Slovene Snowman and Melissa

Before General Election fever really hits us all in earnest, it was the last chance for a Boris Johnson Office rep to escape the rigours of parliamentary office life.

Here – taking in some air on the Slovene snowscaped mountains:


Great escapist location – see here for info on Rogla (close to Austrian border).

23 thoughts on “Slovene Snowman and Melissa”

  1. Yay for snow! There’s a snowman about double my height standing outside my window. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s a snowman with earmuffs, or a snowteddy. Hmmmm.

  2. I suppose that it is it for us, Melissa, now that you have found someone better looking than me.
    But, mark my words, it won’t last. With me you can only melt my heart.

  3. Very very chilled picture. Should have worn shades it would have then been cool. How about a band of blue cheerleading snowmen…!

  4. Nick – will have to be cooler next time and find the cheerleading line-up too!

    Lori – thanks, looked up your link – but who are Mojtaba and Arash? They are probably bloggers but if so, of what sites? I like the ‘support bloggers’ idea but would like to know more about these chaps

    Barry – you deserve a massive snowball – as in custard-pie style

    Great being back !!! just saw our local Henley Standard featured this blog and hope that more Henley locals will blog-in. The Editor was so funny – he rang the other day asking: “Are you the web spider for the site?” …rofl… David Dawson – a NATURAL for the blog – you’ll be a web supremo one day yet!

  5. Melissa, is that a BURBERRY scarf you’re wearing? How do you find time for joy-riding, drinking cheap cider and mugging old ladies when you’re so busy weaving the web (ho-ho) and keeping the good ship Boris afloat? Still, ‘hope you had a good time?

  6. Melissa finds herself cheek to cheeck with a smiling snowman, who with a polite doff of his hat introduces himself and marks the beginning of magical friendship and marvellous adventure of slivovica tasting 😉

  7. “Wowzer Melissa is fine! If I was Boris i’d be planning my next scandal.”

    Now now, we’ll have none of that here. 😉

    Anyway, would someone please send Boris an envelope to plot his world domination upon the reverse of?

  8. The girl in the blue is well fit (as my daughters like to say). But why on earth is she hugging Ann Widdecombe? And why is Ann so pale? I think she should be under the doctor, not cavorting in the snow…

  9. I’ll second Aaron – we will ensure that plan is kept well off the agenda, Jimmy

    Much prefer the lyrical words of Joz ~~~~~~~~ evocative of Raymond Briggs and The Snowman … he raised his hat and the boy said “come in”… they danced~~~~and then they were off ~~~he grabbed the Snowman’s hand and he jumped into the freezer….ran out into the snow..bounding and jumping until the boy realised that they were flying ~~~~as if by magic they were in the air~~~they soared across villages,rivers and hills ~~~children stood gazing open-mouthed, they couldn’t believe their eyes ~~~ wheeeeeee

    On Ann W – Mark! she went white with shock at the sight of this loony girl. Must ensure she’s ok when I next see her

    Tremendous to have your comments – THANX, as ever.

    Boris to post soon – he promised !

  10. Welcome back Melissa , clearly Boris needs some prodding to keep making new posts as he has left us to chew on that ‘No Apologies- Ken Livingston’ post for far too long ( well for the whole time you were away) take a stick and beat him on the head.

  11. Yup still chewing on that maverick Ken and how he made the PM squirm

    Right **sticks in line to poke** – stop at that as hopes to go to chamber this afternoon for debate

    Thanks for being an ally Kay

  12. All in light Tory blue as well….bliss. Now let us get the Grinch (and her husband Tony) out of Downing Street and Christmas can come early once more to this troubled land etc etc *sounds of Land of Hope and Glory in background. Creaking noises as retired Colonels in deepest Kent stand to attention * Harrumph!

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