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  1. Interesting questions Boris, you burning the midnight oil crunching crime statistics for London are you?

    Not to sure what to make of your anti-social behaviour question though. They could have given you stats on acceptable behaviour agreements and ASBO’s issued, then again perhaps you should have worded the question better.

    To some extent I believe that focus on the buzz-word of ‘anti-social behaviour’ trivialises crime whilst simutaneously criminalising childhood.

    The ASB Act is the most badly drafted draconian law Labour have introduced in my view. I’ve heard of instances where councils threaten their tenants with ASBO’s for hanging their washing out of tower block – presumably because it causes their housing or planning department ‘alarm and distress’.

  2. “and in each borough of London…”

    And an army of researchers curses Boris’ run for mayor, which has just increased their workload an thousandfold.

  3. Got alot on put it on the in tray…

    I saw BOJO on London Tonight yesterday re Lee Jasper and the alleged squandering of tax payers money.. Didn’t hear you raise the question of Mayor Kens 7 or 8 court cases that he lost and had to pay millions in costs nor of the fact that he had to pay ?200million penalty payment to the transport people ( Evening Standard investigations earlier on…)for going to court..what about all that wasted loot?
    Want to know about wasted tax payers money? A business park in Royal Arsenal Woolwich ( LDA funded lot)for the second year that I have being checking them at least still has on its books over 10 office spaces still vacant un let – just sitting there and not bringing in any money or being used by those that need it.[check on Greenwich council website – business premises see start international office premises] As they are LDA funded they have to make sure the the community at large benefits from them – I have not benefitted and clearly others have not neither given that the offices are still vacant and unlet….

    HOw is that for white wastages?,
    Why is it when black people do it ( allegedly) people make such a song and dance about it yet ignore it when a white person (allegely) does it?….

    The cops should either bring in everyone that was involved in the bad governance including the TAX office for breaking the data protection law( at least) through to the Abrhamic donations fiasco and the mayors office both black and white and not just focus on a racist steorotype of blacks are the only one that has teeth.. Look like everyone has teeth to me..speaking in a white vernacular everyone is potentially a good cook and can cook the books (allegedgly) if that is what is happening…

    Jesus Christ is the only escape Lamb not black people….He that knew no sin became sin for us, so that we become the Rightouesness of God in HIm…11 Corinthians 5v21.
    Happy Hannukah by the way..whether Christian or musilm or Jewish the story is the same a sacrifice for sins was needed, God tested Ibrahim. Avraham with Issac in the NT He gave His only son Jesus for us- so quit putting it on black folk as it is not the acceptible escape route!!!!

  4. Fab column this morning Boz, can’t wait to comment but will now have to succumb to writing a 1200word essay on the colosseum. I so wish you were here. Tony Robinson made a comment that politicians with no sense of history kept making the same mistakes as their forebears which is so true.

    Boris for PM!

  5. Sorry the correct figure that the mayor had to pay the PPP was £120million for the delay due to a court case as was written in the contractual agreement apparently. According to the evening standard the Judge found it to be dishonest of Mayor Ken..

    Question can what was gone to the court for be resolved without a court hearing?
    that BJ is what you need to ask yourself if you are interested in wastages of public money….

  6. Hey Boris

    Just heard today that the government is allowing girls under the age of 16 to pick up the PILL from the CHEMIST without prescriptions etc from next year.

    Have they gone utterly mad? Does that mean that they have decreased the age of consent then if they are allowing kids under the age of 16 to get it? NOt to even mention the morality of it all what about the long term health effect of it all? Barreness cervical cancers breast cancers all at an age when they are still developing. Did they do this in the heyday of the 60’s under 16 going on the pill?


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