Boris in Iraq

Boris forms part of a cross-party delegation of backbench MPs visiting Iraq this week.

He will be having meetings in Basrah and Baghdad.

28 thoughts on “Boris in Iraq”

  1. He certainly does have a good flak jacket with him – almost as heavy as his own body weight

  2. Can you ask him to bring me back some biscuits? Oh, and tell him he has to wear the flak jacket, not just carry it around.

  3. Diplomatic world is always looking for the next wave of hope …

    May your journey be productive and may all your dream of peace come true … May your brave voice be heard far and wide, Boris.

    “It may sound absurd … but don’t be naive
    Even heroes have the right to bleed…
    Even heroes have the right to dream”
    -John Ondrasik

  4. The draft programme of meetings for the delegation includes:
    Consul General, Deputy Consul General, Head of Chancery, Head of DFID Office, Senior Prisons Adviser, Justice Adviser, Leader of Fadhila, Women Politicians and Trade Unions in Basra Consulate, southern members of National Assembly, Members of the Council, Al Maqil Prisoners, General Officer Commander, UN and the constitution drafting team, Electoral Commissioners, representatives of the leading political parties, Iraqi Military Academy members, the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister and British expatriates in Baghdad.

  5. Image: Boris in a turban, wearing his flack jacket, riding a camel in to the middle east sunset. Very Sheik of the desert!

  6. A flak jacket as heavy as his own body weight? That’s going to cost a lot in excess baggage.

    (I had to pick on that after listening to his comments on obesity on radio 4 yesterday morning. Heh.)

  7. ‘What does Boris weigh? 16 stone?’

    Its going have to be a large strong camel!

    One hopes that Boris does not go charging across the sand. After all he is one of those Eton blokes who many have read a little to much T E Lawerence.

  8. There’s a blond haired blue eyed warrior
    Going East to see Iraq
    He should keep his head well covered
    Wear his jacket – anti-flak,
    Stay inside the cordon:
    Not be inclined to roam,
    Not let insurgent snipers
    Hurt his chance of getting home.

    Give us the facts,Man: Just give us the facts!
    Bon voyage.

  9. Close to the mark Macarnie – see Guardian report –
    Boris was under small arms fire attack in his helicopter:,3604,1437703,00.html

    “To Baghdad, city of contrasts, and a complex chain of events which has resulted in something approaching a story sitting atop today’s Diary. Please don’t be alarmed. As we understand it – which isn’t very much – yesterday morning army radios were hair-raisingly close to crackling with the fateful words: “We have a periodical editor down! Repeat, we have a periodical editor down!” Needless to say, the gentleman in question was Boris Johnson, but hold the wry smiles for a moment because the old boy was actually shot at while riding in a helicopter over the Iraqi capital. According to his PA, he was under military escort when Iraqi resistance fire broke out around the aircraft, forcing a mad scramble for his tin hat. Strike him pink indeed. It should perhaps be added that the news was relayed to the editor of these pages when he called to inquire why a comment piece by Boris had failed to materialise, but as it pretty much trumps canine consumption of homework on the excuse front, clemency has been granted.”

  10. Dangerous places can work wonders for writer’s block. Of course if Boris ventures out of the hotel in disguise the possibilities are endless. Let’s hope he sticks close to a good photographer.

  11. It is better to be the widow of a hero than the wife of a coward.
    – Dolores Ibarruri – (Spanish Republican Leader – 1937)

    I met Salam the Bagdad Blogger in Sydney a few months ago and certainly the situation was much worse than the Prague Spring of 1968 … This is a really risky travel!

    Boris seems to be the Conservative Orwell in the making. What next? Are you going to send Boris to wash the dishes in Paris, Melissa? ;D

    Jolly St Patrick’s Day to one and all …

  12. Jozef, Boris, having already braved the Liverpool Pierhead( never mind G.O’s Wigan Pier)his inner steel must be well tempered, as is his spiritual klavier. This excursion into the post war Iraqi war zone cannot be more awe inspiring than that . And he is becoming a regular hero

  13. Lori,
    Is this the exclamation of a vegetarian dinner guest upon opening the serving dish?

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