    The startling plan for the current puppet president, DmitryMedvedev, to stand down next year was attributed to a source close the kremlin by the respected Russian business newspaper Vedomosti.

    Last night, Putin’s spokeman said the claim that he would return as president next year was ‘absolutely without foundation’. But he stopped short of saying the former KGB spy did not intend to make a Kremlin comeback, or that this could be before the end of his ‘shadow/puppet’ Dmitry Medvedev’s term in 2012.

    Putin- currently only a prime minister (!)- stood down as president in May after serving a maximum 2 terms, each of 4 years, as allowed (!) under the constitution (!).

    The newspaper report came a day after puppet president Dmitry Medvedev proposed (!) a constitutional change that would take the presidential term to 6 years (!). The move was seen as bearing Putin’s fingerprints.

    Vedomosti newspaper cited a Kremlin source as saying that Medvedev was chosen by Putin in order to ‘carry out the necessary constitutional changes and unpopular social reforms for Putin to then return to the Kremlin for longer.’

    The source added: ‘Medvedev can resign early (!), saying this is because the constitution has to be changed, and then a presidential vote can be held in 2009.’ (!)

    He also predicted that Putin would give a campaign-style speech at a congress of his United Russia Party on Novemberv20, signalling the start of an election process to restore him to power. (!)

    How comical !




    Boris, can we trust Nicolas Sarkozy to sort the ruthless communist dictator Putin out? Who will protect you against ‘ threatening regimes, whether they are in Iran or Korea or Russia. ‘ ?

    Be afraid. Be very, very afraid…

  57. Trust Sarkozy to sort the ruthless Russian communists out? You must be joking!

    When the ruthless Russian communists invaded Georgia a few months ago, the EU did not do anything to help Georgia at all for months until America stepped in to help Georgia and that shamed the EU into sending Sarkozy over there to tell the ruthless Russian communists to get out of that country and the ruthless Russian communists promised with Sarkozy that they would get out straight away and Sarkozy returned home a hero !!! And guess what, the ruthless Russian communists are still in Georgia right now !!!
    HAHAHAHA !!!

    Looks like the girly EU headed by Queen P, Peter Mandelson still has to ask powerful America for protection against ” threatening regimes” after all ! HAHAHAHA !!!

  58. Jaq, I don’t know, but if it was portrayed by a sensitive, but strong actor, it would be intriguing! They are trying to modernise Bond, but for me Daniel Craig is so boot faced and macho, he is hopelessly old fashioned. He is just a man’s man, too butch, no chat or humour and zero sensitivity. I know that Bond is not kissy kissy in the books, but he is quite a complex character, so bi-sexual might be the way to go. (After all, he did go to Eton – JOKE)

  59. wHITdAWQ, what have you heard? Not that Prescott thing, Tracey must have needed her salary really badly!

  60. Maybethe next Bond should be a deaf,lesbian,vegetarian,single parent,black Somali illegal immigrant.

  61. Maybethe next Bond should be a deaf,lesbian,vegetarian,single parent,black Somali illegal immigrant.

    that was adopted by Madonna.

  62. Ol’ Tom, don’t tell me you approve of enpty meaningless sex as portrayed by Daniel Craig in the latest movie. You strike me as extra sensitive, and someone who would prefer a woman to be holding a bouquet of wild flowers rather than her own ankles.

  63. ps. I am extremely ladylike and only make these jokes to cheer people up in dark times, as a patriotic duty, not because I am trampy.

  64. To upstage the Americans,maybe the Labour Party is looking for a deaf,lesbian,vegetarian,single parent,black Somali illegal immigrant,to become next PM.

  65. Trevor Phillips, head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, says in an interview today ( Sat 8 Nov 2008 ), that ” Barrack Obama would have never been elected prime minister in this country because of ‘ institutional racism ‘ in the Labour Party. ”

    That ” The public would be happy to vote for a black leader, but the political system would prevent an ethnic minority candidate getting to the top. If Barrack Obama lived here, I would be very surprised if a black man like him would have been able to break through the institutional stranglehold that there is on power within the Labour Party ! ”

    He said that ” There is an ‘institutional resistance’ to selecting black and Asian candidates. The Labour Party and unions and think-tanks are all very happy to sign up to the general idea of advancing the cause of minorities but in practice they would like someone else to do the business. It’s institutional racism.”

