Revealed: Prescott’s plans to bulldoze Oxfordshire’s greenfields


Conservatives step up campaign to protect green fields

Conservatives this week stepped up the pressure on the Government on its plans to bulldoze Oxfordshire’s greenfields, by publishing ‘Prescott’s Greenfield Hitlist’ – a comprehensive survey of the Government’s regional plans for new concrete development.  Click Here  to know about best concrete sealers.

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The document highlights that in the South East alone, 39,000 houses are to be built every year, 2,430 of them in Oxfordshire with 40 per cent of these being constructed on Greenfield sites. Labour’s Housing Minister, Nick Raynsford, asserted that Labour would punish those councils failing to comply with these plans.

Boris Johnson said:
“Before Labour were elected, they pledged to defend our greens spaces from over-development. Tony Blair declared he ‘loved’ England’s countryside. Yet like on so many other issues, people in Oxfordshire have been let down by Labour.

“The Government are depriving local communities of their say on planning by transferring decision-making to unaccountable and distant regional bodies. Having silenced local opposition, John Prescott is planning to bulldoze Oxfordshire’s greenfields. I appreciate the very real need for more affordable housing in Oxfordshire, but it should be up to local people to decide responsibly where and how much. This Government patently does not trust them to do this, so these decisions are now being imposed from above.

It’s time to expose what the Government and their regional bureaucrats are planning – their concrete blueprints are bad for local democracy and bad for the environment.”

A copy of ‘Prescott’s greenfield hitlist’ is available at: