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Electric Technology AND MANUFACTURING

Importance of Quality Control in Electronics Manufacturing

Outsourced manufacturing is one of the fastest growing trends in the electronics industry today. Many businesses throughout the world like East End Assemblies and others use contract manufacturing as a way to cut costs and reduce time to market. This widely accepted business strategy helps businesses of all shapes and sizes remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. As a result, many contract manufacturers are strengthening their position by upgrading their facilities and improving their practices.

The Flocking Process?
Depending on what the desired end use is, fibers can be cut and finished in different ways to have specific properties. In the case of Flocking, the fibers are finished so as to sift well, and charge in an electrostatic field. This allows us to attach the fibers to various surfaces in a perpendicular direction, giving the finished product that characteristic, velvet-like feel. The fibers can also be dyed to any color needed, and dispersed into various products, like coatings or textured papers, or can be pasted onto surfaces. Get the best assistance to improve your projects from a certified flock manufacturer.

Using a Contract Manufacturer to Produce Electronic Parts

While contract manufacturers used to only provide assembly of electronics components, many now offer design and full production of products. This often includes testing for quality. Contract manufacturers that offer testing must be extremely careful to follow good manufacturing practices, especially when producing products for demanding fields.

Outsourcing your manufacturing and testing of products has a number of benefits including capital risk reductions, increased asset productivity and access to the latest technologies. When you use a contract manufacturer, they handle everything for you, allowing you to focus your attention on other aspects of your business. Using a contract manufacturer also allows you to catch production issues early, when they can be addressed more effectively.

ISO 9001 Certified Contract Manufacturer

The quality of parts produced is extremely important. Effective quality control measures must be in place to ensure overall quality and reliability of electronic parts produced. In addition to quality, other requirements must also be met such as product yields and time to market.

When selecting a contract manufacturer to work with, you will need to ensure they have the proper certifications and standards in place. Compliance with nationally recognized standards such as ISO 9001 ensures consistent, high quality production.

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