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  1. And so, it begins….

    hehe, this is going to be a very fun forum to read based on the past ‘discussions’ taking place in the comment threads – as raincoaster said, hope you know what you’ve gotten yourselves into – great idea & good luck

  2. Topic of the day

    What do you think of the death sentence for Saddam Hussein – should it be public or private or should it not happen at all.

    I find a death sentence difficult to accept and think he should be on community service for the rest of his life – I could find him a lot of jobs: sweeper, boot shiner, coffee maker, traffic warden, newspaper deliverer, hedge cutter,— or do you think any member of the public might be in danger of having their neck wrung in a fit of pique…

    Actually the best move might be to keep him on display for a while where visitors would have to pay to view the spectacle and any proceeds would go to a charity dealing with the rehabilitation of the people of Iraq and the rebuilding of their infrastructure.

  3. eugh, a public hanging is just too barbaric and not an act of a civilised country. I really do not agree with the death penalty, it makes martyrs out of murderers and it seems hypocritical. If killing is wrong when it is ordered by a dictator then it is still wrong if ordered by an elected prime minister.
    I think life in solitary confinment should replace the death penalty.

  4. A public hanging is relatively good actually, lots of countries still have punishments such as stoning to death and being buried alive. It’s not as if he doesn’t like the spotlight.

    Of course I still don’t approve of the penalty in this case, but even so!

  5. ‘Actually the best move might be to keep him on display for a while where visitors would have to pay to view the spectacle…’ (Melissa)

    Like some sort of zoo? Perhaps we could send Huntley, Nilsen and Sutcliffe there while we’re at it?

    Hanging’s by far the best way to deal with these people. It’s quick and cost-effective. Half of these psychos want to die anyway, look at Shipman, West and Huntley.

    If Saddam’s people want to lynch him, so be it. I’m not complaining. Besides hanging’s painless.

  6. Who are these people on this forum ? Can anyone post something or is it those who cannot tell the difference between SH and Bush only ?

    Mel you have a vicious streak . Gas ? Blunt pencil, might take a while ?

  7. Bon_fire

    I can see the sweat on his forehead,
    The embers glow[Ed: deletion]…

    I can feel the heat rising
    [Ed: moderated]

    I can feel the warm soil
    [Ed: not appropriate]

    Lady Mucca, 6 November 2006
    for Boris, the one and only, with all my love…

  8. ‘I think life in solitary confinment should replace the death penalty’ (k)

    Are you going to pay for it?

    Saddam’s milked Iraq for decades, why should he be allowed to fester in prison, milking it even longer?

    Anyway, faced with life in solitary in an Iraqi prison or the rope I’d choose the rope personally.

    How can you say hanging someone is barbaric then suggest locking them away in solitary confinement for the rest of their life?

    As for newmania’s suggestion about the blunt pencil. If you really wanted to make him suffer why not just peg him out in the desert sun? Do they have vultures in Iraq? If not, perhaps a few angry Kurds and a magnifying glass would suffice.

  9. Perhaps you should sentence Saddam to a month long reading of Lady Mucca’s poetry.

    Death might come as a pleasant surprise after that.

  10. I think he should be executed.

    The lives he took was unbelievable.

    The equation still does not add up right though

    SH Death vs 1000’s of deaths he has on his hands

  11. “He should not suffer the death penalty. An act of barbarism… An affront to human dignity… ”

    Sorry guys, we are not in a position to preach. We have no concept of what it’s like to live in a society that lives by the sword.

    At first I thought he should be spared the gallows because the death penalty is principally a deterrent. You cannot steer someone away from becoming a murderous dictator with the threat of extreme personal sanctions.

    Than again, I think of the thousands of Iraqis would love to see the bastard swing for what he did to them and their friends and families.

    There is no easy answer, and I’m not sure whether western values are much use in this case.

    Equally problematic is where to put these comments since another forum emerged!

  12. If you really wanted to make him suffer why not just peg him out in the desert sun? Do they have vultures in Iraq? If not, perhaps a few angry Kurds and a magnifying glass would suffice.

    Did you just compare Kurds to vultures?

  13. I didnt notice that old rather nasty rhyme about immigrants posted here. Its on Dale and apparently all over the media that it was ? Not in my paper this morning. Where is/was it. I find it hard to imagine anyone here finding such a thing funny. I often seem to be the only “fairly ” right wing person around

  14. I didn’t see it here, but heard it on the Radio4 ‘pm’ programme. It’s a silly bit of doggerel, but I do wonder why it’s so socially incorrect for anyone to suggest that the 62 million people we have in the UK is too much. 62 million IS too much, and as Newmamia has said before to me, the population increase isn’t caused by indigenous births. I therefore think that to suggest reducing immigration seems to be a laudable ‘green’ thing to do.

    After all, no-one should forget that pollution is caused by people.

