Local MPs unite to campaign for better Rail Services

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Dominic Grieve, Theresa May, Boris Johnson

This week local MPs from across the Thames Valley area met to discuss the ongoing problems on the railway.

Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Dominic Grieve, Rob Wilson, Adam Afriyie and John Redwood are united in their determination to improve the current substandard service constituents face on a daily basis.

Speaking after the meeting in Westminster, Theresa May said; “Since First Great Western introduced their new timetable in December far too many local people have been forced to endure severely overcrowded trains that persistently fail to run on time. Local people deserve a fast, reliable service on both the mainline and on our branch lines. It is imperative that before the Government hands out the franchise for the next decade they recognise the vital importance of fast and semi-fast services to both Maidenhead and Twyford. The Government has ignored local people for too long; the time has come for them to listen.”

During the meeting Boris Johnson also expressed his frustration at the ongoing problems besetting the railway; “It is an absolute outrage that First Great Western and the Government have palpably failed to deliver the kind of service local people need, should rightly expect and were promised. They have presided over the deterioration of a service vital to the continued prosperity and vitality of the area and even now seem infuriatingly uninterested in the consequences of their neglect. Quality of life for local people has suffered as a direct result.”

As a result of this meeting local MPs tabled an Early Day Motion highlighting their concerns and calling on the Government to address this issue as a matter of urgency.

EDM Text:
Rail Services in the Inner Thames Valley

Recognises the vital role that good transportation links play in the economic and social life of communities in the inner Thames Valley; expresses deep concern over the current level of services provided by First Great Western in the inner Thames Valley on both the mainline and on the Maidenhead-Marlow, Twyford-Henley and Windsor-Slough branch lines; notes that the Government’s decision to give priority to long distance inter-city services has been at the expense of services in the Inner Thames Valley; understands that the vast majority of passengers require regular fast or semi-fast trains not slow stopping services; is opposed to the Government’s plans to re-designate local branch lines ‘Community Railways’; is concerned by the potential impact that Crossrail could have on mainline services; and calls on the Government to ensure that the specification for the new Greater Western Franchise takes proper account of the needs of the Inner Thames Valley.

For further information please contact Boris’s researcher, Oliver Dommett here

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