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  1. Wallowing in mourning

    Boris’ fans enter a period of mourning: he’s sacked…Campbell gets away with it…Boris’ editorials marked out by brouhaha, twisted facts and exaggeration characteristic of British Conservatives in debate. Having lost their way ide…

  2. I sent this letter to The Times, but it wasn’tpublished and I thought that it may e of interest to you:

    The international community has rightly condemned the sensless killing of Margaret Hassan, who lost her life, despite being of tremendous value to the Iraqi people; probably even to those who killed her.
    Tony Blair will, no doubt, make much of this event, as he did with the death of Kenneth Bigley. However, many may be unaware that at about the time that Mr Bigley was killed, American soldiers attacked (with missiles, I believe) an Iraqi wedding party. Once again, it would appear to have been an accident, based on faulty information.
    Mr Bigley went to Iraq in the knowledge that it was a very dangerous place and that he was putting his life at risk by going there, to earn money.
    On the other hand, the wedding guests were not risking anything; they were attending, what should have been, a very happy event, in their own location.
    But, I have yet to hear a single word of condemnation, of this action, from Mr Blair.

    His stubborn reluctance to ‘negotiate’ with terrorists, who’s demands are not disimilar to those of Amnesty International, the UN and other concerned organizations, is frankly bewildering. Accepting such demands would not set any precidents, nor would it necessitate meeting any future ‘unreasonable’ demands.
    Mrs Hassan had been working in Iraq for more than 30 years, which means that she had been there before, during, and after the presidency of Saddam Hussein, yet it took an unlawful occupaction of the country to be the cause of her downfall. Indeed, if the illegal invasion, of Iraq, had never taken place, the majority of those thousands of people killed (mostly by the Americans), in the last 18 months, would still be alive. The Iraqi infrastructure would still be intact and the government of Saddam Hussein could have been overthrown, by the Iraqis, with help from the UN, in light of the ineffective defence
    it turned out to have. Mr Bush’s ‘War on Terrorism’ may have petered out, with the lack of tangible targets to hit, and he may not have made this second term in office, which was supported by only 30.6% of the American electorate – 69.4% didn’t vote for him.

    Now, Tony Blair would have everyone in Europe back President Bush, warning that, if we didn’t, the Americans might ‘go it alone’…now that would be a novelty.

    L Caldwell

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