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Roman Quiz – Devised by Jaq and Angela  rome-coloseum-2

Prize – a PC Game has been offered a chart-topping pc game Rome: Total War as a giveaway courtesy of

Rome: Total War
With the glory days of the real-time strategy game now nothing but a distant memory, Activision’s Total War series has come to totally dominate the strategy market and Rome is such a huge leap above the already impressive Medieval and Shogun titles that the series has almost become a mini-industry in itself.

Set, fairly obviously, during the hey day of the first Roman Empire, the game gives you total control over your own faction with the game once again split between a turn-based strategic world map and real-time tactical battles. The former allows you to build and maintain armies and buildings, but also gives increased control over diplomacy and trade–elements that were largely overlooked in previous titles.

The real draw of the game though is the tactical battles which are now displayed using some quite staggering 3D graphics that can see up to 10,000 separate warrior in battle at one time. With units ranging from elephants and inflammable pigs to centurions and escaped slaves just watching the battles unfold is as epic as any Hollywood blockbuster. What’s perhaps most impressive about the game is that controlling such huge numbers of soldiers is actually surprisingly easy with a simple point-and-click interface making everything as smooth as possible.

Rome: Total War is one of those rare breed of games that is largely impossible to fault. In technical and gameplay terms it gets everything right and unless you have a pathological hatred of strategy games this is easily one of the best PC games ever made. –David Jenkins

Answers by end of 28 February 2009 please to:

Q1 The Colosseum is a symbol of munificence from the Emperor Vespasian who presented it to the city of Rome as its first permanent amphitheatre. Its location is a site reserved for Neros private palace. What shape is the Colosseum?

Q2. How big was it?

Q3. How long was the Colosseum in use?

Q4 Which insane Roman emperor married his sister and made his horse his consul?

Q5 When Boris Johnson won the battle to become Mayor of London he said he would reign like a certain Roman Emperor.  Which one?

Q6 Which unusual animal did Hannibal use in his wars against the Romans?

Q7 Which famous tv series was based on the life of a Roman emperor and starred Derek Jacobi?

Q8 Which tragedy by William Shakespeare is based on the life of a famous Roman soldier who turned his back on Rome?

Q9 What is the title of the book on Ancient Rome written by Boris Johnson?

Q10 When 5,000 Roman soldiers formed a fighting unit, what was this unit called?

Q11 Which Roman emperor “fiddled while Rome burned”.

Q12 Who is the Roman God of War?

Q13 Translate “Amor omnia vincit”.

Q14 Translate “Pax Vobiscum”.

Q15 Translate “Carpe Diem”.

Q16 In the Shakespeare play, JULIUS CAESAR, which Roman character makes the speech “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!”

Q17  Which beautiful Queen of Egypt won Mark Antony’s love?

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  1. Oh I don’t think I deserve credit really – very few of my questions were used (too highbrow) and if y’all don’t finish this in the time it takes for a waitress to bring you a coffee I’ll want to know why. So come on people, have a go! You know you want to.

  2. Woah! Is this a competition or a job interview from a past-time!?

    Way too many questions just to win a game – answering that many questions should at least get you a seat in the White House er I mean the House of Lords…

  3. Jaq, there are some extremely intelligent people who write on this website, including you, and we really need you, because you balance out the frivolous funster types like me.

    It is good to be as intelligent as you lot, but frivolous fun is also good!

  4. DM Osbon, it’s all to encourage interest in Roman History. Some people are hugely knowledgeable and will whizz through in about 10 minutes, whereas other people will have to look up a lot of the answers. If you belong to the latter group, as Mel says, you will be having some fun learning, and nothing worth having was easily achieved. This is the website of Brainbox Boris, who could answer these questions with eyes shut and standing on his head, but you didn’t think you were going to avoid a mental workout did you?

  5. I used to be an addict to the strategy game ‘popolous’ in the mid to late eighties. It was the forerunner to games like age of empires and this.
    I have to admit that I haven’t seen ROME Total War yet, but this article has certainly whet my appetite.

    At the moment I’m immersed in Rail Simulator (fancy driving a First Great Western HST from Paddington to Oxford?) and Test Drive Unlimited, so the prize would be wasted on me, though I’ll look out for it in the shops!

  6. Am I not a ‘funster’: “somebody who likes to have fun” ? Oh. Well thank you for pointing that out, Angela.

    Arnold – why not have a go anyway? Just for fun?

  7. Of course you were, Angela. That must be why I’m so interesting to you. I, in turn, must praise your skill; very very clever.

  8. Bee – I enjoyed our exchanges, thank you.

    StevenL – always wise words worth reading, thank you.

  9. Is it against the rules if we Google for the correct answers ?!!

    ( Jaq and Angela, me too, thanks )

  10. Folks,

    ” A school boy has captured eerie footage of what he claims is a ghost striding towards banisters at his home. Terrified Reecev Pitman, 12, heard whistling and used his mobile phone to film the shadowy being. It came days after his 9 yr old sister complained that someone was mysteriously finishing her jigsaws at night.

    The lad showed the amazing footage – which must be seen to be believed – to his mum Tonia, 38. She said: Reece looked scared witless. In the clip a white shadow appears from my bedroom followed by the dark image of a man. It crosses the landing and disappears when it reaches the banisters.

    Tonia of Solihull, Birmingham, consulted a psychic who told her the ghost could be friendly. Sales assistant Tonia said: I’ve had a tough time recently as my husband left me. I didn’t believe in ghost but I’m thinking of the spectre as my guardian angel.

    Julian Banks of the British Paranormal Society said the film was ” potentially the best image of a ghost in years. ” ( The Sun, Thursday, Feb .12, 2009 )





    and watch dramatic viedo footage of another new UFO sighting over Brean, Somerset, UK.

    ” A thin silvery shape appeared in a blue sky over a holiday car park in the village of Brean, Somerset. The sighting last July brought families flocking from caravans and stopped drivers in their tracks. Now it has caused an Internet sensation and sparked lively debate after being sent anonymously to a local news website in the nearby resort of Burham-on-Sea. ” ( The Sun, 12/3/2009 )

  11. Angela, you know I’ve fallen for Mr. Johnson hook,line and lead- big time. If I won this quiz, I would be pictured standing right next to Mr. Johnson with his arm around my back and his hand on my bum… something like that… it would be too much for me… I might faint… and Mr. Johnson would give me a kiss of life… no, Angela… it would be too much for me… you know I’ve got a weak heart… no, Angela…

  12. What’s this? Boris is supporting a PC game? When did he get all PC? Judging by his f***ing g*****n c***y language as reported by the BBC, I’d have to b****y well say J****, M*** and J***** on a tapdancing m*********** donkey, this is be the last thing anyone would have expected! Jeebus.

  13. raincoaster, you are awesome on twitter. I bet you would be awesome if you did the f…. quiz! Boris was annoyed beyond endurance, even the most good natured people lose it occasionally.

  14. I heard the BBC thing: frankly, the two ideologues she picked to interview gave her nothing but party line twaddle and though both had quite clearly heard politicians drop a few f-bombs they were each prepared to lie through their teeth about it if called upon. At least she backed them right up against the wall and made them admit it!

    Face it, if you were in that line of work, wouldn’t YOU swear? I worked on a campaign and the candidates swore like troopers while the … uh … how to say … actual TROOPERS weren’t allowed to swear.

    The sweariest place I ever worked, though, was Greenpeace. They taught me well.

  15. Sarkozy proposed to Carla within 2 hours of meeting her at a Paris dinner party. Sarkozy, 53, said he was Carla’s, 40, “romantic and sexual soulmate “. He was so smitten that he promised she could be a new Jackie to his J.F. Kennedy and that they ought to get engaged. He was draw to her like a magnet and threw himself at her, daring her to kiss him on his lips. But coy Carla played hard to get, telling him: I know all about your reputation with women ! He replied: My reputation is no better than yours ! They married within 7 weeks of that meeting in 2007.


    Well, that’s nothing- I’ve done it quicker than that. You know last year’s Valentine’s Day, I met a handsome man on the night bus. He was sitting beside me by chance, we talked and he invited me out for dinner, so we got off the bus, walked to a local chippie and he bought fish and chips for us. We then sat down on the doorstep of a boarded up newsagent shop and enjoyed our meals. When we finished eating, naturally I felt obliged to give it to him right there in the shop’s doorway under the starry night sky. Oh, I’m not bragging but it was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had in my life !

  16. Two fantastic prizes still up for grabs! Dare you face the challenge of the arena! Have you got what it takes to win these super duper prizes and be crowned Emperor of Quizes!

  17. It was in the first century of Christian era, when Caligula had his palace windows glazed, and Seneca mentions it as one of the luxuries which had been introduced into life in his time, but which did not really add to a “philosopher’s happiness.”

    Hugh Arnold, Stained glass of middle ages in England and France, Adam & Charles Black Publisher, 1939, P 17

  18. Geert Wilders, the Dutch MP, was banned from entering UK by Jaquie Smith, Labour ‘second-home grants cheating’ Home Secretary, because of his ‘extremist’ views of Islam (!!!). What earned him his ban was ‘ FITNA ‘, his 17 minute film about how Western democracies must fight the Islamisation of our countries and likens the threat of Islam to that posed by Nazism and communism.

    The film ‘FITNA’ can be viewed easily on YOUTUBE. While it’s both incendiary and simplistic, it does convey an important message: If we in the west fail to stand up fot our values of liberty, fredom of speech, tolerance and democracy, they will be swept away by the growing demands of Islam which is, Wilders argues, incompatible with European values.

    Wilders shouldn’t have been banned from showing to the House of Lords who had invited him to come over and let them watch the film (although, I wonder how he would be able to keep these old Lords awake for 17 minutes long). We should have an open debate about it.

    Sadly, the fear of being branded a racist of of causing offence to those who don’t tolerate free speech is leading us into giving up one of the keystones of our democracy. Wilders is not Islam hate-preacher Abu Hamza. His film doesn’t preach hate, it preaches that tolerance of the intolerant will ultimately lead to the end of tolerance and, with it, our civilisation. Wilders might be wrong about a lots of things but he is not wrong about that.

  19. Sensational allegations that a Labour Minister persuade the BBC not to report information that a Serbian hit team killed television personality Jill Dando will be exposed in the High Court this week.

    The BBC contacted labour Government about the information it had been given but was told by the Labour Minister not to broadcast it as the report could ‘compromise’ secret operations to monitor those in the serbian government at the time and the Serbian ‘political’ refugees living in UK who supported Milosevic’s ethnic cleansing of Kosovans. It’s not clear if the Labour Minister’s name will be exposed in court who rather put an innocent English man in jail for 18 years .

    ‘ Outside the Steadmans’ home yesterday, police were enforcing a protective cordon. FOUR police officers arrived as mother (15) and newborn baby were driven away in TWO police cars to a secret location on Friday morning. As they blocked the road with a police car, IT ALL IN KEEPING WITH A CELEBRITIES GETAWAY.

    A Sussex police officer at the scence insisted: ‘WE are just here to look asfter this community. We want to make sure that everyone is safe and sound.’ Yeah, right.

    Father (13) was also keeping a low profile as A BIG MONEY DEAL was done for an exclusive newspaper/ magazine interview, which is believed to have been arranged by celebrity agent Max Clifford after he had helped the pair sell their first £100,000 interview with The Sun last week !!!
    Peachy Geldof, 18, married her American ‘rocker’ husband in Las Vegas. Days later back home in UK, FOUR police cars turned up in front of her London flat to watch her walk a short distance from her front door to her waiting taxi to protect her from the papparazzies !