    He said that ” The Conservatives have made faster progress than Labour in overhauling selection procedures ! ”

    Labour insisted that it had a “proud record of promoting ethnic minority candidates “, but a number of its black and Asian MPs backed Mr. Trevor Phillips. Parmjit Dhanda, Labour MP for Gloucester and 1 of only 15 tanned MPs, said: ” There are very many glass ceilings for black politicians in this country. I’ve found it tough, very very tough and I know plenty of others who have as well. ”

    Another tanned Labour MP who did not wish to be named names said: ” It’s quite right that just as we are feeling all cosy about Obama he gives the system a good kicking ! “. These comments will be embarrassing for Gordon Brown.

    Well, personally, at this moment in time, politically correct, I think 24/7 the next British Prime Minister will be either a bisexual or lesbian or totally gay person, tanned, whose English is his/ her second language. Absolutely !

    Promising candidates?

  66. Excuse me, Angie, but are you implying that I am trampy ? Heh heh heh !!! Only joking, Angie !

    Promising candidates?

    Seriously, yes : Alan Duncan – Oh, he gorgeous, he’s a hunk. Check out his official website and check the photos gallery. OMG, he’s soooo hot, a nice tight, pert bum and cultured, too.

    For a laugh : Hazel Blears or Flash Gordon.

  67. Estelle! Of course not! Just because we like outrageous jokes it doesn’t mean we are not models of bourgeois respectability. (to quote our leader).

  68. Estelle, Alan Duncan is indeed nice looking, intelligent too.

    Barack Obama has won the presidency because he is charismatic and brilliant, a most unusual politician, who has managed to inspire most of the US. In dark times, I do believe it is inspiration we seek, we have outstandingly inspirational politicians here, but none of them in the Labour Party.

    Boris Johnson inspires huge devotion and that is because as well as being a super brainy bonce, he has a noble mind and I am sorry if that sounds corny, but he does. He also is brilliantly humorous. He is actually sort of wasted as London Mayor, fantastic job though he is doing, because so much of his time is taken up with developing transport and improving housing, fighting knife crime, sorting out the police force, etc. and it would be better if he was inspiring and joking on a national level. Nice looking though Alan Duncan is, he is nowhere compared to Boris.


  69. Re. over the cup of tea’s comments about Sarko’s hissy fit over the voodoo doll, apparently both he and Gordon are throwing hissy fits about who is the leader in Europe in sorting out the economic crisis. Sarko is going to the US and Gordon’s aides have said sniffily he is going to represent France not Europe! Two big babies in a hair pulling contest! It was the Governor of the Bank of England who thought of the thing about the banks anyway, it wasn’t either of them.

    All along Gordon has said this is no time for a novice, he wanted Hillary Clinton to win for ages, because he thought she embodied the same as him – experience. In actuality, they were both accomplished bullshitters who twist the truth as and when it suits them.

  70. Dawn, let’s face it, nothing has ever been faster than the speed with which Sarko and Gay Gordon are booking their tickets to the US to suck up to the new Prez. Bullets have left guns slower.

  71. Tom, witty though your post is, I call Gordon Gay Gordon because he is so ruddy miserable. Rory Bremner called him The Great Depression and I was tittering for hours.

    I have to say it is lovely that the Mayor launched free travel passes for war veterans. As a student of history, and a patriot, we need never worry that the Mayor will shamefully neglect our armed forces, as have the government, and free travel is a small way of thanking the men who have given their health and lives to protect us all.

    This is the least we can do to show our gratitude, thank you Boris.

  72. Barack Obama is charismatic, inspirational, a uniter, a peacemaker, and a talented negotiator. The only British politician who combines all those qualities, is the most popular politician in the UK, Boris Johnson.

    Boris can easily relate to people on all levels, he is unpompous and unstuffy and he has shown he can be tough, with the minimum of fuss. People trust him too. I agree that he is destined for the world stage.

  73. The old James Bond (Sean Connery) was a charmer, a ladies man, but a tough guy at the same time. He was also a funny guy. In the new Bond (Daniel Craig) however we have lost the humour and Bond is purely focused on revenge.

    I think Boris is the Sean Connery of Politics introducing some humour. I think it was high time we injected some humour into the world of politics.

    Lets hope that Obama follows in the footsteps of Sean Connery.

  74. Well, congratulations to the young, handsome and tanned American President-elect, Barack Obama. But he’s not my cup of tea. I prefer Hazel Blearys, tanned-butch-looking Lesbian-elect.

    First, I’m not one to spread gossips around here and you all know that. But if you go to and when you get there, you ask them to search OBAMA SEX SCANDAL for you. They will kindly show you the whole article, free of charge. Read it and then make up your mind. That’s all I want to say to you. I’m not trying to brain-wash anybody here, and you all know that.


    He writes: ” But did Queen P Mandy know British secret services keep a file on the man ( Oleg Deripaska ) who, aged 20, was starving and poor yet 2 decades later was Russia’s richest man with £16bn in assets? ”

    That brings my mind to this story: Roman Abramovich, the billionaire boss of Chelsea football club. When Russian was opening up ( allowing free-enterprise, that is ! ), Abramovich and his wife were dirt poor like everybody else. In communist countries, they run an equal society meaning everybody is equally dirt poor, except the die-hard communist top-dogs and after them are the police who safeguard them ( just like a reward really ). Anyway, Abraham and his wife were dirt poor and they had to make Russian dolls with scraps of fabrics and he would take them to the local market and sell them to the tourists to make ends meet. And then he struck gold and the rest is history ! HOLY MOTHER OF GODS !!!

    The real story as we know is men like Putin could not openly sell national industries and buy them back with their own money; even they had amassed a fortune from looting their country’s wealth while in power. What they did was find a trusted Ivan-nobody and ask him to buy them on their behalf and reward him with a some money. And the rest is history.

    You know Paul Klebnikov, Editor in chief of Forbes Magazine? Well, he was shot dead in Moscow on July 9 2008 for daring to investigate mega money dealings in Kremlin involving Putin and other die-hard communist top-dogs.


  75. Steven, anyone I vote for would have to be wearing a blue rosette. The Tories are going to win the next election and there is not a doubt in my mind.

  76. “The old James Bond (Sean Connery) was a charmer, a ladies man,..” Oh really!
    “but a tough guy..oh reeeeally!

  77. Tom, he always acts every part with a Scots accent though. Once he was an Arab chieftain but still had the same Scots accent.

  78. If you look at Oddschecker, you will see that Boris Johnson is on equal odds in third place to follow David Cameron as the next Tory leader, AFTER William Hague, who is second.

    Willliam Hague is a lovely guy, he has integrity, he is a brilliant speaker, he is extremely clever and he is nearly as funny as Boris. But he has very little popular appeal. Hardly anyone amongst young people knows his name or could identify him. Politicians are fighting apathy and ignorance, and so many people would ignore Hague’s many good qualities, because he just does not have that certain something that resonates to the multitudes.

    The only politician whom everyone does know, and who is instantly recognisable, is Boris Johnson. Women adore him for his humour and ready sympathy and for his undoubted sex appeal. Kids adore him because they realise he understands them and is in touch with the things they like. He also appeals to all races, because he is fair and a uniter, and he is a brilliant communicator.

    Boris touches parts other politicians just cannot reach, and if he were standing for PM. or running in a General Election, it is my firm belief he would win by an absolute landslide. He is a brilliant campaigner. He inspires. He reaches out. Fantastic though David Cameron is, fabulous though william Hague is, Boris would poll three times the votes.

  79. Worryingly I think Peter Hitchens is correct – there are cearly some who would vote for an alsation dog if it wore a blue rosette.

    Boris touches parts other politicians just cannot reach

    Catherine I’m glad you said that – laughing on a monday morning is always welcome 🙂

  80. Hi Jaq. Looking at an earlier comment about lack of smileys on this site: you manage them. Give us all a clue? How can we do them fast? I can do the HTML ones when the site allows it but have no simple method of just adding the bright and cheerful. Or does this work 😉 ?

  81. Mmmm Jaq. Boris started us off with a slightly cheeky article and since then, everyone’s imaginations have been running absolutely rampant!

  82. Catherine – I’ve never needed an article to run rampant 😉

    Gill – hi, glad all ok :~}

    (wonder how it will cope with that one)

  83. Jaq. here is something to make you laugh. Apparently the notorious Russell Brand has said he would like to date Princess Eugenie. Fergie is reputed to have replied…
    “If he does he will have to go through me first!”. Not a good choice of words, considering.

    I roared with laughter at the following true story though. After Lewis Hamilton’s historic win, a lady from his home town, Stevenage was reported as saying “What is all the fuss about? It isn’t like he won X Factor.”

  84. When I did Boris johnson’s horoscope, I didn’t mention some things in it, no point in frightening the electorate. (JOKE)

  85. Love your story Angela! hahaha! what are we coming to as a society when X Factor holds so much sway?!


  86. Mel – stuff the X factor, let’s have John Sergeant winning Strictly. After all he’s a real man not a paid actor/entertainer and with others headbanging in their routine it’s hardly strictly ballroom. It’s theatre. It’s fun. Otherwise Craig Revel-tosspot wouldn’t be a judge given the best thing he’s done is wear a frock. (Revels – they’re always a disappointment aren’t they?)

  87. ” The girly EU headed by Queen P Mandelson… “, over a glass of port.