  15. Bonfire

    I can see the sweat on his forehead,
    The embers glow over his stubble blue…

    I can feel the heat rising
    From …
    [Ed: best as private comment]
    Under my loving touch…

    I can feel the warm soil
    In his torso’s fields-
    Rippling valleys across and wide
    Upon where my head rests now…

    Lady Mucca, 7 November 2006
    for my beloved Boris 4ever…

    ( Melissa- I have tried to keep my poem clean this time. Please do not delete it. Thanks. Lady Mucca )

    [MCW as Ed: ok, with pleasure… as long as everyone else agrees it’s ok Lady M]

  16. Well, I signed up for the forum in my usual name. No response from the wibbler, however. So I can’t post on the forum.

  17. After all, no-one should forget that pollution is caused by people.

    Oh, yeah?

    What about volcanoes? What about marsh gas? What about every other gas seeping through the Earth’s crust?

    And the trees around here are right litter louts.

  18. I heard that the Krakatoa eruption put out more soot than all the power stations in the world for a hundred years.

    Or did I dream it?

  19. ’62 million IS too much’ (Chris Morriss)

    Are we up to 62 million yet? Anyway I don’t think it’s too much, as long as we build the necessary housing and infastructure.

    It annoys me when people simply quote economic growth figures to make their case for immigration. What I want to hear is politicans saying what they are going to do to manage it, not how much extra tax they’ve collected because of it.

    I think the main problem is too many people are obsessed with their house price. Rising house prices win votes it seems. They can’t keep rising at this rate forever or soon young people won’t even be able to afford to rent a room in a bedsit.

    It’s already happening in London where the low paid are sharing bedrooms, not just housing. Personally I don’t mind renting and I don’t mind sharing, but having to share bedrooms is another matter. Just because poor immigrants from Eastern Europe are prepared to sleep 4 to a room and work for minimum wage in London doesn’t mean everyone else should be subjected to the same standard of living. If that’s what being in the EU is all about we should leave.

    They need to build enough housing to sustain the growth in population. From my point of view the extra supply of both housing and construction work would benefit those most affected by all this immigration.

  20. Great idea…as long as there aren’t any rules and we don’t have a bossy admin. I had to leave Kent list in disgust after the arrogant list owner – a Scot – claimed that England doesn’t exist.

  21. I don’t get the economic benefit of immigrants thing – we have an infrastructure that can provide X # of houses, school places, hospital beds, operations, etc and jobs. If these working immigrants were not here someone would have to do those jobs or they wouldn’t get done and businesses and services would have to change to suit or train people. But for every immigrant that does a job a Brit can do there is a Brit on the dole. And not all immigrants work – the government gives them benefits then rubs its hands with glee that they’ve somehow made money on paper because it’s printed that some tax was paid. Nothing was paid, we didn’t give it them in the first place. This tax only exists as words on paper, it isn’t actual money. Unless immigrants are coming into this country laden with gold, I just don’t get this economic benefit.

  22. The Optimum population trust
    http://www.optimumpopulation.org a leading UK demographic research body shows that the environmentally sustainable population for our Island is 30 million. We are at double that. Our politicians for 30 years have allowed mass immigration on an unprecedented and unwanted scale and have brought in race laws to suppress opinion of voters. Without doubt they have environmentally destroyed our nations well being and lowered the quality of life for many people (traffic, over-crowding, building on green belts, to many people loving to death national parks etc.) I will never ever vote for one of the 3 “mainstream” parties.

  23. Isn’t it funny that in a post about using the forum for non-relative topics, that all we’ve done?!

  24. Thanks Jon, I’d not heard of ‘The Optimum Population Trust’ before. I had thought it was just me crying in the wilderness for government policies to implement the most important thing that is needed to provide a decent quality of life in this country: a plan to reduce the UK population to sustainable levels. It might be ok for the filthy rich and their hangers-on living in Islington to not care about these things, but I guess that those living in such urban jungles are so far from the reality of life in the rest of the country to be ignored.

  25. Chris What is the benefit of a low population then ? I struggle to imagine it myself and god knows what you would propose to get there . Repatriation ? In a sense this is pointless as it won’t happen and we all know it but its an interesting idea
    Who are you referring to with your Islington comment ?Not me I hope . I have also lived in Newcastle , St Albans and Canada . Having said that if Islington’s batty left wing politics were replicated across the country I would , quite literally, leave. I would be part of a major trend . We must now talk about net migration . The English are leaving England in droves and I must say Australia is looking good to me . Love that PM.

    JAQ- I think what you say about immigration is very true . The economic benefits of it are vastly out weighed by the social cost. In the case of the Poles for example , Nu Lab have been ultra keen to flood the SE labour market with cheap workers on contracts as their anti business policies have damaged the supply side of the economy and any quick fix will do . Clearly we are not building organically , for example teaching skills and additionally it is another kick in the unmentionable for the working class.
    Like the National Socialists with whom Blair has much in common he has ended up cooperating with Big business in slash and burn capitalism of the worst sort. This is also true of the frantic attempts to shelve planning laws concrete the South east with “Social housing ” Absurd regional policy and much more. His recent pack of lies about the ID card scam was one of the single most mendacious statement have heard from any British politician for a long time. He drew a false link between immigration and Surveillance which is a lie . Immigration is out of control because of the misguided policies and incompetent enforcement of this government…. The bio metric tie in with Passports was an out and out lie and so on and so on

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