    8 months later, she divorced her rocker husband because she was bored with mammaried life!

    People had their home broken into, they phoned the police for help, police never turned up. What for? Lock up the culprits? No chance ! Slap them? The police would be accused of using violence and a breach of human rights !

  21. Personal papers have been stolen in a “professional” burglary at the home of French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s younger brother. The raid on Francois Sarkozy’s Paris flat followed rumours that he is the father of recently sacked French Justice Minister Rachia Dati’s love child.

    Francois, 47, caused a stir last month when he visited her in hospital, days after she gave birth to a daughter. Miss Dati has refused to name the father. Francois denied he is the father. The former Spanish PM and an Italian MEP are also rumoured to be the father.

    The Sun, Feb 12, 2009.

  22. Talking about our ” politically correct ” bobbies.

    Now you can blog onto a police website where it shows you a map of the area where you are looking to move in. The map has all the streets of that neighbourhood and dots to indicate crimes !!!

    Green dot means crimes ( burglaries ) ” happen now and then “.
    Red dot means crimes ( burglaries ) ” happen more often “.

    There’s no further information to tell you whether those crimes have been solved or shelved or still under investigation.

    The would-be house buyer says the confusing map is a waste of public money. The house seller says the stupid map gives their neighbourhood a bad name making it more difficult to sell their house. The police say that’s all they can do, that the buyer has to decide for themselves if they want to move to that area or not, and that if they said how many crimes occurred and how many crimes were solved and then the buyer decided to move in because they trusted the police map and then got burgled, they might sue the police for …. misleading them !!!

    Waaarhey!!!!! Our ” politically correct ” British bobbies have gone all ” techno ” and ” mordern ” !!!!

  23. Folks, I don’t know what’s happening here because Mr. Johnson usually writes a new post every Tuesday. I hope he’s not having a tummy ache or something…


    The bank whistle-blower whose claims forced the resignation of a senior Labour government advisor said yesterday that Prime Minister Gordon Brown should quit. Mr. Moore claimed last week at the MPs’ banking hearing that he was sacked by HBOS for raising concerns over excessive risk-taking. He added yesterday that he planned to reveal more than THIRTY documents which would show how Gordon Brown allowed reckless lending to flourish and also disprove the PM’s that HBOS’s massive losses had nothing to do with Labour Government policy !!!

    Mr. Moore said: ” GORDON BROWN MUST GO !!! He must be held accountable for his failure to oversee the stability of this country. ”

    Former HBOS chief executive “SIR” James Crosby denies that Mr. Moore was sacked as the bank’s head of risk because of his warnings, promising ” a full and detailed rebuttal ” !!! Yet, days later last week, “SIR” James Crosby had to quit as Deputy Chairman of the Financial Services Authority (FSA), to which he had been appointed by Gordon Brown !!!


    That’s right, folks ! Labour was toooooo star-struck by rich and powerful bankers to see the risks emerging in the industry, the City watchdog suggested yesterday !!!!

    Asked if politicians had been ” in awe ” of rich, powerful and handsome bankers and too ready to allow them to practise unchecked, Lord Turner, Chairman of the FSA, said: ” There probably was too much of a fascination with what you could, in general, call finance capitalism ! ”

    In other words: Labour, who are just a bunch of idiots who don’t know anything about international finance and are in awe of rich, powerful and handsome bankers, let the bankers screw them totally !!!

  24. There is still all to play for when entering the Mayor’s fabulously exciting Roman quiz! The thrill of entering this quiz easily exceeds any pleasure you might get from THE WEAKEST LINK, WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE, MASSTERMIND… this quiz has them all beat!

    Avoid the hidden pitfalls! Test yourself against other gladiators straining every muscle to win the prize(s)!

    Apparently famous gladiators of Rome were also popular sex symbols and had their pick of the beautiful women. Sadly the Mayor cannot extend this courtesy to the winners of this quiz….. the glory of winning will have to suffice.

    Morituri te salitamus!


    Folks, a new drug that can erase painful memories has been developed by scientists. The astonishing treatment could help sufferers of post traumatic stress disorder and those whose lives are plagued by hurtful recurrent memories… Looks like we all need it to forget bout this so-called- ” sharp recession “-according-to-Labour.


    Scotland Yard was last night accused of backing away from another high profile political probe after deciding not to investigate the LORDS FOR HIRE scandal. Police said the matter was ” unclear and complicated ” !!!

    Taxpayers Alliance said: ” If it’s “unclear and complicated ” this shouldn’t put the cops off. It’s their job to investigate.” Quite right, I say.

    Tory MP Philip Davies said meekly: ” The cops decided to back away because it was too hot to handle. ” Yes, Sir ! Broken Britain, indeed.


    This article reveals the roll call of bankers rewarded by Brown and Blair, plus their mug-shots ( including Shriti Vadera, now Labour’s ” Business Minister ” (!!!) – only last month Patel had to apologise for claiming she saw economic ” GREEN SHOOTS ” coming !!!

  28. ” EVERYONE’S in a tizz after claims that Boris Johnson used the F-word 10 times in a phone call to Keith Vaz ( MP + The Labour Chair Of A Commons Select Committee ). As anyone who’s ever met Vaz could verify, managing to limit oneself to swearing at him 10 times is impressive. Boris should be congratulated for his self-control. ”
    Comment by Julia Hartley-Brewer, columnist, Daily Express, Feb 15, 2009.

    Could anyone explain to me what Patel is doing with that job ” Labour Chair Of A Commons Select Committee ? And how much Patel gets paid doing this non-job ? Patel already gets paid thousands and thousands per year being a Labour MP, PLUS Patel is also busy claiming all sorts of allowances ( taxpayers’ money ).


    Phone and internet firms will be forced to store for a YEAR records of any call, email or website visit in the UK, under a law QUIETLY INTRODUCED BY LABOUR GOVERNMENT ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2009.

    Taxpayers will pay £46,58 Million/ per yea , so that police, security services, health authorities, town halls and local councils will have the right to access their ” communications ” records.

    The cash is to compensate companies for the cost of storing records on around a billion pieces of information every day and the expense of supplying this information to all bodies covered by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act year 2000 created by Labour government.

    Well, Scotland Yard should investigate THE LORDS FOR HIRE affair first !!!!


    Ex spy chief Stella Remington yesterday accused Labour of playing into terrorists’ hands by trying to force through laws which were in danger of creating a police state.

    In a stinging attack, she warned it was using ” the SPECTRE of terrorism to frighten Britons into accepting greater state powers like those in communist countries. ”

    She was an ex spy chief, surely she must know the level of terrorism in UK. If she said it was only a SPECTRE, then it must be a SPECTRE.


    Folks, I don’t know if this news will make you worried or make you laugh, but here it is:

    Brown is being tipped to quit Quality Street, I mean Downing Street, to take up a new job as the world’s FINANCE WATCHDOG, it emerged last night !!!

    The move is understood to be being discussed among senior Labour figures as an ” exit strategy ” ( or as an ” exit dignity ” ?! ) to get him stand down before the next election.

    The speculation spread yesterday following a report that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is discreetly “touting” (!!!) ” the one-eyed-Scottish-idiot-British-Prime-Minister Gordon Brown ” as the ideal candidate to take on the new role to ” save the world “. Ha ha ha ha !!!!


    600 people applied for a single job vacancy, chasing a £22,762-a-year post as an emergency call operator with the Leicestershire police. Just a ” sharp recession ” indeed.