    Well, don’t waste your time relying on them to do anything important or statemen-like. The girly EU of effeminate states headed by the biggest Queenie P Mandelson are too busy making sure all the bananas entering THEM must be straight- for a purpose , of course!

    Talking about that hissy Sarkozy… Have you noticed? Sarkozy now dresses up more! Wearing 4 inch stilettoes, red-thread wristband, plaited leather wristband, colorful rubber wristband, copper wristband, bling-bling watches… How affeminate. We hear that he now spends a lot of spare time toddling along Carla to her Paris recording studio and just sitting there staring at her like a love-struck teenager. Even the musicians and studio staff feel embarrass and uncomfortable. What’s he trying to do? Recaturing his lost youth? Oh la la! And this takes us swiftly to… Miss Lesley Douglas, Ross and Brand’ former boss.

    The never before seen in public business lady who used to run her oh so trendy, hip-hip, bling-bling BBC programs was used to thought of as someone trendy, young, hip-hip, bling-bling and tanned person… Guess what, now her photo shows that she’s really just a big, fat, ugly, old cow who does not know what trendy means even if it whaks her in the face. No wonder the silly old cow let Ross and Brand run the place as they pleased.

    But don’t worry that she has a family to feed like everybody else. Her old boss has refused to rule out her return. The ugly old cow will return to work soon- just like Queen P !

    Have you seen that recent picture showing womaniser David Walliams entering Brand’s London home? He claimed he had came to offer Brand sympathy. Well, he must have offered more than that. Look at the two of them, men wearing make-up! We just don’t know who enters whose…

    Have you seen that recent picture of Ross walking in London wearing a bright red, long winter coat, big Nicole Ritchie shades (in winter, in London?), black leather gloves and pastel colored scarf nonchalantly wrapped around his fat, white neck? Oh mind mind! So effeminate. And they all are married like Gordon Brown and Tom Cruise?

    Dictators- communists or non-communists are usually gay or bisexual. They are perfectionists who insist things must be done their own ways. If not, they become hissy. Look at Hitler, Castro, Polpot …. all gay.

  88. ” The old Sean Connery was a charmer, a ladies’ man… ”

    Go to www. and check out Sean Connery’s latest ad for Louis Vuitton’s hand bags !

    He was pictured in the Bahamas, wearing a black polo-neck sweater (!!!), khaki coloured chinos trousers, white Panama hat with black ribbon trimming, sitting on a wooden jetty, reclining against a wooden post… Oh so gaaaaaaay !!!

    Any man who proudly carries a Louis Vuitton’s bag in public must be a Mandy!

  89. google- SEAN CONNERY’S LOUIS VUITTON DEBUT and check put his oh soooo gaaaay picture. It makes you laugh, really!

  90. Mel, they are commenting on X Factor in the House of commons! How daft is that! Anyway, the girl who got voted out was quite a good singer, but she had zero charisma, I can quite see why she left, so sorry, but it is true.

    Jaq, John Sergeant is priceless. The thing is, they are probably getting votes for their ACTING ability. He is just so endearing and comical, like an adorable cuddley sugar daddy with his beautiful sexpot mistress, who adores him! They are such a sweet couple, and such fun to watch! The blonde is just amazing as she shimmies round his tubby figure and when he masterfully dragged her behind him on the floor it was a scream! Surely telling a story is part of it and they do that brilliantly. Great theatre indeed.

  91. Anyway, the stars predict that DAvid Cameron wins the next election. For about a year he has a Grand Trine made up of Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron. You don’t get a bigger augury of success than that. I HAVE TOTAL FAITH.

  92. ps. the shocking thing about BJ’s horoscope is how very intelligent he is. His brain power is off the Richter scle. Scarey, but good for London.

  93. The point of this and other articles is that the UK has at least one politican with common sense and he’s a Mayor in London. It’s December and Obama is the President Elect in the US, wouldn’t it be interesting if players like Johnson and Obama signaled a new breed of politican. Politicans who seek council, restore confidence, and can be counted on.

  94. Boris. I do like the idea of you reading Goldfinger. But tell me, did even HE reckon he was saving the world?

  95. And just be way of being very serious – do you think James Bond would have made a better PM than this one?

  96. Have you ever considered the importance of the letter B?

    Bush, Bean, Bond, Barack, Biden, Berlusconi, Blair, Brown, Bill, Ban-ke, Bush (again), Betty B, Boris – and of course, Beetroot!

    The most important B of them all? Beetroot! For those suffering from high blood pressure, it will bring it down. Just like some of these B’s almost brought the world down. So do we thank heaven there’s one who is busy saving it!

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