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  1. But Melissa you’ve forgotten the regetta. And the festival. Come now missy, surely you can sell the town better 🙂

    Maybe we should start reviewing Henley restaurants. Especially air conditioned ones. Would Boris pay for the review service I wonder?

  2. .. A lot more to add, yes siree … that is one of the difficulties ~ so much on offer in Henley. You are one of the lucky elite ones who live in a gem location.

    Give us a review of your favourite restaurant Barry! they might even have a website we could link up to

  3. Henley Royal Regatta (international rowing event in the international home of rowing!): 29th June to 3rd July, 2005

    Henley Festival (what summer was invented for!): 6th to 10th July, 2005.

    Henley Festival of Music and the Arts
    14 Friday Street, Henley-on-Thames
    Oxon RG9 1AH

    +44 (0)1491 843404 (box office)
    +44 (0)1491 843400 (admin)
    Fax: +44(0)1491 410482


    And i recommend The Crooked Billet, Stoke Row (just a short drive from Henley)
    Newlands Lane
    Stoke Row
    Henley On Thames
    RG9 5PU

    For all reservations and enquiries:

    Telephone : 01491 681048
    Fax : 01491 682231


    Finally, for the very best in politicians in Henley, vote Boris!

    I recommend you all come and visit us here in Henley over the next few weeks…it is lovely here, and you are all missing out!!


  4. Favourite? No web site, alas but

    49-51 Market Place
    01491 573060

    There’s something just right about an italian run by an italian who remembers your name and shakes your hand.

  5. Psimon

    Henley is obviously the most happening place – quite the centre of the universe in a ‘I am in Henley therefore I am sense’

  6. Barry – these restaurant recommendations are like gold dust. Nothing like a good Italian place with the genuine article inside. We have a fantastic Italian ‘Bartellas’ just by Hildenborough station in Kent – when I visit with my friends for lunch Giacomo, the Manager, always waves us goodbye with “See you soon – ciao loveleeee ladies !!!!” and we go on our way with a spring in our step and a song in our hearts

  7. Isn’t the chef in Antico Polish? But yes, definitely a good place to go.

    Henley also has one of the very last “independant” franchised Wimpy’s too! Even the junk food is classy!

    Also, Henley Regal (our cinema) has a bar that serves booze. Still independant, saved by a campaign supported by the late George Harrison, it is small yet comfortable – and has a superb sound system!

    (Why are you all still waiting? Come, book into one of our many fine hotels and guest houses!!!)

    Just remember…we prosecute homeless people for using a tea bag – don’t mess with us! ;o)

  8. Actually, Melissa – on a different note – it looks like Townlands Hospital is being closed by stealth since Boris got vocal on them closing it publicly. What’s the best way to get him to riled up again over this? I KNOW he’s the man, and i’ll give all the support i can…but something must be done, and it must be now! Holiday over, birthday notched, not quite as important as the latest government attempts at freedom erosian – BUT close behind!! SAVE OUR HOSPITAL!!!

    Do i have to bribe him with bicycle tyre repair kits?

  9. Melissa

    Time to crack open the Bolly and get down with the Henley Massive methinks.

    My Comrade Mr Smirnoff is a bit of a Bollinger Bolshevik I’ll warrant, in between the shots of vodka I mean…Champagne Socialism without the S word – that’s New Labour. Hic.

    Vive el Revolution! Storm the Winter Palace!

    >Wot do we want?
    >When do we want it?
    Er, within a rasonable time frame, if that’s all right with you of course, sorry, sorry, sorry…

  10. Psimon – TOWNLANDS! something must be done … we shall be coming back to you on that

  11. Message to Psimon re Townlands from Olly (researcher):

    Following a highly constructive meeting last friday with the Henley Residents Group, at which concerns were raised regarding the future of Townlands Hospital, Boris has redoubled his efforts to revive the somewhat stalled planning process and is pressing Nick Relph, Chief Executive Thames Valley Strategic Health Authority, to review the Authority’s rejection of the Outline Business Case. Boris will be working closely with both the Townlands Project Manager and the Townlands Steering Group to secure Townlands future as a fully functioning health care centre.

  12. Thanks, Melissa (and Olly too, naturally!). Good oh. If Boris needs someone to come and stand threateningly behind Mr Relph, I’m your man!


    Boris dropping by the Regatta for a little light keelhauling at any point?

  13. EWenman (you wag, you!)

    Henley-on-Thames is a pretty riverside market town on one of the most beautiful stretches of the River Thames, in gently wooded, rolling countryside at the edge of The Chilterns. It is an hour west of London. It is easily accessed from the M40 (J6), and the M4 (J8/9), or by rail from Twyford or Reading. There are regular bus services from Reading, Oxford, and High Wycombe.

    Map here: http://uk2.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?client=public&X=475000&Y=180000&width=500&height=300&gride=476189.456563909&gridn=182447.400044224&srec=0&coordsys=gb&db=freegaz&addr1=&addr2=&addr3=&pc=&advanced=&local=&localinfosel=&kw=&inmap=&table=&ovtype=&zm=1&scale=200000

    England, UK, Earth, Western spiral arm, etc

    Good luck finding us!


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