  33. Sorry for having been taking the centre court, folks ! But, I’m so annoyed with this incompetent Labour government and on top of this- my job is no longer safe – people feel agitated at the slightest touch… I’m sure you know what I mean…

    Anyway, the hottest news today is Harriet Harman is accused of plotting to get rid of Gordon Brown, her Boss !!! She is soooo out of control that even Queen P had to to say something to calm the Labour MPs down.


    and read the whole story. That’s all, folks. Over and out.
    ( Oh, my fingers’ tips- they’re hurting. )

  34. Bee, it is half term, quite rightly he is probably spending time with his kids. The kids of too many dads are just little tax deductions, or totally ignored, so it is good that BJ devotes quality time to his family.

    Bee, why don’t you come on the Forum and write there? You are a very prolific writer and there are loads of topics that would welcome your input, or you could start up subjects yourself. We have got a funny thread going on Harriet Harperson.

  35. Citizens of London, keep entering the Roman quiz! There is more than one prize, so you all still stand a good chance.

  36. Rog, is that you? Are you the Rog, my old sparring partner in the Times, from the Ken/Boris Titanic struggle to be London Mayor? How are you, you old son of a gun?

  37. This would have been a good question for the quiz. What became of Tithonus?

    Tithonus was a handsome youth loved by the nymph Eos. To have him with her forever, Eos asked Zeus to grant Tithonus immortality but jealous Zeus granted immortality without preserving Tithonus’s youth.

    tithonus certainly lived for ages, but he degenerated into a babbling, chattering wreck, until Eos, who could bear it no longer, turned him into a grasshopper. There is a moral there somewhere.

  38. A moral, nonetheless!

    raincoaster, that would be a good idea for a competition for Boris’s website! What Roman fable is most relevant to us today, and explain the meaning! HOW MUCH FUN WOULD THAT BE! Also, when Boris became Mayor, he was going to run an essay competition, or poetry competition.

    For you and me, he could run a BEST JOKE competition, that would be such fun!

  39. Boris, a weekly competition would be brilliant fun, and you could offer prizes…. signed coies of your books, the hem of David Cameron’s garment, or a picture of Harriet Harman to use as a darts board.

  40. There is bags to time to enter this competition and since there is more than one prize, you could still win. Go for it!

  41. From today’s SUN newspaper.

    “AIDES of Boris Johnson have been told to do their utmost to keep the Mayor of London off the dancefloor following his toe-curling antics at a recent party. “How can we put this?” says one. “When he dances he leads with his pelvis and it’s very embarrassing. He’s one of those blokes who think they can dance when they can’t. We live in fear of the day when someone films him on their mobile and sells it to The Sun”

    could this be the next competition – anyone who captures a picture of the Mayor dancing wins a prize?

  42. Still…. all modern superheroes have flaws, a dark side…. The Dark Knight, the superheroes from Watchmen, (Ozymandias for example, who was the most intelligent man in the world, but had an Alexander the Great complex.) Boris is the most intelligent man in Britain, so if his flaws are that he can’t dance, and he can’t play the piano well, those flaws are easily forgiveable.

  43. ps. I mustn’t exaggerate. Boris Johnson is probably the most intelligent politician in Britain (and also in the US – in the US, he is probably in the top 0.5%.)

  44. What is an Alexander the Great complex? They have to conquer everything? The Watchmen superheroes film, out shortly is supposed to portray the most psychologically complex, flawed superheroes ever. Like Angela, I am interested in the relevance of superhero films today, and Watchmen sounds intriguing.

  45. “The huge British success at these Oscars shows how much talent there is in Britain. This overwhelming British success should reinforce our pride in the creativity and artistry of our nation. However bad things are economically , that artistry and talent is gold bullion for our future, and something that no crook or double dealer can ever steal from us. As long as we have that, we will never, ever be poor. ”

    The British success at the Oscars is an occasion for massive rejoicing and hope for our future as a nation.

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